Atlassian University: Training & Certification

I encourage members of my team to take
the training at Atlassian University. Up
until that time, I really thought that I did my best to train them; I gave them
hands-on experience, I did a lot of one-on-ones with them, but the fact of the
matter is that I don’t think anybody knows better how to train than Atlassian
University. Atlassian products are so
prevalent, yet the skill sets are in super-high demand, because it’s hard to
find the right people—particularly when you have large, complex environments. Certified individuals come with a skill
set that you know has been tested, and you can rely on them to tackle your
tough problems so it makes hiring a lot easier when you know those folks come
with an Atlassian certification, from the source. So, I’ve recently requested that
all the engineers on my team get their certification passed, and what I’ve found
is that the test is very hard. One of the
nice things about it is even if you don’t pass you get a breakdown of all
the different areas and where you succeeded and where you failed. So it
allows you to focus your efforts and really understand where my skill
gaps are, and improve more personally, and deepen your technical skill with Atlassian
products. Since I invested my own
personal money to get the certification, I have seen personal gain from it: not
only being the trusted associate on the team, I was promoted shortly afterwards
and I continue to grow in my career. I
like using the knowledge I gained from my certifications to impart knowledge on
others. I really like teaching people. A
lot of people have questions that might otherwise go unanswered, so I like to
feel like I can be an advocate for helping them succeed with the Atlassian
products, as well. The Atlassian
certification program has made my life a lot easier, by giving me a distinct
marker for whether or not somebody has the necessary experience to work on my
team. It is just great to see my team
flourish as a DevOps team, as Atlassian administrators, as Confluence
administrators; to be able to achieve things that I could not have done a
couple of years ago. One of the best
challenges I’ve ever taken. So, yeah, I’m real proud of myself.

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