100 Replies to “Bernie Leads Yang, Buttigieg And Warren Among College Students”

  1. I respect you Mr. Yang, but I must really insist you don't approach voters on their knees and whip that thing out so you can shoot you cream into their mouths.

  2. Trump: “I love the poorly educated.”
    Bernie: “I love the educated.” (probably, plus he’ll get rid of student debt!)

    Given that whipped cream can be squirted into someone’s mouth while they are standing, choosing to kneel says a lot (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  3. I've been waiting for someone to call it a "Whip it" it literally reminds me of Whip its which is not something I want any President endorsing, to many children died from it!

  4. some1 should ask Andrew Yang, if Trump can borrow his buddy. SOME1 needs to help keep TRUMP in line!! (1 would think that THAT'S what his wife is there for, but she TOO put that candybar, on that poor lil minions head too… 😳 oh, trick-or-treat, GROUND! thanx for the candy, GROUND! 🙄) Trump needs 1 of those. he can even give them a cool fun nickname, like "Check-Mate!" 😉👍

  5. You tell people that you will take away a huge responsibility factor in life (like wiping out their college debt) and they will love you.

  6. God Andrew Yang is such a little doofus. Imagine that guy going toe to toe with Xi Jinping, the Ayatollah, or Putin 😂

  7. It’s funny how even when Pete is loosing you still enlarge his name to block the fact that Yang and even Biden are beating him with college voters. Now my question is, why do the polls say that he’s #4? Where does his support come from? Old white people who are about to retire?

  8. Bernie is beating Trump among college students by 5%. And he hasn’t even won the nomination yet. Imagine how badly he would beat him in the general election.

  9. Screw you colbert! you are a mainstream media, progressive-bashing, status quo pushing, mouthpiece and are doing the working class citizens in this country a disservice!

  10. Imagine what the last 4 years would have been like if Chump had had an army of " big coat guys and girls " instead of his stupid army of butt licking yes people.

  11. Sanders was the first of the lot to publicly push for the changes that they all preach currently. Educated folks generally understand that better than the uneducated. He was the only one to speak out on that when it mattered. He was the only one to rally followers to the point that he did, a literal modern day revolution. And he's arguably the only one to stand by the same message for decades that he preaches today, during past times when such things were generally governed by religious zealots and people with barbaric perspectives. As far as track records go, there is no better candidate if what he preaches is what you believe.

  12. Or maybe, just maybe, young people can see through Pete's fake BS and actually look at the policies instead of "oh he's young"

  13. Damn. Even Colbert's crowd cheering about Bernie overtaking Warren.

    If Bernie doesn't win the primaries then they're rigged for sure.

  14. Bernie is the ONLY candidate who has a shot at beating trump. We wouldn't be in this shit if the dnc had been honest in 2016.

  15. Who is a fan of Stephen??

    Gifting next 85 subs💙🎁

  16. I love Bernie's policies and respect the man. His refusal to accept the wealthy's donations in exchange for backing a tax policy that continues to put the burden on the poor and middle class is a real blow against his chances which is precisely why anyone who thinks the wealthy should pay their fair share needs to back him or Warren.

  17. Of course. Sanders is proposing POLICIES that will actually help students: tuition-free public universities and total student debt forgiveness. We don't care about trivial things like which candidate is younger or cooler. We have real problems, and he's offering real solutions.

  18. We've been feeling the burn for the last three years because he did not endorse Hillary. 'Nuffs enough. Klobuchar, Warren, or Buttigeig. Go blue!

  19. Guys, if you don’t make Bernie the nominee, the country will be a corporate hack forever.

    Who knows what Biden stands for? Nobody. He is a sweet old conservative dem with dementia.

  20. And college students lead the world in: having no money and not showing up to vote whilst simultaneously feeling they’ve done the most to shift the culture war.

    And his fake 'Medicare for all who want it' bullshit isn't fooling anyone!!
    Yang is nothing more than a fringe candidate, and an internet meme.
    he reason Bernie is #1 is because he actually gives a fuck about students, and plans to cancel all student debt.
    Get your facts straight, Stephen. Or get better writers.

  22. The sad truth is, this is a one shot deal, if Bernie isn't the nominee, that's it, the progressive movement will die for a generation and Trump will be reelected with ease, I hope America isn't stupid enough to screw this up, isn't it about time America becomes the greatest place to live? It certainly isn't that now and hasn't been for a very long time! #feelthebern2020 #NotYouUs

  23. One possible endgame in this race will be Bernie vs Biden: the polar opposites of the party who have not wavered or flip-flopped at all (unlike both Buttigieg and Warren – particularly with M4A). The Youth vs elderly vote.

    It’s obvious who MSM will be pulling for – cognitive decline, Cornpop and all. I just hope Colbert is fair to Bernie.

  24. The one candidate to appeal to college students is obviously he one most concerned with their future lives: Bernie. Climate change, labour rights, student debt – He's on it.

  25. I think it's great they are releasing the monologues in such small pieces to accommodate the short attention span of many of

  26. Pete was definitely the kid that the teacher used to 'put in charge' when she left the room, and reported anyone who talked, or got up while she was gone.

  27. And Trump still got 17.3% from students somehow – you should shut down some of your universities, America, something's wrong with them.

  28. A man squirting white cream in another man's mouth thinks he should be President.

    But enough about Buttigieg…let's talk about this Yang fellow.

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