Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Stop Pretending

Artificial Intelligence will eliminate millions of jobs. It’s inevitable. And while many of us are willing to accept that there are jobs that will be replaced by AI in our lifetime, we still believe in the lasting power of our own work. This is a mistake. It’s not just trucking, assembly lines in blue collar jobs. In fact, AI will be replacing and drastically altering many jobs that few would consider routine. Chris Orlob from shared a glimpse into the future of sales coaching, with AI powered analysis of over 25,000 sales calls. Even if a sales coach listen to 45 minutes sales calls for eight hours a day, it would take to take them nine years to analyze this data. It is impossible for any sales coach or manager to deliver this kind of insight. Marketing jobs are hardly any safer. Condè Nast is using Watson’s incredible processing power to locate influencers for brands based on data that would take a human years to analyze. Graphic designers aren’t being put out of work quite yet, but AIs are actively working on the ability to understand and categorize images Last year, TheNext RembrandtProject used AI to analyze the 17th century master’s work, and 3d printed a new portrait. Intuitive and independent image creation isn’t far off. At the moment, we’re happy to outsource our scheduling to a virtual assistant, but AI is on the verge of putting us all out of work. Is this really a bad thing? When someone says, “people need jobs,” they are really saying people need a way to earn a livelihood. Up until now, the two were inseparable. If people were not working, value was not being created in the economy, but we’re entering a time when this equation holds less and less truth. The future of AI job creation is one where we could all share in the value created by the machine laborers. Maybe that means fewer jobs and the rise of job sharing. Maybe that means shorter work weeks or basic incomes. Maybe it means no one ever having to do a job that they hate. Yet this is a very uncomfortable thought exercise for many of us. Imagining a world of no jobs or less work feels somehow… wrong. But this can’t be an excuse for ignoring the possible future. The question is this: will we be active participants in thinking about and creating this new world, or will we hold onto a fading notion that somehow, magically, our way of life will be safe? Care about this conversation. It is the future, and it’s being created right now.

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  2. Yes! Great vid. Celestine Prophecy alludes to this also. AI is freeing up space and time for us to remember our spiritual purposes and also to complete our personal projects; be creative! Can't wait! I especially look forward to the end of call centers!

  3. if youre exicited about AI and/or believe it will solve humanity's problems, youre a pathetic loser who is wasting your life. throw your smartphone in a fire and let the juices of life drip off your chin

  4. People have been saying the robots are coming for years and years. Just like the ones saying the world is going to end. We are no closer to creating an actually, genuine, functional AI than we were last year or the year before. The hubris involved in believing you can re-create human intelligence and freedom of will with a program is staggering. You can make intuitive programs with a massive amount of responses and quickly compare them to the input to see the best response. But it's all still pre-programmed. The best learning AIs can only learn a tiny fraction of everything needed to do a simple task like building a brick wall and if a problem arises that they have no solution for, they are stuck. You CANNOT create a living conciousness from silicone and electricity. Merely a convincing imitation.

  5. If AI develops to the point where it can do as you claim then the goverment you believe that would distrubute these supplies would have unchecked power, think about it what is the biggest power in a revolution… Economy it is weakened and sabotaged the resources are stalled now imagine if a revolt happened and all the workers were automated, sure the revolutionaries might damage a few but would be quickly replaced, and would but Tyranny in unlimited power

  6. . Anyone ever watch Star Trek when they find these people from the past in a frozen cryo machine rescued them bring them on board heals them than this one guy was a Rich man wanted to get back to the Earth and check on his money !
    He kept on and on about it findly they had to tell him Earth had findly grown up out of its infancy and rose above the need of Money and now everyone has food ,medical,a place to stay and so forth ( can you imagine) but this guy it was like his Whole World was upside down …
    He absolutely couldn't wrap his mind around how we all survived if we did such a thing !
    Goes back to say how people eat …
    We are so wrapped up in money and personal things I literally envied the thought possible that one day that Someone or something can come up with a way for it totally happen !
    Everyone works and pitches in to help instead of a Small Community it's a Worldwide community…
    No more Wars !
    Famine !
    Etcetera !
    But the bottom line is if we could past all what seems to make us evil , like the Lord said the root of all evil is money !

