4 Tips for Learning with Technology

Here are four tips to help tech-savvy parents
get the most out of educational apps, websites, and games. First, focus on connection. It’s really important that kids become engaged
in what they’re playing. Pick your learning apps like you might a good
book: Look for great storylines, fascinating characters,
and other hooks. The more interested kids are, the more the
lessons will stick. Second, seek out critical thinking. Look for activities that take a deeper dive
into a topic, subject, or skill. While quiz-style games may be fun and educational,
activities that challenge kids with ethical dilemmas or strategic thinking can really help them
grow mentally. Third, factor in creativity. A key feature of many great learning products
is the ability for kids to make their own content. Editing a video or creating a new game level
can make learning more personal, memorable, and meaningful for kids. And finally, get involved. Support the educational experience by watching
while your kids engage in activities and asking questions about what they’re taking
away. Doing some related non-tech-based activities
can deepen the learning even further. For more tips, visit us at commonsensemedia.org.

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