Barack Obama: Intro to Deep Learning | MIT 6.S191

This year I figured we could do
something a little bit different and instead of me telling you how great this
class is I figured we could invite someone else from outside the class to do that instead. So let’s check this out first. Hi everybody and welcome MIT 6.S191, the official introductory course on deep learning taught here at MIT. Deep learning
is revolutionizing so many fields from robotics to medicine and everything in
between. You’ll learn the fundamentals of this field and how you can build some of these
incredible algorithms. In fact, this entire speech and video are not real and were created using deep learning and artificial intelligence. And in this
class, you’ll learn how. It has been an honor to speak with you today and I hope you enjoy the course! Hi everybody and welcome to MIT 6.S191. Hi everybody and welcome to MIT 6.S191. The official introductory course on deep learning taught here at MIT!

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  1. NOTE: The audio quality demonstrated here was additionally degraded since we want to avoid improper use of this technology. The purpose of this video is to excite the class about the potential of deep learning, not to deceive anyone. Thus, we purposely lowered the audio quality before publishing to make the synthetic aspect of this video clearer.

    If you are interested in taking this course and learning about these foundational deep learning algorithms checkout MIT 6.S191:

  2. How can this be so realistic !!
    Man,you practically blow my mind. Well I am currently working on image processing with Deep learning,but this video made wonder how you can perform the backend process so smoothly.
    Great example of deep learning application ❤❤

  3. HTML Intro Class: Look! An ugly purple website that has dancing images!

    Deep Learning Intro Class: Obama introducing the class.

  4. That's just awesome! Btw Thank you for making this course public 🙂
    That's awesome!! Looking forward of how that was created it.

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