100 Replies to “Chapman University Student Goes On Racist, Homophobic Rant In Classroom”

  1. We don’t need this right now the world is going through problems we just lost a great basketball player in Kobe this is what’s going on this child or teen needs to be in jail I don’t care how much your worth your crazy seek help go to jail stay there please kid

  2. What he said was definitely very racist. But would they have reacted the same if he said shit about Muslims too. 🤔 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. His dad is James (Jim) Kingery who owns 2 Dealerships in New York. Rye Ford Subaru. I wonder what his dad thinks that his Boy is saying racist/homophobic slurs and saying HE'S worth $50 Million.

  4. Just put him in jail with full of African American and Mexican gang for 10 year

  5. People laughing when says he worth 50 mill

    Don’t understand wealth/lineage , that’s why ur broke

    Average cost 44k a year to go their no FASA or PELL GRANTS

  6. Very concerning on multiple levels. Why did he use the language that he did? He was somehow socialized to use that racist and homophobic language when angry. Also, showing up to class that drunk and belligerent suggests that he may have an issue with substance use and, perhaps, some mental health issues. He needs help, and the students and staff at Chapman University deserve to feel safe from him until he is no longer a threat.

  7. Next year: Dayton Kingery, Readmitted Back At Chapman University.

    Students: " Does this have anything to do with the new Kingery Memorial Library on Campus?"

    Champman: "Nooooooooo…."

  8. He came to class drunk? I think he needs help. What’s the point in paying all this money for school if you’re just gonna blow it off like that.

  9. He is not well , either mental or on drugs , can’t everyone c that .
    Elder abuse , wow!
    What the fuck kind of security is that ?

  10. This is one of the worst aspects of social media. A guy has a bad day (for whatever reason – maybe one of his parents just died?), loses control, says a few things while drunk that he may or may not mean, people film it, send his name worldwide, and try to ruin him forever.

  11. "Elder abuse charge for assaulting campus security gaurd." If you so old that anyone who scuffles with you gets charged with "elder abuse" I think it's time to hang up the security guard badge.

  12. I cannot wait for President Donald J Trump to be re elected in a few months. Can’t wait for the endless liberals tears and mass suicides due to their severe mental illness

  13. Why do people allow racist white people to make racist comments like that without beating their asses!!!
    I noticed that when someone wants to beat their ass, people are quick to make that person out to. Be the bad one.

  14. people dont want apologies, they want justice and vengeance, America has been APOLOGIZING FOR THE PAST 300 YEARS, THEIR APOLOGIES AREN'T WORTH SH!T.

  15. Regardless of what anyone says politically, saying insensitive racial and homophobic slurs in a classroom where you chose to gain something out of your education is still wrong. Toxic behavior should never be tolerated.

  16. I graduated from this school years. ago, when it was Chapman College. While I am happy that students stood up, I am not surprised this happened here. As long as you have faculty like John Eastman on your payroll, you all but don't care.

  17. "All caught on tape" by my grandson who was sitting to the idiot's left. Amazing how everyone takes credit for the tape they didn't take. Glad the fool has been taken out of my grandson's class.

  18. He already got expelled just like Harley Barber did at the University of Alabama for yelling out the N-word multiple times on social media.

  19. Lol that small nerdy ass kid looks like he's the type of kid that always got pick on in school. Thats why he's trying to make an impression that his tough or something

  20. I've met guys like him. They are only good for fucking. And Wow, you people think drinking alcohol is okay? It is a hallucinogenic drug that causes psychosis. What a hot mess we are. Racism, sexism, homophobic. Sad

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