*music* Hey, y’all. My name is Casey, I’m a senior
studying computer science, and this is my WVU life. So this year Louisiana
State University is hosting the national conference for the National Association
of College and University Residence Halls, so every year students from over
400 colleges and universities all across the country get together and talk about
what goes on in dorms on their campuses and how they can make on-campus life
better. So we’ve brought seven students from WVU and we’re here to talk with all
of these students from all these other awesome institutions and learn about
some things we can do to maybe make on campus life just a little bit better at
our school. *music* We’re in Baton Rouge. *music* So after a quick costume change we are here on campus at LSU and I gotta say their housing is pretty
sweet. You gotta say, Louisiana travel tip
number one pack extra clothes you’re gonna sweat the room confirmed. Pitch Perfect was filmed here. So a really big part of this conference that I didn’t mention, is a mass choreographed dance. Let me show you. *music* So we’re at a conference for students
who are really engaged on campus. We’re at a conference for Residence Hall
Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary. So these are some of the
top student leaders on campuses all across the country, there are over 400
schools affiliated with the organization. So when I asked these people “what do you
wish you knew about college”, “what’s something that really helped you with
transitioning to college”, most of these people are gonna say “you should get
involved on campus” and while I also want to say you should get involved on campus
I want to kind of go a different way with it. Getting involved on campus is
really awesome, but you should understand why. Why are you getting involved?
If you’re just getting involved because you want to do something it looks like
fun, hey that’s awesome but, if you get involved on campus because it has some
deeper meaning for you or you get to apply your degree or anything like that,
it’s just gonna have such a bigger impact on your college career. So I
personally ran to become this region’s finance director for this organization. I
ran on the platform that I want to use my degree in computer science to make a
lot of what we do easier for all of our members. About three weeks into college
after I moved in I joined our Community Council in my residence hall. I got
involved as a voting representative on behalf of our building for RHA, the
Residence Hall Association, which is kind of like Student Government but it’s
specifically for the residence halls and for students who live in the residence
halls. My junior year I served as our national
communications coordinator for RHA. It’s a long title basically what it means is
I am the liaison between West Virginia University and this national
organization with all of its affiliated schools. So if you can find your why when
you come to college it will make everything a lot easier for you. *music* Hey y’all. So this is Timmy. Timmy is our
incoming Regional Director for the Central Atlantic. Timmy, what’s one
thing you wish you’d known before you came to college? One thing I wish I had
known before I came to college, honestly, to get like as involved as you possibly can. So when I first came to college I didn’t think to get involved. Actually one of my best friends at
college said “hey, I’m gonna run for president of my hall council, you should
run for vice president”. I was like kind of went with it and did whatever and
that led to me being where I am today now director for a non-profit. So really
make sure that you get involved whatever you do, love what you do and just have
fun with it. Sound advice from one of my best friends. Hi I’m Jeneay, I go to
University of Maryland Baltimore County. I am actually a senior I’ll be done
that this summer. What’s your major? I’m a dance major, going to graduate school for student affairs. So when you first came to college was
something you wish people had told you before you started? That getting involved
to make your transition into college life, whether you are a
transfer or whether you are a freshman, so much easier. Having that community and
having a community around you, will make just college life and
having that care will just make it a lot easier, just having a
support system away from home makes people want to have a better kind of experience, but also they’re able to affect other people in
that way too Hi I’m Nicole Keagen, hi I’m Kathleen, Kylie, Roman, Meleny, Duleesa, Maddie, Sam. What school do you guys go to? Loyola Marymount University Okay, so question, what’s something you wish you had known before you came to college that no one told you? Anybody. Eh, it’s really weird. Eh, that should’ve taken more AP credits because
I mean it would have been so nice to just like get that done with but not
have to take a lot of other classes that I already took in High School. It’s super easy to get really, really,
really involved in a really, really, major way on your campus as a freshman. It’s way different than you expected And you can get forever families without being in sororities or fraternities. Off-topic but always be yourself. *laughter* *music* So what school are you from? The University of Delaware. What is one thing that you wish someone had told you before you started college? These are people you’re going to know the rest of your life. I wish someone had told me to go out of my comfort zone from the get-go. I stayed in my comfort zone and I wasn’t happy with it. By jumping out of my comfort zone and going into something like res life and housing it has made
a more impactful experience on my life by exposing me to things I hadn’t been before. *music* Hello. it is very hot and very sweaty. We
just finished our closing ceremonies which means that we are pretty much done
with the conference, it’s about 11 o’clock at night here in Baton Rouge.
We’re flying back to Pittsburgh tomorrow I’m actually on my way right now to pick
up the Central Atlantic checkbook, which is a really exciting for me because that
means I get to officially start doing my job today.
Well I guess tomorrow, after midnight I start my term. So, let’s go, Mountaineers!
and I hope you’ve had a lot of fun. *music* We’re on the ground in Pittsburgh. If you
ever been to this airport you know this parking lot is, like, 10 square miles we
don’t know where we parked.

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