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you you welcome to the unit personality development verse unit helps in shaping good personality through language the unit personality development is classified into three reading sections they are a attitude is altitude B every success story is also a story of great failures see I will do it welcome to the reading section attitude is altitude of the unit personality development you overview let us have a look at the overview the overview slide consists of three sections namely in production instruction and evaluation the introduction section is meant to motivate the student to learn the lesson the instruction section divides the contents of the lesson into four subsections they are content communication constructive components and enrichment activities the lesson is covered under content all the activities pertaining to the four skills of language and dave assessment are covered under the sections communication and the constructive components the enrichment activities are meant to widen the scope of the students thinking and learning thereby making him or her a global citizen the extent of understanding of the module can be assessed by the student under the evaluation section learning objectives by the end of this section you will be able to explain personality illustrate essence of attitude describe the qualities required for the development of personality write biography sketch distinguish between defining relative clause and non-defining relative clause list out the objectives related to next personality interaction 2 personality what comes to your mind when you hear the word personality what are the major characteristics you possess positive or negative let us do a small activity drag the characteristics that genuinely suit you into appropriate group what is personality personality does not mean just physical appearance that is seen from outside more importantly it is the combination of characteristics of an individual personality includes our way of thinking how we behave with others in the society our confidence levels how well we can communicate with others are we of positive attitude or negative attitude how we maintain our body language how we deal with someone who is inferior physically mentally and economically to us how important is personality if one wants to reach the set destinations and succeed in life it is really important to own positive attitude it is always proved that a person with good personality and positive attitude has reached great heights in his or her life we should also keep trying till the goal is reached without giving up India always produced great personalities who inspired the whole nation look at the a few people given on the screen have you ever seen or heard of these people what is the similarity we observe in them what qualities made these people great what type of dance is so that children demonstrating can you guess how Helen Keller got educated through being blind deaf and dumb which country does stiffin hawking belong to do you know the difference between dress and costume the topic attitude is altitude describes how the termination and positive attitude made mr. nikki educate and ideal personality to look up to his physical disability of having no limbs did not stop him from being a successful person in the world and enjoying life in general his life journey is a great source of inspiration for many the son of a computer programmer and a female nurse nick was admitted to a general school rather than a special school in his childhood in order to make his son independent Nick's father taught his son typing with the help of a stove at the age of six Nick claims his molteau as his chicken drumstick Nick believed in evangelical Christianity and chosen to remain a virgin until marriage he was humiliated mentally many at times by his core students and others once he even took an extreme step at the age of 10 by trying to drown himself in the bathtub but his attempt was not successful luckily his life proves that disability does not hinder the success of one's intentions and aims are strong enough today he delivers motivational speeches all over the world by setting an example to others let us also focus on Knicks achievements at the tender age of 18 months Nik learned to swim with the help of his father in 1990 he won the Australian young Citizen of the Year Award for his bravery and perseverance nick is a certified surfer – and grace the surfer magazine' with 48 hours of his achievement he can spin 360 degrees on his board besides watersports he also plays football and golf as a motivational speaker he has traveled in 24 countries and delivered speeches before the groups of large audience up to 1 lakh 10000 now let us learn about defining and non defining relative clauses look at the given example the boy who scored 90% marks in the exams was awarded a certificate in the example the bullet phrase is given crucial information that is which boy we are talking about in other words it is defining the subject by answering the question which boy a particular boy who scored 98 percent marks out of a group of boys that is why it is called as defining relative clause so defining relative Clause provides crucial information to understand which person or thing we are talking about in a sentence when the defining relative Clause is removed the sentence loses its sense we don't commas to separate the defining relative clause from the sentence identify the suitable relative pronoun by clicking an option now let us learn about non defining relative clauses look at the given example Tata Nano car which caused just one lakh rupees gives good mileage in the example the bolded phrase is not defining the subject which is Tata Nano car but it is providing some additional information about the subject that is why this clause is called non-defining relative clause non defining relative clauses provide additional information about the subject in the sentence the sentence retains its meaning even after the clause is removed we use commas to separate the non defining relative clauses from the sentence click the sentence that is correct punctuation marks find out if the clauses in the following sentences are defining or non defining relative clauses and click the right option in the following non-defining clauses check if the comma or – is placed at the right place