Alternative Careers for Teachers | When You’re Ready to Move On

– Now, just because you
have a teaching degree does not mean you have to stay in teaching and I’m going to show you
10 alternative careers for teachers and make sure you stay tuned because I even have an idea
of how to help you fund that transition into a different career. Well, if you are looking for ways to get out of the day
to day grind of teaching then you have definitely
come to the right place. So please subscribe and I put
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as a new video comes out. (calm music) Are you starting to feel
that teacher burnout, that oh God I don’t wanna go
to work today kinda feeling? Well, I am here to help you out. I’m going to talk about
10 alternative careers that you can consider and my husband’s family
is loaded with teachers. His mom’s a teacher, three
of his siblings are teachers. My niece from my sister’s
family, she’s also a teacher so I definitely know
what you’re talking about and I know alternative careers
that can be helpful to you. All right, so if you’re
toying with the idea of getting out of the classroom, you can look at a number of options, some of which are related to
teaching and others are not. So I’m gonna first talk about five that are related to teaching. The first one being you
could become a tutor. Now, there is a huge demand
for very, very good tutors particularly in math if
you’re strong in math. So all you need to do is start
building up a clientele base. You can use your network
of being a teacher already and find students number one that you like and number two that you wanna help and offer your tutoring services. Tutors can get anywhere
from 20 to $100 an hour depending on what you’re teaching and many, many parents
would be more than willing to pay you happily for your services. Now, similar to being a tutor is you could actually become
an at home school teacher. I have seen this a lot where people do not have their
kids in traditional school, they take on homeschooling but they don’t quite have
what it takes to do it or it is harder to do than they thought. Obviously, you’re a teacher,
you know how hard it is but some of these parents don’t know that. So you can actually meet up with parents who are interested in homeschooling and offer your services
as a private homeschooler. They probably would be
really, really happy to have you take that
off the plate for them. Another thing that I have seen is there are a lot of teachers
that they get into teaching but in the end they love coaching. So they actually would prefer
to be coaching, just coaching instead of also teaching. So I have seen where teachers create their own sports
program for volleyball or soccer or any of those types of sports and they get the parents to sign up for it and they have their own coaching practice and oh my gosh are they happy campers. Now, the next one is related to teaching although not directly. You could consider going
into corporate sales for teaching supply companies. There’s a lot of money in sales and one thing that
companies really look for are sales people who
actually know the product and know what they’re
doing and you as a teacher would have better
knowledge of these things than almost anybody out there. So it might take quite
a bit of resume shoving and back and forth and
getting some rejections but keep knocking on that door ’cause there are definitely
companies out there who would love to have a
teacher on their sales force and another way related to teaching is you could actually create
your own online courses. So let’s say you’re awesome at math and you have people always asking you teach me how to do math, if you create an online course
and you market it online, you will have a ton of people
signing up for your course. Some of these courses get
upwards of $1200, $1300. I’ve seen some as little as $200. So depending on what type of math and how much you put into it, you could actually make a full-time income creating courses to teach the subjects that you love to teach. So now that you’re considering
getting out of teaching, I am very curious how long
you’ve been thinking about it before you actually started
actively looking for solutions. I know my niece, she did
not have a great experience her first year of teaching so
it didn’t take her long to say okay, I’m ready for a break,
I wanna do something different but write in the comments below how long you have been considering switching out of the classroom. Okay, let’s move on to alternative careers that you could consider that
are really outside of teaching. The first one which is
near and dear to my heart is become a blogger. Teachers are highly organized,
highly instructional people and blogging is a
perfect fit for teachers. It requires a lot of work. It requires really good
grammar and organization and so it is a perfect fit for teachers. You do not necessarily have
to blog about teaching. You could blog about
anything that you want but blogging is a fantastic
career for teachers. I’ve got a video here about how I made my first $1000 blogging. That was a while ago. It does only go up from there. So it is really a great
career for teachers. Along the same lines as writing a blog, you could actually create
content for other people whether you get hired by a corporation to write their content and by content it can be
anything that is on their blog, their website, their apps. My daughter does this for a living. She loves it. She makes good money and
she has great benefits. So becoming a content creator is something that would be a
very good fit for teachers. Now, another career that I
have seen teachers moving into is to become what they
call a high end nanny. Now, a lot of parents have
very demanding corporate jobs. They have children. They honestly don’t have the time that they should devote to their children so they’re willing to pay good money to bring in somebody who not
only is just a babysitter but somebody who really helps
these children grow and mature and learn lessons of life
and do homework with them and it is great fit for teachers to come in and bring their knowledge base of working with kids into a home where somebody really,
really needs the extra help and you could provide the help for them and the support for their
children and quite honestly, they’re willing to pay quite
a bit of money for that. Okay, another job that is
a great fit for teachers is to become a real estate agent. Now, that does require an
additional class and a test, an exam you have to pass and
frankly the exam’s kinda hard. My daughter is a real estate agent and once she passed the exam then she had the freedom and flexibility. She can work as much or
as little as she wants. She chooses to work a lot
but it can really pay off. So with real estate, you do
have a lot of flexibility. If you’re willing to put in
a lot of hard work and time, you can actually can
make really good money or you can choose to work
part-time and make part-time money but it is a good fit for teachers because it requires
organization, scheduling and being able to follow through on tasks and of course teachers
are fantastic at that and finally, my last
non-teaching school related job is to become an editor. Now, there are a couple
of ways you can do this. You can either go apply for positions as an editor at companies and
you would work in their office with them editing anything
from their websites to their apps to whatever
content that they need edited or you can do it yourself, create your own consulting
business as an editor. You would wanna start
by putting up a listing on a site like Fiverr and
I’ll put a link to that below and then you just start offering
your services as an editor and there are tons of bloggers and content creators out there that really desperately need a good editor but they don’t know where to find out. They go to Fiverr and there are
editors they can choose from and you can get a great start that way and build up your own
client base of editing. So now I’ve given you 10 ideas of how you can get out of the classroom and potentially leave teaching altogether but if you’ll notice, a few of them are about
starting your own business whether it’s a consulting
business or an online business and sometimes that requires
a little bit of time to get up and going and
you might need some funding in between your paycheck as a teacher and when that money starts rolling in. I personally used a source of income to start my own small business. It was tapping into a 401k. You can do the same thing with a 403b. I’ve got a link to the PDF below. It has tons of information
so you can look at it and decide is this the right way for you to finance your own
small business transition and reinvest your own money that you’ve worked for in yourself. I know when I did it I have a better return
on that investment now than I did when it was
in a traditional 401k. The same could be true for you if you are tapping into your 403b which it does not matter what
age you are, you can do this. I’ve got the link to it below. So check it out and see what you think and I am happy to answer any questions you might have about it. If you found this video helpful on exploring some options to you for leaving the teaching field then please give it a thumbs
up and go ahead and subscribe and if you’re really, really interested in creating your own
freedom based business where you’re kinda bucking
the system a little bit, go ahead and type hashtag
BuckIt in the comments below. I really look forward to being with you on this journey to a new career path and financial freedom for you. Again, my name is Heather. Thank you for watching and I will see you next time
on The Freedom Strategy. (calm music)