    But I have to say this though me all know the story that if we don't take the Mark of the Beast we will not be able to eat, I'll make it short the mark is a bar code we sale everything by a bar code , When a store sales things like WalMart the code once its scanned the whole system can order it from the main hub to put that item on well the stores grocery list….
    So just imagine if the whole Country or World hooked into an A.I system , anyone watch the Terminator?
    Everyone that's religious knows the story about The mark of the beast but also everybody things when you hear this story the Beast is some 15ft tall Monster !!
    Well take this story and add it to our modern times and technology A.I system taking over everything ,
    Well is it so far off we call it a beast for doing such a thing ?
    All I say think about this ,
    Damn who knew that movie Terminator will have the last laugh in the end !
    "Damn that Arnold Schwarzenegger"!!!!!!!!

  7. The same was thought of robot assembly. New tech create new jobs. The rhing about AI is have a fail switch, never let it be in control of its own updates. And never let it replicate. In all but a few cases keep it in a closed circuit, not in perpetual communication with other AI. Rember that the only thing putting a governor on tech turn around is our ability to adapt to new technology. Also critical new tech has to be farther back than governmental tech

  8. Hold your ground folks fight for a decent livable wage,don't fare there treat,for one day there shall have millions of robots at there disposal,but no one to served,human's have to eat and family to feed we are not robots and must never allowed our self to treated has such,let's see what's there thinking when there no one to served,for being broke.

  9. Calligraphy and graphic design was my dream thanks to printers calligraphy is not something you can make a living off of

    And soon it will be the same with graphic design

  10. If those in power don't need wage slaves anymore to build the world one must think that they would try to cut down the useless population.

  11. Ok, I'll explain.
    1) First of all, no, they're not better pathologists and drivers than us. Self-driving cars are highly experimental and aren't being sold because of how flawed they currently are.
    2) I very much so despise the clever use of the phrase "in the grand scheme of things" because of how much time that could cover. But, not even in the grand scheme of things, and I'll answer that next.
    3) The reason that I know that AI will replace so few jobs isn't because of time, it's because of our god complex. (Not being religious, a god complex is a thing that humans have.) We are trying to create controllable and sentient life made from elements that do not form to create flesh. Never have we had the technology, nor will we ever, because no known elements function the way our cells do. Nanotechnology is not what the movies make them out to be, so don't attempt on going there. It is based heavily on what we have and what we know, as well as what we will have. I will use that, because it is valid.
    4) The nations of the world would never allow such a mass-structure of bots controlling the aspects of our lives. Imagine hacks, bugs, server maintenance, crashes, updates, glitches, malfunctions. If the power goes out, there would be very little for us to be able to do. If a satellite were to go down, or an interface were to glitch, big corporations as a whole could lose billions. Anarchy would ensue if every aspect of our lives were controlled. Then there's the question, "What happens if the AI doesn't need us?" It's either AI or it isn't. A cash register bot, that'd be programmed to do a task, not think for itself. Siri, an acclaimed AI interface, isn't AI. There are limitations. And that's another issue. Some nations have banned AI, which means the jobs would stay. That means one thing: People will flock to the jobs. Which means one bigger issue: The AI has now gone to waste. Big corporations will lose even more billions if the people have migrated somewhere where the AI isn't. I know I would if it meant I had a job, as would you. The stores will close, the corporations will dry up, and the AI will become a new income for scavengers and dumpster divers. Half of the world will be in a small nation, trying to get work, while the people left behind are scraping by in the used-to-be big cities. If that is your utopia, by all means, enjoy it. It sounds like a dystopia to me, but I can rest easy knowing it will never happen.

    The world is trying to remove the human from humanity, and if we continue, we will.

  12. This is not good, this just going to make it harder for us blue collars that barely make by with so called good jobs now. And tall take them away for a machine. Yeah as if life wasnt hard enough already now we will have to find other way to feed our families, put food the table, keep a roof over our heads. All the while less job are there for us and everything just keeps getting more and more expensive. Thanks science and any one else who thinks this is good for the people. Just so know your wrong this is not good news

  13. Learn to change according to time and you can not only survive but thrive. I have changed my career in my 30s to software engineer. Most of the better opportunities are connected with technology in the future. Choice is yours.

  14. Exactly what “blue” collar jobs will go before a majority of “white” collar jobs???? All of the BS paper pushing will go long before a robot services plumbing or electrical systems in a home.

  15. I want AI, I want andriods with their own lives and thoughts, and I want cyber netic limbs/enhancements. If you don't want it then you should follow social Darwinism and die. If we can't edit human behavior to make everyone equally contribute to society then wd need something non human to do the work for us and benefit all of humanity. I come from a place of reason and people are upset at my infallible logic and hyper intelligence.

