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  1. Too bad you dropped this video now😡, hurt something at my elbow while rowing.. have to wait until it heals 😥..but would be a damn good challenge..

    You've inspired me to look up outdoor rowing lessons 👌👍👏..training to be ready for next summer..🚣‍♂️

  2. Thanks for all the fantastic content! I recently PRed my 2k. My previous PR was 7:11 in Aug 2017, and I went sub-7 last month to 6:57. I've had some medical problems for many months now. My strength is down, and so is my aerobic capacity. I can only credit the improvement to regularly practicing the drills that you've provided on this channel. Thanks again!

  3. I am 183cm, I weight around 76kg, my best time so far is 8:16. I've been rowing around 5 months. Is there any hope for me? Honestly feel like I need to bulk up a bit before I can get 7 minutes. For now my goal is to break 8 minutes, then 7:30, then 7. I believe I am an "ectomorph" body type, so it's difficult as I lack the power.

  4. I thought 8 minutes was the "great" target time …. now its seven minutes ???
    Wow great job to all who have reached this time …. Great videos Shane , Dark Horse Rowing has been very helpful. Sub-7 … Or Subway ???

  5. I’m still shooting for an 8 minute 2K – very close. I just don’t seem to have the leg strength to consistently pull a 1:45 split. However, I have been having a lot of fun with 5K workouts, so all is not a loss.

  6. It would be helpful to know your splits, at least for each 500, even better each 250. Do you go fast the first 250 then settle to slightly above 1:45 pace, and then sub 1:45 the last 300 to get the avg below 7:00, or try to keep the pace steady all the way at 1:45?

  7. as interesting as watching this maybe for some.. it would have been more informative having a camera on display… is this some etiquette thing i?

  8. I use a WaterRower, and my BP is 5:57.7. How does that compare to Concept2? I'm looking at buying a C2 for the basement!

  9. Massive! I am amazed at how you make it look simple. I do a sub 8:00 2K and I sure don't look nearly as composed as you.

  10. Been rowing for 3 years trying to get 1million meters but as yet 8mins has been a barrier for me, currently avg 40k meters per month.

  11. Hi Shane. Much appreciated doing real time videos especially when training by yourself. One request though, I know it doesn’t make a big difference, but would be to me, include a feed of your screen in the bottom right corner of the video just gives you that extra visual boost especially when you feel that killer pain kick in. Also as another viewer suggested, 8.00 then a 7.30 version would help us less powerful to get towards the magical 7.00 – thanks 😎

  12. I have broken 7 minute three times now. 6:59, 6:55 and 6:54. You make it look effortless, I was dying lol. I’m tall and heavy so that definitely helps!

  13. Hi Shane,
    Great inspiring video! Thanks!

    I'm new to rowing/indoor rowing. Bought my concept2 machine about a month ago. Done around 7-8 2K by now. 2-3 around 6:55 and the rest at around 7:10.
    I now use drag factor 5,5. Which dragfactor do you recommend for me to come closer to 6:30 on the 2K?
    I'm a big guy and consider myself more strong guy than an endurance person. (190cm and about 105kg) On the 2K I do about 29-30 strokes a minute.

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