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God its so cold, can’t even speak properly. Hi guys, Chris here from Coach My Skills. Coming today here with another short video
for you. I’ve had a couple of requests about this one,
so today I’m doing Soccer fitness. Now there are many aspects to Soccer fitness. You’ve got things like speed, endurance, stamina, agility,
strength. So, only today is what i want to focus on
is building that base fitness. So, if you’re starting from an offseason and
you’re starting to work into a season thats upcoming, and you’re in preseason with that
and you want to start from the bottom and try build that base up. Thats the sort of fitness of talking about now. So, I want to talk through 3 different types
of training that you can do to help improve that Soccer fitness. So just before you get started with any fitness
work, of course its important with these to warm up properly. Now I’m not going to talk about a warmup today,
maybe we do that in another video. But make sure you warm up properly, things
like dynamic movements are perfect, for this sort of fitness work. So make sure you do that to avoid any injuries. Now I apologise for the wind. “Its too late to apologise” Its quite strong here so hopefully it doesn’t affect the sound. Now the first training type that we will speak
about is continuous training. Now the clue is in the title with this one,
CONTINUOUS. As you can see there. So its a form of training that is low aerobic
training, so you’re doing it at low intensity but you do it for a longer period of time. So something like going to the gym 30 minutes
on a bicycle, low intensity, keep it going for 30 – 40 minutes. Its a long period. So this is a good training to begin with. Its a baseline training so for the first,
I would recommend for the first one to two weeks of you’re initial training for you’re
offseason you stick to continuous training to try and build that base up of your fitness. After you build that base up of fitness, after
1-2 weeks you can start moving on to other different types of training Im about
to speak about. So after having been doing that continuous
training for a period of 1 to 2 weeks the second type of training you can now incorporate
into your offseason programme is Fartlek training. Believe it or not, “Fartlek” training means
“Speed play” in Swedish. Of all languages. For me, Fartlek runs are like the Holy Grail
for Soccer fitness. What they are basically small surge of increased
speed followed up by returning back to normal zone and recovering, and then trying to repeat
again. Its very much specific to a football game
where you’re making short dashes, short sprints and then you want to try and recover as quickly
as possible. So they are perfect for football and something
you need to incorporate to build that Soccer fitness base up. Now to start off with the Fartlek runs, I
would recommend to do like a 20 minute timed run. And you can do say a 3 minute jog. And then do a Fartlek run for 1 minute where you increase the speed, run at 70 to 80 % of your
maximum. Thats all it is. Its not a full out maximum run. You are not trying to hit the red line. You are not trying to push yourself to the
limits. Its at a good pace like that. And then after you’ve done 1 minute you are
then going to recover again for those 3 mins. So its like I said, very specific for football. Very relevant. So something you should definitely incorporate
in your training. Freezing up. Yeah ok. But you got the first continuous training,
the second Fartlek training, and then you want to incorporate the last thing that I
think is essential for football players aswell is Interval training. Now interval training can seem a little similar
to the Fartlek training. I can assure you its not. And what that is a higher intensity for shorter
periods of time, but the rest is almost the equivalent to the amount of time that you’re
working. So for example you might work for a high intensity
of 90 % so your almost close to your maximum, for a minute but then your rest is only a
minute or a minute and a half. So its alot more intense, but its a alot shorter
period. So a little bit like the Fartlek training
as well, with the interval training its important to focus as well on the recovery. When you recovering your body is also adapting
aswell. It is part of the process that when you’re
putting the work in and you’re recovering, you focus on the recovery as well. Because as you’re doing it your body makes
changes. You are becoming alot more stronger and fitter. This is perfect for Football as well. So its important you build up through that,
and I’ll show you that as well. That you build from the continuous, to your
fartlek, then into your interval and you start to incorporate them all and that will give
you a really good basic ground fitness for football for moving forward into things that
are more specific like speed, agility, all those other things that you have as well that
you can focus on another time. So thats the three types of training that
I would recommend to do, especially if you’re doing an offseason programme. To the people that requested this video, thank
you very much. I picked probably the worst day to do it its
so cold. And yeah, I hope that its useful for you. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you did give it a thumbs up. If you feel sorry for me standing in the cold
give me a thumbs up as well. And I’ll see you in the next video. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe! Thanks

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  1. Hi 😉 very nice Video! I liked and subbed:) Keep it up! I would really appreciate if you Check out our Channel and maybe you will leave a Like and a Subscription too:)

  2. Nice video and I look forward to more. This type of channel will definitely attract a lot of people. One thing- your sprinting looks pretty slow.. does this tend to impact you much in centre mid? The main situation where I could imagine this is when chasing loose balls. Also do you do weight training?

  3. Great videos! I've been looking for some good training videos for my football crazed 5yr old son. Congratulations on your new team. Wish you great success!

  4. What type of training is best for building soccer specific stamina/endurance/fitness, so I can run longer, and not get tired after making a sprint, or beating a defender?

  5. Is this fitness training only for off season?
    So what should we do in on season? Can you get me some on season fitness training?

  6. A quick question. After say I reach the last interval training you mentioned, should I do all three types at once for one day, or should I do say continuous for day one, fartlek for day two, and interval for day three, and repeat it? Thank you.

  7. Having coached soccer for over 40 years, you should be doing everything with a ball
    Players WILL work harder when a ball is involved. It’s all about the coach having the experience to come up with a variety of elements that train the body WITHIN the elements of the game….sorry but this is only training athletes not players

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