Best Toddler Learning Colors Hot Wheels Cars Trucks for Kids #1 Teaching Colours Tomica Highway Set

Organic Learning. Red. Red. Green. Green. Yellow. Yellow. Blue. Blue. Orange. Orange. Purple. Purple. Pink. Pink. Brown. Brown. Black. Black. Gray. Gray. White. White. You guys did a great job learning colors today. Bye-bye, see you next time. Hey guys, today we’re going to learn colors with this Tomica Mountain Road playset And some Tayo the Little Bus Characters. Are you ready? Let’s get started. Our first little bus today is Tayo. Hi, Tayo. Tayo is the color Blue Let’s watch Tayo drive around the playset. Go, Tayo, go! Time to drive up the mountain. And now, down the hill. Great jump! Let’s see that jump again in slow motion. Very nice. One more time around the track. Good driving! Thanks, Tayo. You did a great job. Our second little bus today is Rogi. Hello, Rogi. Rogi is the color Green. Let’s watch Rogi drive around the playset. Go, Rogi, Go! Wow, you’re a great driver too, Rogi. Nice turns! Here comes the jump. Let’s see the track from Rogi’s point of view. Whoa, hold on tight! That was fun. Let’s do it again. Weeeee, it’s like a roller coaster. Awesome! One more time around the track. Excellent job driving. That was really fun. Thanks, Rogi. Our third little bus today is Gani. How are you, Gani? Gani is the color Red. Now, let’s watch Gani drive around the playset. Go, Gani, go! Gani is also a great driver. Up the mountain… and down the hill. Excellent jump! I know, let’s count how many times Gani drives up the mountain. Count with me. One. Two. Are you counting with me? Three. Four. Five! Gani drove up the mountain five times. Great counting, you guys! Thanks, Gani. That was fun. Our fourth, and final, little bus today is Lani. It’s nice to meet you, Lani. Lani is the color Yellow. Now, it’s Lani’s turn to drive. Go, Lani, go! Wow, excellent driving, Lani! You drive like a pro. Whoa, awesome jump. Let’s see that jump again in slow motion. Incredible. Keep driving, Lani. You’re doing great. Very nice. Last time around the track. Another great jump. Awesome job driving. Thanks, Lani. Before we go, let’s say the buses, and their colors, one more time. Are you ready? Say them with me. Tayo. Tayo is the color Blue. Rogi. Rogi is the color Green. Gani. Gani is Red. And finally, Lani. Lani is Yellow. Great job, you guys. Stick around. Another fun video is coming up next. If you liked our video, please give it a THUMBS UP. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. And leave a fun COMMENT BELOW. Thanks, everybody.

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