A Day in the Life of a University Student in Canada – SFU

Good morning everyone.
So it’s 7:05 this morning and I’m just getting ready for class. My name iss
Ashley and I’m a marketing and HR student at SFU Beedie School of Business.
I keep my routine the same every morning whether I’m getting ready for work or
for school, that way it helps to save time as well as I know how long it takes
me to get ready every morning which is about 35 minutes. I’m gonna quickly make
my bed and then put on my makeup and then get going for the day I have classes at SFU Surrey and
Burnaby today so I wanted to make sure that I was dressed warm even though it’s
sunny out, it’s gonna be quite cool on campus and I know that I’m checking out
the Winter Warm-up with my friends this afternoon so I wanted to make sure that
I was dressed for the weather. Beedie offers most of its classes at both SFU Burnaby
and Surrey. This semester I’m taking a 200 level quantitative class at SFU Surrey
twice a week and what I love about the campus is that it’s super open so it
lets in a lot of natural light in as well as there’s tons of study space is
available on campus so today the professor just went over what concepts
will be tested on for the final as well as a quick review of some of the
concepts we had covered earlier in the semester so I just got to SFU Burnaby
from SFU Surrey campus it took about 30 minutes to drive here which is pretty
good and I’m actually headed over to the Academic Quadrangle or as we call it, the AQ to meet up with some teammates to discuss our group project. Even though
SFU Burnaby is quite large, it is our main campus so during the Fall and
Spring semesters it can get busy really quickly so I always like to make sure I
have enough time built into my schedule to find parking as well as find a spot
to study on campus. Today I’m just meeting up with some group mates to work
on our final marketing assignment. So James and I are just headed to go get a smoothie on campus. James, how are you today? I’m good, excited for the day. Good.. excited for the presentation? Super excited! Okay So we’re just gonna go
through our presentation now Should I not wave? No, it’s okay. That’s fine. The last component of this 300 level
marketing class is a tutorial presentation, so we all met up as a group
just to go over the presentation one last time as well as ask any questions
that we think may come up during the Q&A We’re just headed to go get some food now. What are you feeling? Sandwiches. Okay, I might get curry. We’ll see. Today Marilyn and I are just headed to MacKenzie Cafe which is the main student cafeteria at the
SFU Burnaby. Something I really appreciate about SFU that I didn’t
discover until I had started doing event planning was that all the drinkware and
cutlery on campus are actually 100% biodegradable. Now that I have some food
in my stomach, I’m gonna head to my last class of the day which is employment law.
Employment law is a 400 level HR class and is actually the last HR class I have
to take in my degree. Now that I’m officially done classes for the day I’m
headed over to combo mall to meet up with some friends at the winter warm-up.
Every fall semester SFU hosts a winter warm-up at all three of our main
campuses. It’s a really great way to meet other students as well as faculty
members as well as SFU actually provides free activities and treats for
us to enjoy. Are you okay? So I just wrapped up my classes for the
take a now I’m heading to my car. So I’m gonna head home and get some
studying done. So I actually have a couple of hours to
kill before my event. I’m just gonna quickly throw something on the stove and
make a quick bite to eat I’m about to head off to the BASS
Mentorship Program Pitch-off event tonight having at the Pinnacle Hotel The last thing I like to do before I head to a networking event is to actually pack my
bag, so here I’m packing my wallet with some ID as well as whatever cash I might
need for the cash bar, hand sanitizer and hand cream. Tissues. These are little
stain remover pads. Mints are definitely preferable over gum that way you’re not
chewing in people’s faces. A pen, some pain relief medication. Some blotting
papers. Some lip products. I always like to bring my business cards in a card
case that way the corners don’t get bent Most events are catered but I always
like to bring some granola bars just in case I get low blood sugar and the last
thing I pack is actually a charging bank. Another thing I like to bring of
course is a charging cable but this one’s nice because it’s actually hidden
in a tassel, so it looks like an accessory as opposed to a huge cable
that’s taking up space in your bag As for the bag itself I always like to
bring something with the shoulder strap or a crossbody, that way you can just
throw it over your shoulder and you have both hands free to shake those hands as
well as hold your glass for the night. So I’m at BMP Pitch-off right now, I
here with Sandra and… Tina! BASS is the Business Administration
Student Society. BASS Mentorship Program pairs first-year students with
experienced senior students and helps them navigate their first semester at
SFU. Making those connections! Pitch-off is essentially a networking event and
allows the first-year students to pitch themselves to industry professionals. So
they’re gonna announce the finalists of BMP Pitch-off soon so I’m really excited
because I’ve heard some incredible pitches I don’t know how they’re gonna
pick the top three but it’s gonna be a really tight race. These are the lovely individuals who put
on tonight’s event. Big round of applause for them. So ladies what was
your favourite part of the night? Seeing our mentees grow and become more confident. And, the food! I just got home
from BMP Pitch-off and I’m thoroughly exhausted but I want to give a huge
shout out to all the first-years who put themselves out there tonight. They did an
incredible job and it’s always so rewarding to see the progress that you
guys make throughout the night and congratulations to the four finalists
and of course Andy, the winner of Pitch-off 2019. So I just got in my PJs
and I’m gonna start getting ready for bed. So because my schedule can look
really different from day-to-day. I like to keep the same routine every night
that way it helps to signal to my body that it’s time to go to bed. For me that
consists of washing my face and brushing my teeth while I’m watching a TV show in
the background. Thank you so much for following along for my day in the life
this is Ashley, signing off!

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  1. Science students are way cooler. They just do their thing. Essentially this was an ad.. Guess thats what you learn at Pseudo school

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