Cheating in Middle School

(Music) Ok, I don’t know about you, But I don’t like the way tests make me feel I get super anxious before I take a test …and then I get really depressed after I do bad on a test. We had kids in my class Who were getting gray hairs IN MIDDLE SCHOOL Some of you are probably all like: “Swoozie if they were Asian, it’s all genetics!” NO IT’S NOT! All of my Asian friends Secretly STRESS OUT like CRAZY Because if they came home, and they weren’t on the honor roll there were gonna be SEVERE consequences Walk in the house like “Dad! I got two C’s on my report ca- “(thick Asian accent) WHAT?!?!?! YOU GET A TWO C ON REPORT CARD??!?! YOU DISGRACE YOUR WHOLE FAMIREE!! TIME TO DIE!!! HYAAAAAAHH (Fighting game yells) (Fighting game announcer) ULTRAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOO (Fighting Game announcer) Perfect! And see with me, I would TRY studying But there would always be that moment where I just kinda snap out of Study Mode And… realize what I’m staring at on the page and be like: “Y squared minus X+6” and I think to myself: “YES, this is TOTALLY NEVER gonna help me in life! fuck ALL of ‘dis, okay? Imma go watch TV.” And, see, when I was in middle school me and my dad made a little deal. He told me if I made the honor roll, he would buy me a 27-inch TV and let me put it in my bedroom! And see, the ONE class I did not have to worry about was French Class The teacher would just teach us French words and then teach us basic conversation and once a week she would turn off all the lights And we’d watch Beauty And The Beast completely dubbed in French. The class was an easy A UNTIL…… …we actually got textbooks Masculine, feminine nouns Conjugating verbs prepositions like, FUCK ALL Of ‘DAT! And I get to that first written test… “Conjugate the following verbs into past, present, and future”? Wut… Get this crap out mah face! I’ll be danged… …If this is the class that holds me back from getting that 27-inch TV. And then something just tells me… “(whispering) Look over to your left…” My boy Josh is just like burnin’ through this test He is like quietly singing… “Be Our Guest” in French (singing in French) (humming) And that same little voice in my head just whispers “(whispering) Cheat off of him…” My eyes kinda just scroll down to his paper… And my hand just started reflexibly… writing down everything I saw and BOOM! B+! So, next test comes along… and y’all already KNOW I’m cheatin’! K, I wasn’t always a goodie-goodie! I used to be up in da CLUBS Popping bottles! But it’s cool Cuz Josh was one of my best friends at the time So I knew he wouldn’t even mind! Next test comes along Josh gets an A, I get an A. Fast-forward to next test I’m sitting there pratically flipping through the Best Buy catalog And I notice Josh is moving… a little bit slower …On this test then he normally does He fills out an answer, I fill out an answer. Then there’s a pause. Then he’ll fill out another answer, and then I fill out an answer. and there’s another pause And then I hear him say: “(angrily, softly) Andande, stop cheating off of me…” Ok, imma act Like I didn’t even hear him say ‘dat, k? Then he writes another answer… I wait for a second… And then I write an answer. And then he says it a little bit louder “(angrily, softly) ADANDE, STOP CHEATING OFF OF ME- Shhhhhh. shh shh shh shh. Josh, just shhhh Just let it happen, just let it happen. “Frama-la boosh” “(softer) Frama-la boosh” So there’s a long pause. And then he writes down another answer… I wait for like 30 seconds… …and then I write down another answer “MISS PRICE ADANDE’S CHEATING OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He yelled it out in front of the WHOLE class I’m not even exaggerating, y’all. Needless, to say I got an F in that test …a C in the class …and no honor roll. See, Josh was lucky… My thug levels had gone down by the time I got to Middle School Cuz the old, OLD me Would’ve been waiting for him outside the class as soon as he stepped out Get all up in his face like “Mah dude, why u snitchin’, this is not a game! Wut, you think this is a game? Now, like I open up a can of u poppin’ up HEEEEE-YUUUUUUUUUUHH (Splat) I didn’t choose thug life… Thug life chose me! (Music)

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  1. me: DAD i got 2 c'z on my report card!

