Big Questions Ep. 34: Occidental College

(upbeat organ music) – I’m Sam Clark with Crimson
Education and we’re here at Occidental College to
ask some big questions. Freeze frame right there. Alright what is the best
thing about Occidental? – I think the people
and the diversity here. – The best thing has to be the food. I mean I’m only a freshman, so that might change like as time goes on, but like I’m not over the
food, the market place yet. – I think our food, it’s really good. – That’s the second time we’ve heard that so it must be good. Give me, why is it so good? Give me the rundown. – Well it’s eighth best in the country. Not for flavor, though
the flavor is really good. – Wait if it’s not for
flavor what’s it for? – It’s for like sustainability. – Oh. – Yeah so they locally
source all of their meat and like fish and stuff. – I really love the small campus thing. Like everyone lives really close, like it’s a couple
minutes walk from one dorm to the next dorm and I really like that
the food is really close so that’s nice. And you get really close with your, you get to know your professors and your professors will know your name because the class sizes are pretty small. – I think it being a small school is kind of like a nice experience. – Totally, totally. How big is it if you know? – I think our current
student body is like 2,000, or like 2,000 to like 2,500. – I’d say the best thing about Oxy are the friends that I’ve made, and really good quality friendships, which I know that will last
a long, a long long time. – And in contrast what’s
the worst thing about Oxy? – The worst thing about Oxy, it’s party scene could be better. – Sometimes the walk to
the classes in the morning is a bit rough but I
think we’re doing cool. – A lot of hills, yeah. – Walking up the hills, especially, so I used to take a route, but
they’re doing construction, so I have to go around
and like up the hill. So that definitely prolongs
the walk up to my dorm, but it’s good, since I
eat so much it helps. – You walk off the food, that’s perfect. – I think that the student
body could be more diverse. That’s what I would say is
probably the worst thing in my opinion. – Only thing that I don’t like, I don’t like res ed very much. I had a really bad roommate,
and they did not help me, they did not help me change rooms. – And what do you tend
to do on weekends here? – Weekends, I’ll go out and
explore L.A. and the area. My friend has a car so
we get around easily. Or like if there’s a party
I’ll show up to the party. – Go to a party or if not
we just like stay inside and watch Game of Thrones or something. – There’s a lot of like cool
like school sponsored events too like on Saturday there
was like bouncy houses and blowup inflatables. – I love bouncy houses. – That we did, which is really fun. I either, I stay on
campus and I’ll hang out with my friends, or some
weekends I’ll get off campus and I’ll go hang out in L.A. because we’re in the heart of the city. – I usually like try to
do something productive, doesn’t always work out, but yeah. And then at night I’ll usually see what my teammates or friends are doing and then sometimes we’ll go out or something like that. Yeah it just depends. – And if you remember, what did you write your
application essays about? – I wrote about finding my place in places that I feel uncomfortable in. – I’m pretty sure I wrote, I’m a singer, so I’m pretty sure I wrote
it about my voice and how like I’m very comfortable
using my singing voice, but speaking, for a while was
very nerve-wracking for me especially like I switched schools so I sort of talked about
how like I came into my own once I was able to use
not only my singing voice but also my voice and sort of
like how that helped me grow as a individual. – I’m originally from Pakistan but I moved to Dubai as a teenager, and I just wrote about like
a bit of a culture shock and stuff like that, yeah. – I wrote about a trip that
I went on, I’m into film, so I wrote about an experience
I had when I went abroad and filmed like a documentary
thing for a company. – I think I remember
writing mine about learning Indian classical dancing growing up and I started that at five years old and I think that helped me
learn a lot about my culture, especially growing up in L.A., so far away from India and my family. So that really shaped the
person who I am today. – Fantastic, anything to add? Go tigers? – Go tigers, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr, grr. – That’s it. (upbeat organ music)

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  3. No cap this place honestly has had the best vibes out of any school you guys have done so far…honestly making me want to look more into it and apply here

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