Alamance Community College (Advanced Applied Technology Center)

After working in my industry for 30 years, I knew I had to come back to school. The frustration from not being able to advance and hitting the highest point that I possibly could kept my salary lower than I wanted for my family. ACC was my first choice. I love everything about Alamance Community College. I love the new Advanced Manufacturing Building. The faculty here at ACC are very hands on. They have a lot of work experience. It’s not just book learning. They’re actually physically doing something. And when they see something that you’ve known for years, and then all of sudden it pops into them, that’s the fun part. After receiving training here, I know that my salary and other students’ salaries will be very competitive in the market. You’d be really surprised to know how many manufacturing companies there are. And in manufacturing today, what they’re looking for is somebody who is familiar with manufacturing, familiar with automation – technicians as I call them. A lot of people like to say that it’s blue collar work, it’s dirty work, and it’s really not. The difference from 30 years ago is basically the way I go home. I can actually wear clean clothes. The shops are nothing like they used to be. The tools that we use are state-of-the-art. It’s a very clean environment, a very safe environment. I feel proud to be an ACC student. It has really just changed our lives completely.

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