or not complete the given sentences with defining or non defining relative clauses the first five are given for you practice by placing commas at the right place in the following non-defining relative clauses let us learn what a biographical sketch is a biographical sketch is the description of a person's life history written by another person it includes the person's name character education occupation achievements contributions and other important details usually bara fees are short and specific when the life history of a person is written by himself or herself it is called an autobiography there are few guidelines to be followed while writing a biographical sketch let us learn about them date and place of birth family information important events in life like education relationships etc evolves and honours achievements and contributions to the field and fame legacy let us look at biographical sketch of such an Tendulkar written based on the clues we have discussed such in Ramesh Tendulkar was born on 24th of April 1973 in Bombay he was born in a middle-class family he was the youngest of the four children of promise Tendulkar and Rajini he married Anjali on 24th May 1995 Sachin Tendulkar was introduced to cricket by his brother Ajit Tendulkar in 1984 his first cricket coach was a trekker Tendulkar used to practice in the net for us together as a professional cricketer Sachin Mumbai in ranji trophy on 14 November 1987 on 11 December 1988 at the age of 15 he scored his debut century against Gujarat team he was honoured with Archon award in 1994 Padma Shri in 1999 Padma Vibhushan in 2008 and Bharat Ratna in 2014 he's the first cricketer in the world to score double century in ODI he played 200 Test matches and 463 OD eyes he scored 15 thousand a night 21 runs in tests and 18,000 fall in 26 in ODI is he even served as a captain of Indian cricket team he played the role of match winner in many matches his back statue is set up in Madame Tussauds London such an Tendulkar is always seen as a benchmark for cricket his achievements and contributions to India and Indian cricket team are everlasting now based on the clues provided write a biographical sketch of Stephen Hawking you have got an idea how to write a biographical sketch now consider your favourite active sports person or role model right biographical sketch by collecting the details like name date of birth place of birth family details education achievements evolves an honor or fame etc glossary the meanings of certain words along with a usage in a sentence are shown click respective audio buttons to listen to the pronunciation of each word adversity bully chicken drumstick club convection Percy reigns for camellia propeller skateboard serve torso triumph watching observe given group of words representing different characteristics words denote negative characteristics that dole suit neck now using the above positive characteristics write statements that reflect next personality first four are given for your reference in the below table look up the meaning of following words in the dictionary also find if it represents positive attitude or negative attitude first three words are explained for you click the words for details now find out meaning of the following words and categorize them into positive or negative characters by dragging into appropriate group type the word in the space which is nearest meaning to the word or phrase underlined comprehension identify the word that has the nearest meaning to the underlined word by clicking the appropriate option read the following descriptions about persons and fill in the blanks with the words that match with the descriptions by dragging and dropping the appropriate word read the questions and try to attempt the answers on your own you can click answer for reference now answer the following questions let us now observe goals of few successful people there are two ways to live you can live as if nothing is a miracle you can as if everything is a miracle Albert Einstein strength is life and weakness is depth Swami Vivekanand you have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard if you don't any rational person would give up Steve Jobs summary the section attitude is altitude is described taking naked chicks life as an example Nik was born with no limbs but with a small foot on his left hip still he is leading a normal life enjoying every aspect of life he is able to play golf club tucked under his chin football he can swim surf despite having no arms today he's being admired worldwide for his positive attitude and willpower he's humorous calling his small foot a chicken drumstick he is very modest his parents joined him in a mainstream school to make him feel a normal kid he learned swimming at the age of 18 months learn typing at the age of 6 years he is a professional surfer today who can do 360 degree spin on board he was also felicitated by many evils like Australian young Citizen of the Year in 1990 he is travelling worldwide and delivering motivational speeches to the various groups of people he suggests people to get up and keep on going every time we fail in life take up the following activities read an article from a magazine or a newspaper and try to identify defining and non defining relative clauses as many as possible read success stories of sudha chandran Alexander Graham Bell and Tony gray Thomson find out if there is someone in your locality who has overcome this ability and leading an inspiring life now test your understanding of the lesson by taking the mach unit test as part of the culture section know more about middle-east countries by using the given link try to read about following people and the achievements so that children who is a classical dancer and Oscar Leonardo historias who is a South African sprint runner do you read newspapers regularly reading newspaper is not just a hobby it also has lot of advantages let us now observe advantages of reading newspaper we get to know current events happening around the world reading newspaper aloud improves pronunciation reading newspaper improves vocabulary reading newspaper helps in improving general knowledge you can use the given reference links for further information about the lesson words and grammar concept we have discussed you have successfully completed the section attitude is altitude you

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