Alicia Vikander training for Lara Croft ‘Tomb Raider’ Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]

You really wanna do this, little girl? I think I’ve always approached
a character in a very physical way. But of course, due to the fact
that it’s an action role, it’s been on another level. She got into physical shape
with her trainer. She gave everything. On no movie that I’ve ever done before has the lead actor taken on
the physical challenges the way that Alicia has taken on
the physical challenges of Lara Croft. She’s been training hard,
fight club, wire work. It’s an extreme challenge as an actor
because not only do you have to act in emotional deliveries,
she needs to deliver physically. I’ve been dreaming since I was a kid
to be part of a big action adventure, to push myself, and in this film,
I really get to do that. I started three months before shoot to work with Magnus,
my personal trainer. I’m a lifestyle coach,
personal trainer, and nutritionist. I oversee Alicia’s physicality. I already wanted her to be
a strong, physical girl. So we had to kind of set that tone. We get up at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.,
we hit the gym. (SPEAKING) Her capacity for training
and for discipline, that in itself tells you something
about her commitment to the character. The whole shoot is just non-stop action, action, action. It’s been great. We’re doing a 45-minute session to set a physical and a mental standard. We’re doing back, shoulders,
core and pull exercises. Killer leg workout,
hundred pull-ups if needed. VIKANDER: This job was the first time
I kind of was expected to do as much muscle
and weight training as I’ve done. LYGDBACK: One, and… LYGDBAC K: Straight into make-up,
eating her breakfast… -Food time.
-The very important delivery. Magnus is very keen on making sure that, yes, it’s training,
and then 50% is what you eat. -Pretty little gifts.
-I know. I get excited just to see
what she’s eating. LYGDBACK: The nutrition is the key
to look like her. We’re eating five to six meals a day,
every three hours. A fistful of carbs,
a fistful of protein. We do almost have
the same thing to eat every day. Eggs, eggs and eggs. These eggs, which is just
what I have in the morning, they are straight after the workout and it’s like
it tastes better than anything. And on the day we do our workout
she’s allowed some raspberries as well. (LAUGHS) LYGDBACK:
It’s a challenge, but, you know, that’s what it takes
to look like Lara Croft. We hit the gym, few hours in make-up, she gets dressed,
and then, it’s straight into the studio. Alicia’s just a kick-ass actress. She brings such engagement in
every part of the movie-making process. Everything she does really rings true. GRAHAM KING: She makes it feel so real. You feel that you’re actually
going through thatjourney with her. It’ll be an adventure. Death is not an adventure. I’m not a method actor, but for me,
I think to do the bestjob I can, I love to dig in
and get down into my work for 120% when I’m on set. And when I heard about this project, I went and bought the rebooted games,
and got into playing the new games, which I thought they had done
a really good job, ‘cause it really felt like
it was the essence of the Lara that we knew from the older games. But now, we got to follow her
from the beginning. From the fight sequences,
the leaping, the running, thejumping. It takes a lot and she was up for it. She trained really hard for months
with the stunt coordinators to handle all the stunts. She’s done a lot. We’re getting busy on the Hong Kong set, Lara Croft being chased
across the Hong Kong harbor. There are some shenanigans
and little chase montages. At the boxing match,
she got in there and smashed it up. Bruised her shins,
took one on the nose, the chin. I think the first scene,
in the film when I see her, she has her first kill,
which is a tough shoot for Alicia. And just another one where she fights a full-grown strong man
in a pool of mud. That was just one day
in the life of Alicia. I don’t think people realize
how much work it is. Good. I don’t think anyone
without that determination could have prepared
for the role the way she has. (GRUNTS) UTHAUG: I think Magnus did
a fantastic job working with Alicia and getting her ready for everything
we had to put her through. She’s put her heart and soul into it
from the get-go. (GRUNTING) Only it actually, kind of,
wakes you up, I must say. Magnus walks in, ljust wanna go home and then, after about five minutes,
I’m up and awake. A lot of girls, they mostly see those
butch guys in the gym, and they don’t dare
to go in there themselves and pick up the heavy weights. And I’ve really felt it
being very empowering. You know, I feel extremely feminine, and yet, I’ve gained
five kilos in muscle. I think we really built
the perfect Lara Croft. LARA: You messed with the wrong family.

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