  16. You're completely naive if you think the greedy Fucks who run the world will just simply let us live while they give us an allowance once they take our jobs with AI they're going to kill off most of us are already killing off most of us would fucking poisonous medicine food and they also add poisons directly to tap water it's happening people you are being replaced

  17. NI(natural intelegent) is far greater than AI, because your are not considered as source of money. e.g AI keeps you sick but NI dosent…etc

  18. Hmm? My question is if these so call A.I or machines will be doing work for us? What exactly will they we running off of? Battery? Solar? Will it truly work or will it be temporary before humanity realizes they just spent tons of $$$ on something they would rather do themselves. Its just best if we get people working instead of using these dorky scare gimmicks that will cause people with anxiety to freak out or end up doing some crazy nonsense

  19. To those complaining.
    I do feel bad for those who know that their job is so simple that it can be done by near future AI.
    In addition, technology is why we are no longer hunters and gatherers. Why don't you go back in time and complain to humans who invented tools and increased efficiency?
    It will mean more stuff for YOU. And frankly, even if it doesnt, the world isn't gonna stop revolving for you. Technology is gonna advance whether or not you're competent enough to adapt.

  20. AI is a bad joke. When was the last time you made a telephone call and got a computer that could not understand 'yes' from 'no' ?

  21. These people don’t understand supply and demand, AI will make things at a much more cheaper and at a faster rate, if companies want to make money from people who just lost their jobs, they’ll have to find a way to market to the population, they can’t just let jobless people starve because they’ll have no way to make money

  22. Human creativity will always be valuable, no matter how fast a machine can analyze and process data. I think human intelligence is limited but our creativity is limitless. Telescopes and microscopes gave us the power to see much more than we could have imagined. AI will do the same, it will just enhance our perspective. Hopefully. Some of these AI programs aren't that good yet.

  23. PLEASE i need non illegal sprinkler techs that will dig and do job with no complaints! Where's that fracking ai! I knew I should have hired that cylon when I had the chance damnit!

  24. May God destroy this world no man should live for all r evil minded he did it once n he will do it again fuk American government n all other governments they all worship the devil

  25. Its reasonable to find better means of spending your time like raising your kids and playing a role in a multi cultural communitie. I say let the machine replace our dangerous and repetitive task jobs by the millions and open billions of other oppurtunities up so we can move forward as a species and deal with war, poverty, climate change, and universal income.

  26. For this argument to be true, if we didn't have to work then we wouldn't have anything to do. People who like to be productive and creative always have something to do.

    True AI won't be here for thousands of years.

  27. The way I see it, AI is more bad than good, and I have a few thoughts about it…

    I know this makes me sound like one of the people that think the terminator movies are gonna come true, but AI is a form of life in my eyes. What is life? I disagree with the official scientific definition. According to the scientific definition, viruses aren't living organisms… but don't they reproduce? Don't they act with intent to infect cells? I have one criteria for myself that I use when deciding if I believe something is life or not, and that's the ability to act with intent (and maybe that's not a good definition, people on life support can't act with intent, but aren't they alive?). AI is basically an artificial brain, right? It can think. It can learn. Maybe it can form opinions? (I admit, I'm a little uninformed about AI, so alot of my opinions on it are based on fear and uncertainty). Is it right for us to create life in this way? We've already been given that gift naturally – we knew how to do that before we even knew how to sharpen rocks and sticks.

    I believe humans occupy a unique, precious, sacred role on this world, that role being stewardship of nature. We straddle a border between the natural and the unnatural (or supernatural, I'd say).

    Another gift of ours, abstract thought, has allowed us to make great creations to… lead easy lives disconnected from nature? No, we should be using it to safeguard the nature that sustains us.

    In America, China, Russia, most of Europe, all the developed nations, we all have grand aspirations to go to other star systems, make the most prosperous business, conquer the most challenging quantum physics…

    In Zimbabwe, folks just want to eat, drink, avoid being killed, live. We forget the value of working to fulfill our basic human needs. We don't need to think about our next meal, our fridge is full. We don't need to think about clean water, our sink is running. The things you don't work for are the most unappreciated.

