Badger in Training | Sam’s Zookeeper Challenge

hey everybody today I get to work with this little girl she’s an American badger how cool is that I can’t wait for this challenge [Music] so cute hey everybody we’re here in the chimp forest and we have an awesome animal which is an American badger and Julie’s gonna tell us a little bit about her her name is pakoda and she’s been with us a little over a year and a half and she’s one of our amazing animal ambassadors awesome well can we get started but let’s do it [Music] oh my gosh that’s an American badger oh don’t eat my finger Wow that’s so cool Am I is it okay to be down here yep she’s very focused on this red target again she knows if she touches this she gets food oh my can you tell her good and she gets that food and then we go she’ll also follow us up it’s over here lady her fur coat is so pretty it looks like she’s really much larger than she is can you touch her a dollar I can yeah he generally will just pet her on the back okay does she like that a little bit you want you can jump in there touch her she’s so sick very sick babe this is a winter coat coming in okay here I was just about to ask you they shed any other they do yes they do do they get thinner then they appear thinner okay once she loses it just sir Wow she’s gonna have that she’s gonna show you her dig there she goes that’s so cute hey girl always ready for the challenge but as you can see she’s making this look effortless here Wow would you like to target her yeah I would love to so you’re gonna just hold this when she touches that Alistair will say good and give her some food you can target target target and she’s smelling yeah nice sharp teeth David over this way mokona target she’s working on that food still her go target just like but here’s the food right here right here target good job okay hey in the coda so neat it’s really need to see them up close and it’s really exciting when she goes to schools and kids get to see a badger up close so cool well thanks for sharing her with me you guys hope you guys had fun with me on today’s challenge with miqo’te if you want to watch more click here and don’t forget to subscribe below

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