Aidy Bryant Shares an Emo Self-Portrait from High School

-I want to congratulate you. I know I’ve talked to you
a little, but I don’t think you’ve been
here since “Shrill” came out. -It’s true.
-It’s just a fantastic show. -Oh.
-And you have a second season. And you’re gonna film it out
in Portland this summer, right? -Yes, I damn am.
-[ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] And I know —
You know, it was so great because obviously you have
a show like that. And it is very much your show. You are driving the show. I know you have a hand
in creating the show. And when you do press about it,
it must be different than when you get
interviewed about “SNL” because it is a far
more personal show. -Totally, yeah. I mean, the show is about, like, a woman finding
her self-confidence and hating her body and deciding
to stop hating herself. And so, you know, like, “SNL,”
they’re like, “What’s it like
in the wacky wigs?” And then when I do
press about “Shrill,” the questions are like, “So you’ve hated yourself
for many years.” [ Laughter ] And I’m like, “Yeah!”
[ Laughter ] And it’s — There’s nothing
like back-to-back digging in with people being like, “So,
must be tough to wear T-shirts.” [ Laughter ] I’m like, “Yeah, I guess.” [ Laughter ] -Your husband, Conner,
who’s a wonderful guy, who I’ve known for a long time,
and your family, did they have a different
experience watching the show versus watching you on “SNL”? -Yeah. I think they were
weirdly more nervous for it because it is so much more
personal and it is, like, you know, a little bit — There’s —
Parts of my life are in there. And I think for them
it was a lot to take because there’s, like,
some sex scenes. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -You know? Yeah, if you want to see my ass,
check it out. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s a resounding “yes.” -That’s a — If you want it,
you’ve got it. [ Cheers and applause ] I do what I have to
to make money. -Yes.
[ Laughter ] This is all about money. This is not titillating for her.
It’s just about money. -Cash.
[ Laughter ] -The season finale is this week.
-Oh, yeah. -You’ve had a great season. And you did some impressions
this year, and you did one of Anne McClain,
who is a female astronaut. -Yes.
-And she tweeted. -From space!
-From space. From space she tweeted,
“I am still laughing about this, and, Aidy, your uniform
looks impeccable!” -I can’t handle it. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Because, I mean,
it’s easily the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. It means that she watched
the sketch in space. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -My face has been to space. [ Laughter ] Like — Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] It was the coolest thing. And she gave, like — In space
she gave an interview about it where they, like, asked — she’s floating in the air and
they’re like, “Did you like it?” And she was like, “It was
the laugh we needed this week.” [ Laughter ] And I was like, “Are you telling
me I’m helping the astronauts?” [ Laughter ]
It touched me so — It was easily the coolest thing
that’s ever happened to me. -That is fantastic.
-Yeah. -I am a little sad
that Twitter made it to space. -Yeah.
-You know, just in general. -And I hear you. -Yeah, I feel like it is a virus that I hoped we could
contain on our planet. [ Laughter ] -I know.
-It’s spreading. -You’re right.
-It’s spreading to the — -Yeah.
[ Applause ] -Meghan McCain was on the show. You did a Meghan McCain
impression this year, and she was here and she was talking about
how she enjoyed that. You guys have
a crazy connection. -Yeah, it’s really —
We’re both Arizona women. That is true. And we weirdly — We also
went to the same high school. -Yeah. -And so I watched her
on your show. And in it she’s like, “Yeah, you know, Aidy and I
went to the same high school.” And she, like, shouts out
our high school, and is like, “Whoop, whoop!
Yeah, Xavier College Prep!” And I definitely was like, “Oh, man, we had different
experiences of high school.” [ Laughter ] Like, I was like, “For her,
it was a ‘whoop, whoop!'” [ Laughter ] And for me it was
the darkest opposite. [ Laughter ] And I really was like,
“Oh, okay, okay.” Like, I’ll tell you,
I recently found a self-portrait that I drew in class of myself
in high school. I think you have it.
-Yeah. -But just to warn you before you
show it, it’s incredibly scary. [ Laughter ]
Okay? But I think it’s fun to know
that, like, Meghan McCain in her mind,
high school is “Whoop, whoop!” And for me it’s this,
which is… [ Laughter ] This is — Okay.
[ Cheers and applause ] I think something that I love
about — It’s very subtle. -Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And that’s —
My school had a uniform. So I’m wearing the uniform,
and I’m behind bars. [ Laughter ] And then I assume that’s
sort of blood on the walls? [ Laughter ] Or sort of red paint. -They were like, “Aidy, we got your submission
for the yearbook cover.” [ Laughter ] “And we are going to
go another way.” -And that is fair. I have to say it was,
like, 2005. It was kind of cool to be emo,
and I was living that very hard. [ Laughter ] Dipping my toe into goth. -I do think people that go,
“Woot, woo” are not the ones
who end up in comedy. So I do think that it makes
sense that you ended up being the version of
Meghan McCain that’s on “SNL.” -Yeah, absolutely, begging
people, in wigs, to like me. For sure.
[ Laughter ] -So we mentioned your husband,
Conner. You guys went to Italy.
-Yes. -This summer? -Well, yeah, this past summer. -This past summer and you — you went to a cheese factory,
I guess? What do you call it? -Absolutely, cheese factory. [ Laughter ] Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we went to
Italy which — they were like, “Oh, it’s the most romantic
place for a honeymoon. Oh, the romance.” And right away when we
got there, they were like, “There’s also a cheese factory.” [ Laughter ] And we were like,
“That’s for us.” [ Laughter ] And while we were there,
one of the women was like, “You need to slow down
eating the cheese.” [ Laughter ] “There’s such a long day. You must not eat
all this cheese.” But here’s —
I think this is a — We had to wear
full-body condoms to go… [ Laughter ] …into the cheese factory. But it’s the — Still to this
day, it’s guiding our marriage. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] And how does it work? I mean, is it just like —
they just are constantly, like, saying, “This is what this
cheese tastes like”? -Okay, well, it was only
one kind of cheese. [ Laughter ] It was Parmigiano-Reggiano. And it’s basically
you’re just watching men who are exhausted
and are working so hard. And you’re, like, watching them lift, like,
huge chunks of cheese. [ Laughter ] And then you kind of walk around
and taste it. And we still talk about it
probably once a week. -Wow.
[ Laughter ] That is outstanding.
Living the dream. -Abs– This is love. [ Laughter ] -It is so exciting that you’re
gonna do season two of “Shrill.” -Thank you. -And it is so great that
this week is the season finale. Another great year for you. Give it up, everybody.
Aidy Bryant.

