Hello and welcome to Freestyle Paragliding Stories The Acro Web Show Today we are in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Following a classic training day of… …myself A training of twisted stuff A training already looking too complicated The forecast looks nice but getting windy We probably wont finish this episode but stay anyway, it’s gonna be nice First run is over… I fucked-up everything Too bad that it was probably the only run today Not cool… It’s getting windy I think that Karma is not in a good mood today Karma isn’t with us…isn’t with me indeed That makes me sad… Laydie and gentelmens you just missed an incredible moment where Theo De Blic just fell on the slopes with his passenger What is fun in paragliding is those moments you have to enjoy where people who usually laugh about others are taken down by karma who suddenly restores the natural balance of things and in some way it feels good but you also realize that you can be struck at any moment but whatever we laugh a lot look at Theo…so small from here And here is a Cowboy A nasty Cowboy The 6th run seems compromised It’s getting too windy Not good for playing along the take-off Let’s wait a bit After two hours wasted My motivation is finally dead As you can see by yourselves Conditions aren’t really… optimal Let’s consider this day as over Let’s go home and have some rest Pilots are kind of…disapointed What about you Théo ? “We are sad and disapointed” Today it’s shooting session with the very famous Pierre AUGIER Preparing himself to fly can take an entire day we call him “the paragliding sloth” In acro you have to make the difference between two things succeed doing a trick once in one hand and understand it on the other so I definately belong to the first category but light-years away from the other And here is the main challenge in acro …understand what we are doing amazing isn’t it ? After half an hour of waiting Pierre has finally almost packed his stuff Sun is already coming down over Chamonix We did one run… what happened Pierre ? I’m just slow so what ? This episode of Freestyle Paragliding Stories is now over I hope you enjoyed it Follow the channel for the next episodes See you soon in the air ! Thanks for watching (was long for me too) here we are supposed to put names Like the screenwriter’s for example Unfortunately there was no screenwriter for this episode So here is a random name or we could have put actors names Unfortunately there was no actors hired for this episode All the scenes were played by reals pilots wich explains some bad acting how are you by the way ? Oh dammit ! I forget


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