Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building tour | Monash University

My name’s Jeremy and I’m a
third year biomedical science student here at Monash University. Welcome to the new Biomedical Learning and Teaching building. Come with me and I’ll take you on a tour. So, we’re going to go take a
look inside the anatomy labs. For us, anatomy is the study
of the structure and function of different parts of the human body. And to do that, you need some pretty
cool technology to learn. Learning anatomy can be really challenging because the human body
really is quite dynamic. So, we engage is a really
immersive experience with things like virtual reality and 3D printed parts of the human body. So, now we’re in the microbiology labs where we learn about parts that are integral to
human health and disease. If you walk around
you’ll see that students are seated around round tables which are really conducive
to active teamwork and collaborative learning. Being a biomed student involves a lot more than just sitting around
in a classroom learning. With access to spaces like this everyday for prac classes where
you get the real skills that it takes to make
scientific discoveries. Being a biomed student means
that life is never boring. We get to test how our body
responds in different conditions just like on these exercise bikes. Thanks for coming and
having a look with me at the Biomedical Learning
and Teaching building. I hope you enjoyed my insight
into what life is like as a health science student
here at Monash University.

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