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  1. Her self portrait in high school compared to Meghan McCann's high school experience is hysterical!

  2. Yeah, from space…then santa showed up all the astro-nots binge watched last season of Snl, they are government officers they got nothing to do beside pretending on and off on camera

  3. I love everything she’s ever done! Definitely one of my favorite persons in entertainment 👏👏👏👏👏

  4. i like the concept of the show, but i seriously do not like her Acting in the show. I wish they had taken another actress .

  5. I am a Xavier Alumna 1978 and I wish you had as good a memory of Xavier as I do. I love your work Aidy and I am glad you are my Xavierite Sister.

  6. Parmigiano is the best, it doesn't taste like your parmisan because in english America the name isn't copyrighted, I wish you could all try it 😍

  7. Men who hate their bodies for many years: Die alone.
    Women who hate their bodies for many years: Have sex and get married.

  8. The more I watch these Seth Myers clips the more I'm getting to like him and the vibe of his show. It's not cynical which is refreshing but doesn't feel disingenuous.

  9. I want to watch Aidy and her husband have a dinner party with Seth and his wife, I think we would all die of laughter 🤣

  10. Andy’s real life persona srsly reminds me of Safiya Nygard’s. The same mid sentence early 20th century bourgeoisie madam inflections. Also I fcking love that dress. I’m mesmerized by her sleeves. Also, highlight be poppin.

  11. She is so comfortable with who she is and her body. Looking at her, I honestly dont even notice anything wrong at all. She is vivacious, funny, pretty face and witty. She is cool.


    since when did MORBID OBESITY become funny?

    someone get this girl a treadmill. the ghost of CHRIS FARLEY will thank her in the end!!!!

  13. Aidy: I have my own movie
    Me: Oh, could be funny, maybe I'll see that.
    Aidy: It's about a girl and her struggle with self esteem.
    Me: yea, gonna be a no for me dawg. hard pass on the chick flick drama.
    Aidy: There is some sex stuff."
    Me: …shut up and take my money.

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