27 Replies to “Alternative Careers for Teachers | When You’re Ready to Move On”

  1. What career have you thought about doing if you weren't teaching? Here's another video with some additional ways to make money!

  2. Love the idea of a private home-school teacher or even a private coach! These are GREAT ideas for teachers looking for a bit of a career change. Cheers!

  3. Great tips Heather. A lot of people want to home school now so that makes perfect sense. I've seen teachers become coaches too – it's an easy transition 🙂 Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your channel, Heather!! You really make awesome content. My family is loaded with teachers too. We could start a school with all of them. I'm a homeschool mom and these are great tips for homeschool families too.

  5. Love your 10 ideas – and I'd definitely be in to have access to more qualified service providers (such as teachers) on Fiverr and help me with teaching my kids foreign languages.

  6. Hello and thank you for sharing such great ideas. I've been teaching high school math for 17 years and been thunking about moving on for the laat two week. I finally realize that I am tired of making my school looj good for little to no sincere appreication. They can keep their donuts! I want my right to teach without tge micro managing. Sign me up

  7. ☺♫♥ Is anyone interested in working from home, not a heavy work at all, no need to prepare lessons. I have been doing this for 2 years! ( only two requirements, a bachelor and 1 yr experience teaching/tutoring/Sunday school)

  8. It took me many years to finally leave my teaching career. I wanted to leave long ago. After getting very sick, I tried for 2 more years, and that did me in! I am working with career coaches and have not yet found my purpose, but I'm working hard to so, and I know I have one and will be happy doing what I love. I just don't know what that is yet! This was a great video! I enjoy your enthusiasm and positivity. I look forward to watching more #buckit

  9. I have been in it since 2005 when I graduated. I got in the game late (40) and am now 58. All the testing and date synthesis I have to do is driving me crazy. I didn't go to school to be anything but a classroom teacher. The pay is low. In Idaho, we have to purchase many of our own materials because we have a huge population of refugees which means we have language barriers. It also means that parents do not understand why they have to shell out all this money and why we have to have so many levies to pay for essential services in the school. I'm too tired to keep doing this yet not old enough to retire.

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