  2. Cmon Swoozie maths are easy and cheating gonna get you detention take this from me when you finish college or whatever point your at like college or university just do it because you will se what will happen

  3. I got B-D in 7th grade my mom beat me so hard with the laptop cord i had bruises for days.
    It’s 8th grade now im getting A-B

  4. For me it’s

    A: yay a new game ur a wizard boi
    B:(basically the same thing 🙂
    C:Lol bruh no games for ur dumbass
    D:Spanking time
    F:get out

  5. My asian mom’s grading scale
    A – I’ll take you to McDonald’s good job
    B- good job you can play your phone
    C – it’s ok but you could try better
    D- you don’t want that day to come
    F – are you my child GET OUT

    My asian dads grading scale
    A+ good job
    A- you could have done better
    B – you suck
    C – go find your own food
    D – get the chopstick
    F – go to another white family across the street

  6. I don't understand why some smart people get mad when people cheat off of them like I'm smart in math class and I literally give my friend my papers so she can copy the answers

  7. I'm in second grade I get super good grades my mom gets proud and let's me play for five hours me:ok edit:I'm Asian btw

  8. My parents Report card slate
    A=Play the Xbox One 3 weeks
    B=Making Cupcakes
    C=Upgrade that to a B

  9. I dont even have to worry about people cheating off of me, most of my answers are probably wrong 😂

    (But in all seriousness, I'd let someone cheat off of my test, I'd help out a fellow student)

  10. My parents reaction
    A- TO A+ – Good job son!
    B- to B+ – Not bad, try again next time
    C- to C+ – Try again
    D- to D+ – You disappoint us, do not do it again!

  11. I have like a really fancy TV and when I was little I had like this TV like a teacher that you did TV that TV I have one of those and now I have a big flat screen TV I think that's what you call it

  12. Why middle school sucks

    -you have no freedom

    -it is a dungeon

    -the kids are immature and annoying

    -There’s no study hall

    -the teachers are insane and stupid about homeroom rotation

    -tests, quizzes and units are meaningless, boring and have no purpose on our future

    -the lockers are claustrophobic and unnecessarily crammed

    -tests and quizzes are painfully easy

  13. A+ : Great
    A : Cool
    A- : k
    B+ : you coulda done better
    B : do better
    C+ : did you even study?
    C : grounded for a week
    D+ : oh rlly? No food.
    F : get away from me. You're getting your electronics taken away and no bed to sleep on. Make your own food.

  14. My mom with my grades
    A: good.
    B: good.
    C: still okay.
    D: whatever its fine.
    F: disapointed but doesn't do anything.
    Hahaha my life great 😜

  15. A+ okay good job
    A- the fuk?
    A what
    B+ what
    B- excuse me
    B what
    D- You’re almost in hell
    D You’re almost in hell
    F- sent to hell

  16. I’m a korean and here’s my grading system from my parents

    A: Smart
    B: ok
    C: you’re grounded
    D: you’re so dumb
    F: get the fuck out of my house right now

  17. My father's reaction

    A very good
    B averagly good ok
    C starts asking questions
    D shakes head no possibly no phone for a day
    E no phone
    F no phone no Xbox no nothing until I you get it up
    0 gets grounded on everything and can't play at friends house

  18. My parents kill me if I get a B unless I had a good reason like the one time I got an F because the teacher forgot that I had a concussion and wasn’t allowed to make up work (it was pretty severe) and I got a 0 on the most important project of the year, but my parents understood that my teacher didn’t care about doctors orders and I did the project anyways because he wouldn’t change the grade


  19. In my school the French is easy but we need to memorize like 3 paragraphs for the exam which takes forever but the 10 marks is worth it

  20. stupid swoozie
    will die soon
    only the worst channel ever
    OCD is swoozie
    zack is your imaginary friend
    is you dumb boy
    everyone hates you

    this spells swoozie

  21. I swear in elementary school I used be bad asl and soon as I got middle school still in middle school not bad no mo bro in elementary I stab mf (on god).

  22. Everyone knows the African grading system:
    A- "This is what you need to get ALL the time"
    B- "ummm … Do Better next time because when i was a kid i used to get top marks …"
    C- The belt/Sandal & no electronics
    D- KMT "Get tf out my house"
    F- Me: disowned

  23. I didn't get honor roll for an entire two years so when I got it in first quarter of eighth grade my parents just lowkey celebrated

  24. Honestly, if we cool, im ganna let you cheat off me. If we really really cool, im even ganna help you. Return a favor, we becoming cheating buddies

  25. Guamanian grading system Source: I am Guamanian
    A = good
    B = wow? Really
    C = grounded for a month
    D = grounded till next year and u gotta sleep on the couch for 1 month
    F = omae wa mou moi shinderu

  26. Today in class we were taking a test and I realized the person next to me was looking at my answers then copying things down so I started writing completely wrong answers down sooo… have fun with a F- dude.

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