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Over the PA system we were informed that there was a lockdown, and we had to hide under our desks. Thousands of students at Durham College and UOIT were in a tense and scary situation on Thursday when a former student of the college walked in the hallways with what was believed to be a firearm. Lockdowns happen when there is a threat to
the safety of everyone on campus. Knowing what to do when a lockdown occurs
is important to your safety. This video will show you what you can do in
the event of a lockdown. How will you know when there is a Lockdown? Lockdowns are initiated by the Emergency Management Response Team through Campus Security. The first thing you will hear is an announcement
over the campus public address system. Attention. Attention. Attention. This is
Security. Lockdown. Lockdown. Lockdown. Commence lockdown procedures now. Next, all the digital signage on campus will display a message indicating the campus is in lockdown. You will also see this information displayed
on the college’s website and social media networks. As soon as you hear or see the lockdown message,
you need to take immediate action. If you are in an open area such as the library
or cafeteria, leave the area immediately. If you are close to an exit, leave the building
and run away from campus. If you are unable to exit the building, go
to a location where you feel safe. If this is a room, close and secure the doors
by any means possible. Turn out the lights. If there are windows, cover them or try to
hide where you won’t be seen. Turn off or silence any mobile devices. If you must communicate, use text messages only. If you hear the fire alarm during a lockdown,
remain where you are. Unless you see visible signs of smoke and
fire, then evacuate the building. Stay alert, stay quiet, and keep out of sight. Do not leave until the All Clear is given. During a lockdown Campus Security will also
activate an exterior audible alarm to notify individuals who have not yet entered a building
on campus of the emergency. [Audible alarm sound] When you hear this exterior alarm, anyone
in immediate danger should attempt to flee. For those in a safe location, please follow lockdown procedures and lock or attempt to barricade doors. Remember, the Emergency Management Response
Team through Campus Security will attempt to activate as many methods of notification
as possible to alert our community of a lockdown. If you hear any one of the notifications – the PA system, an exterior audible alarm or see digital signage or Facebook and Twitter
notifications – please respond immediately and initiate emergency lockdown procedures. What is a safe place? A safe place is any room or space where there
is a solid barrier between you and the threat. It could be an office, a classroom or any
location where you can hide behind a locked or barricaded door. What if you are in a classroom or space with
glass windows and doors? In common areas or rooms with lots of windows
and few places to hide, the best option may be to leave the area. If you do decide to leave, make sure you don’t
move towards the sound of any disturbance. Either find a safe location or exit the building
and run from the campus. Secure-and-hold is another emergency response
option that, when communicated by Campus Security requires faculty, students, staff and others
to stay indoors during an incident or emergency when hazards may exist in the immediate area. Faculty, students, staff and others still
have full access within the building but are requested not to exit any building until advised
it is safe to do so. Should you help others? As long as it is safe to do so, you may provide
assistance to those who need it. First, ask them how you can help. Then, help them get to a place of safety or
exit the building. For more information on what to do in the
event of a lockdown or secure-and-hold, visit

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