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Learning It should be a fun activity That can happen anywhere, provided the environment supports it. Likewise in the online learning environment but unfortunately, many facts prove that online learning makes them unmotivated. At, we introduce an online learning method with the concept of a Learning Management System that offers a gamification process or a gamification approach. The aim is to reduce drop out rates on online learning. was built using a framework that we proposed before. We call the MARC Gamification Framework where learning focuses on four things; the first is meaningful learning, where learner we hope can learn and have essential meanings when they follow the learning process. Secondly is Autonomy; there is freedom for students to make their choices in learning. The third is Relatedness, where students can collaborate, compete with other students, and the most important is Competence to Mastery, where students can achieve achievements following the goals or targets expected by the instructor or course maker. We use various elements of the game. There are avatars; armour, points, skill trees, leaderboards and many others. We strive to build a learning Management System that provides an environment that makes learners or students more entertained, becomes more motivated in completing or taking courses. With the, we hope that many students will be more motivated to complete their courses. I believe will be a platform that can help students, and motivate them in online learning in the FUTURE. Thank you.

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