100 Replies to “10-Year-Old Pretends To Be Gunman In ‘School Shooter’ Game With Cousins”

  1. If that was my child I would never let him behave like that or speak to me that way at all I'll smack his back side with a wooden spoon end of story.

  2. Where is his father? Women cannot raise boys to be men.He is obviously used to getting his way and has clearly not faced any consequences for his actions.

  3. This kid is sick. He knows what he is doing is wrong. Thats why he makes his mom hold his hand because it’s something innocent and he definitely hold some regret in. I feel for this kid. He doesn’t have the ability to cope with his feelings and takes it out on other people and he does feel bad for it at the end of the day. I think the having his mom hold his hand is his way of saying im sorry mom. I love you.

  4. He needs to go to a mental hospital or go on scared straight. The inmates and officers there will put him in his place.

  5. My cousin would act like this..I wanted to smack the holy ghost out her 😂😂 she is fine now but when we were younger..ohh my gah..the tail wagging the dog..is that the correct term?

  6. They say they can't control him because he is too big? He is 10 and doesn't look that big. They are just too soft to raise a boy.

  7. Did anyone notice that there was not a man in sight? Kids need their fathers in their lives. Hopefully one day the world will realize that.

  8. Has she never taken him to therapy, wtf ? He obviously has some behavioral issue or experienced some sort of trauma, I dont understand why they would go to doctor Phil instead of taking him to a doctor.

  9. Stop blaming this on autism people. Autism doesn't make you evil. My husband and sister are both autisic and they would never act like this. This kid is a sociopath. He does not have empathy and even if stabilized he still would not. Actually if he were stable, he'd be even more capbale of dissecting his sisters

  10. My cousin was kinda like this as a kid less extreme but she would attack and she was violent with animals. Her mother smacked her in the face and she's normals now. She's got empathy like as she got older it increased. Sometimes with violent kids like this you have to make them scared. They have to know they have zero control. You have to punish them and sit then in an empty room. If they want something other than unseasoned chicken and broccoli for dinner, they will act right

  11. This is why parents need to be educated instead of reactionary all the time. Kids used to pretend to be murderous cowboys slaying “indians.” Some kids were cowboys, some were “indians.” Then, once society started moving into a broadcast entertainment world, kids started playing cops and robbers. Some kids were cops, some were robbers. Now, the kids are being flooded with this broadcast is school shooters and they play it out. Some kids are the shooter, some are the victims. It’s called pretending. There’s no malice intended or reasonably indicated. Your child playing the shooter is no more indicative of his desire to be a mass murderer than his cousins playing the victims is indicative of their desire to be shot. Duh. Please, get real or get lost. If that’s the best you can do, stop. There are services that will raise your child without you and if this is as thoughtful as you can be when you’re evaluating a 10 YEAR OLD PLAYING PRETEND, you should seriously look into acquiring said services. Ridiculous…clearly, his dynamic with his mom is a learned behavior. The absence of his father is manifesting in him as aggression, possessiveness and seemingly a mild attachment disorder. These full grown women blaming the child for this as they clutch their pearls in utter confusion is what actually disturbs me the most about this whole story. You watched this dynamic being created but said nothing until it started to effect you. Ignore how he feels. Ignore his anxieties and the chaos that he’s feeling on the inside. Just criticize him. Yell at him. Address the immediate oppositional behavior but never even try to consider the root cause and pretend it must be because he’s demonically possessed or chemically imbalanced because those are the only two possible explanations, right? 🙄 I’m sorry but these women are dumb and Dr. Phil’s take here is very thin. “Raging for hours” can be a sign of an uncontrolled aggression disorder but could also be, and more often than not by a vast margin, due to a lack of a need to do differently. What I mean is it’s a very safe bet to say that his tantrums get the result he wants, whether it’s attention or privilege, control or rewards. It’s working for him. Therefore, why would he want to change it? He’s never pushed it to the breaking point because obviously, they give in before he does and tahdah, his desired result is achieved and now he knows he can push to that same extent again if need be and get away with it once more. How often have we seen people like the Jo Frost go into a home with a combative or even abusive child? Hundreds. How many times have those kids opposed new disciplinary methods when they’re first introduced? Every time. How many times has Jo made it clear that they have to give the punishment and FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT? Multiple times in every single case. How many times do the kids finally figure out, some even after “hours of raging,” that the only way to end the dilemma they’re facing is to take the punishment, apologize and move on (i.e. relinquish control back to their parents)? Every single time. Even Dr. Phil himself has said in several cases “You don’t do it until you get tired. You don’t do it until it stops working. You just do it until (it yields the results you want in a healthy and productive way.)” He especially uses that with parents who say “I’ve taken my child for every specialist, put them in every psych ward, tried every method ever, tried dozens of medications and doctors and essential oils and tests and exams and placed slices of onion all over the house, even called the priest and gave him two hours alone with our child in the basement of the church and nothing is working.” His response? “You haven’t tried everything because as soon as it looks like it’s not working, you stop trying. You try until…” 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. He needs a real man to put him in his place. One way or another. I mean that in a mentor way. A strong man that exudes dominance without being violent.

  13. Ok everyone’s sayin

    “Send him to the ranch!!!!!1!1!2111!1!1!”


    Send him to a mental hospital. Seriously that kid has issues.

  14. this child clearly has some sort of mental illness. this is not normal behavior. his family better get him under control before he literally kills someone.

  15. A lady in my street just got murdered by her son. He smashed her face in with a hammer while she slept. She never disciplined him as a child. This situation looks like a prelude to a similar outcome.

  16. I often wonder what happened to the children that causes them to act like this. Idk if it was some kind of trauma either during birth or really early in life. Isn’t there usually some underlying issues either health wise, emotionally, physically etc…?

  17. That kid has severe anger issues. I kinda feel bad. I don’t have actual anger issues, but I will get mad and I do want to be violent but I don’t. So I can partially relate.

  18. I’ve noticed this only happens with white children. Not tryna bring race into this but Ive literally never seen a black, asian, or Hispanic kid do their parents like this. I’ve Seen it with my own eyes as well, my white friends used to yell and cuss out their moms and they’d just take it. Hmmm

  19. My brother is literally like this to me oh man. Especially wanting to hurt me- he once stabbed his friend in the hand with a knife. It’s terrifying.

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