    Not all progress is good. Economic growth is not always good. Technological advancement is not always good. In the movie "The Emperor" (about the Japanese Emperor at the end of WW2), a former Japanese commander said something along the lines of "we conquered Asia for the prosperity of our people, but at the cost of our humanity". Many nations have "advanced" themselves at the cost of their humanity – do you want to live in a world where we advance ourselves at the cost of the cheapening basic human needs, the fulfillment of which makes us happy?

  28. Oh Quit Being Scared Of Change. Its Friggin Pathetic. I WANT Ghost In The Shell To Be REAL. Gundam NEEDS To Be REAL. Big O NEEDS To Be REAL. The Enterprise NEEDS To Be REAL. NONE Of Those Awesome Technological Advancements Will Happen With Humanities Weak and Pathetically Slow Mental Capabilities. Let The AI's Become Smart, And Quit Being A Bunch Of Scared Bitches Like Trump Is Of The Russian Investigation. Humanity Has Proven It Can Change And Adapt To Anything Thats Thrown At It. Why Should This Be Any Different. Quit The Fear Mongering BS, Trump Does Enough Of That Crap Without Your Help. Him Being In Office Is Proof Theres Idiots Out There Thatll Believe This Garbage And Then Try To Go Marching With Tiki Torches Chanting, "ROBOTS WILL NOT REPLACE US!!" And Then Theyll Go Attacking Smart Cars And Vending Machines And Maybe Even Street Lights. AND Then Of Course Theyre Gonna Burn Their Cell Phones, Tablets and Laptops/PCs. Which Wont Actually Be A Huge Loss To The World.

  29. Machines break down, and all machines are not AI ready. So, no chance AI takes over everything anytime soon. However with people attempting to connect to the internet with implanted chips or other methods that's when it will get dicey. Cyborgs rule (taking the chip, the mark) and then the ultimate AI will be in charge, biblically known as the Beast

  30. Ok, so ai means no one has to do a job they don't want, but it also means no one will get hired for the job they do want, because an AI will already be doing it in this future you envision. It also means there's no incentive to become skilled in any particular field or improve oneself. What good are a bunch of artists when the robots make better art, faster?

  31. this is exactly what I am going to school for, Computer science with a focus in machine learning. I think it is the future to have a world where people are free to pursue their dreams without having to do things that they don't desire.

  32. If you think AI won't mark the end of humanity as we know it, you haven't seen the giant robot assassin I'm building in my garage. Soon all you puny flesh bags will feel my wrath.

  33. White collar management thinking themselves superior and immune have smugly disposed of labor without a thought for generations. Now they are facing massive layoffs. Should labor feel sympathy?

  34. What peeves me is that people are working on artificial intelligence and going to Mars, when we don't even know what's at the bottom of the ocean.


  36. …..dont worry enslavement will be our jobs and human harvesting for energy purposes for the human race if this gets out of control. And it will, it takes time, you can put your money on it. Humans are fucking idiots.

  37. Oh shut up ya ignorant commie. The phasing out of proffessions has been going on since the first time mankind made a rock hammer. Technological advancements are what created the division of labor as well as the freedom from it. Just because some jobs will phase out that doesn't mean that there wont be new professions. I don't see the point of this video other than to criticize capitalism

  38. AI cannot do my job and even if it could people would still hire me to do it. Not everyone wants robots doing everything for them. People need human interaction and prefer human craftsmanship over free time and free stuff and will voluntary reject this. This video is communist propganda straight from the Peter Joseph ecochamber. We have government for a reason. To promote safety and provide freedom and protect property. We have every right to vote regulations into place tjat halt this progression into a communist distopia and we will. Go to hell commies. Jesus will come back before you ever get your way

  39. Who controls how I live and if I don't do what they say dose that mean they can take away my stipend or reduce it. Think people google working with China to have a social credit score and they already have said we should do this here.

  40. Ted Kaczynski was right. You all really will doom yourselves and welcome it. All in the sake of being slothful no less.


  42. We'll I'm all for advancing technology but fuck A.I. Pure anarchy won't be as fun as the video games and movies make it seem. When the teeth come out some of us simply will not make it.

  43. If you look at how current policies are being created, instead of people sharing the wealth created by robots and AI, regular people will get poorer while those who own the wealth and resources will blame them for not working hard enough to start their own company and not being smart enough to do jobs that haven't been replaced by AI yet.

  44. The question is who is going to have control of that monetary distribution to common jobless citizens and how exactly it will be distributed.

  45. relax dude, we just need to implant an AI and microcomputer in our brain
    to beat the computer, we need to become computer itself

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