Boyer College of Music and Dance Receives Grammy Nominations

(“Love, a Beautiful
Force” by Vince Mendoza) – “Love, a Beautiful Force”
was a true connection of the jazz orchestra
and it’s influences in the classical orchestras
and it’s influences, and the way to me, the
approach that Terell Stafford and Vince Mendoza had in
this movement was pure magic. I think that the students gained
so much seeing the passion that goes behind the music. – Occasionally Temple
will put together these big jazz classical collaborations
between the jazz band and the symphony orchestra,
but this one seemed to be very different
because the arranger himself was actually conducting,
and the composer there is always a very different experience. – Vince has this uncanny
sense to spend time to study the artist he’s writing for, so whatever he writes, really
brings out the strength of the artist, and it’s very
unusual for colleges to do this, and especially to have such
an artist of his magnitude come for a whole week. He gave
master classes and workshops, got to know the students and
faculty on a whole new level. It adds a different
perspective to the music. It adds a different layer
of education to what students can get at this college. I came away learning
more about my students than I ever knew. – This is quite an
experience for them to have, even before they get out of college. That probably was, to me, the
most fantastic thing about the entire recording was
these two elements, jazz and classical music
coming together to bond and learn from each other. – Recording it was a really
interesting experience and a big learning
experience for, like, how to act in a recording session, especially
with that many people. Terell and Dick are two
of the greatest musicians alive right now, and the
way that they approach themselves as soloists … You know, what if I was in that position doing something in the future? How they acted and just watching
and listening to the way that they handled the different situations and challenges of the piece— There was a lot to learn from that. – To be side by side with these masters is a great inspiration. I was super excited when I saw the email, saying, “Azer, you are a Grammy
nominated recording artist”. I was like, wow, that’s cool. – I got an saying like, “Hey, “you’re a Grammy nominated artist”. And I was like, oh, whoa,
really, that’s so cool! Um, definitely going to put that on my resume. – There’s so much that
this school does, you know? That it’s, I mean it’s been amazing. It’s been so awesome, you know
getting to do all this stuff, experiencing things that if
I had stayed in California, you know, and went to school in California, I wouldn’t be doing any of this stuff. – The faculty is just so
amazing and I wouldn’t trade my teachers for anything
and it helped me grow so much as a person and as a
musician and they had like real performance experience that a lot of universities don’t necessarily have. For me, that was the biggest
draw to coming to Temple and now to have that come to fruition with a Grammy nomination
is really, pretty special. – To turn around and to
see some of these students you’ve taught for four years
and to see you making music with them, as apposed to just
leading them through music, it’s a beautiful thing. – For the team of students,
I want to say that this is just the start of what you can do. And I feel just as moved and
honored as the students were that we’re on this
recording, so it’s a blessing to play such great music. (“Love, a Beautiful
Force” by Vince Mendoza)

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