Cheap Colleges – Cheapest colleges in USA. Affordable college online list

Hey guys,
If you’re looking for cheap online colleges, this week I have a list of accredited online
colleges that are affordable so you can chose the best online college near you and save
on your student loan. The total US student loan debt is now over
$1 trillion. Almost 40 million students owe student loan money, with the average student
loan balance for all age groups being around $25,000. What’s sad is over 7 million students
are now unable to pay back the amounts they owe.
Public universities continue to hike their fees. Annual in-state tuition now costs $8,400
on average, while out-of-state students typically pay more than $19,000. A lot of students are
now opting for online college education which in not only cheaper, but flexible too.
Now here is a list of the top 10 most affordable accredited online colleges that give you the
best online courses for the money. All have a minimum of 10 fully online degrees across
various subjects, and the annual tuition figures are for an out-of-state, online bachelor’s degree.

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