Climbing Training Board Comparison: Moon vs. Kilter vs. Tension – Which One Is Harder?

– [rockentry] Go on! Ugh. – [Geek Climber] Nice! Aww. – [rockentry] Come on!
– [Geek Climber] Come on! – I travel all the way to
Colorado with RockEntry to meet a very special friend, Garret from Frictitious Climbing. – What’s up, guys. – So today we’re are
Whetstone Climbing Gym and they have a Moon Board, a Kilter Board and a Tension Board. – Spoiled. – I’m gonna try the V3s
on each of the boards and then compare the difficulty. – And I’m gonna try all
the V5s on different boards and compare the difficulties. – And it sounds like these guys have signed me up for the
V7s, so, it’s gonna be good. – Yeah.
– Let’s do it! I am up first to climb
a V3 on the Moon Board called Road to Lord Reidun. Uh, okay. – [rockentry] Woo! – Man. – [rockentry] All right, first attempt. – Let me get the mic. – [Garret] Have you Moon Boarded before? Oh yeah, you’ve injured your finger. All right, here we go. – [rockentry] Nice, dude, come on. Nice, dude. – [Garret] Come on. Come on. Yeah. Yeah. Come on, dude. (bell rings) – [rockentry] Yeah! – Man, Moon Board is always hard. (laughter) Next up, rockentry will
climb a V5 on the Moon Board called Just Another Day. – My turn. – [Geek Climber] Go for it, man! – [Garret] Come on. – Don’t make fun of me. – [Geek Climber] Nice. – [Garret] Come on. – [Geek Climber] Nice. Good catch. Nice. – [Garret] Nice, man. – You got it. Come on. Come on, big move. (bell rings) – [Geek Climber] Flash it! – [Garret] First go, best go. (laughter) – [Geek Climber] Next
up, Garret will climb a V7 on the moon board called Applesauce. Oh, nice. – [rockentry] Come on. – [Geek Climber] Ooh, come on, come on. – [rockentry] Yeah. – [Geek Climber] Yeah. – [rockentry] Visioning, nice. – [Geek Climber] Nice. (bell rings) Say something for the camera, man. – One down. – [Geek Climber] It’s back to my turn and I will climb a V3 on a Kilter Board called HillDawgyDawg. – [Garret] Come on, flash, go. Come on. – [rockentry] Woo! – I can blame my microphone again. – [rockentry] Yes, dude, there you go. – [Garret] Come on, dude. Nice. Come on, finish it up. – [rockentry] Yeah, man. (bell rings) – [Garret] Nice. – [rockentry] Woo! – Woo! Yes, that was fun. – Next up, rockentry will
climb a V5 on the Kilter Board called Unity. Nice. – [Garret] Nice. – [rockentry] Oh! – [rockentry] Woo!
– [Geek Climber] Oh! – Almost. – [Geek Climber] Almost,
almost, second try. – It’s funny because from
here it looks like it juts. – [Garret] It’s flat,
dude, that’s the secret. Don’t go too far. They’re not as big as you think. Come on. – [Geek Climber] Nice. – [rockentry] Oh, wow. Come on. – [Geek Climber] Come on. Go get it. Nice. Oh!
– [Garret] Oh! (laughter) – It’s hard. – [Geek Climber] Oh, come on. Yeah, oh, nice. Oh! Seeing rockentry struggling, Garret decides to give him a little help. – [rockentry] Yeah, see, I don’t see how I’m ever gonna be able
to reach it like that. – [Garret] You try, I think you might. – [Geek Climber] Oh! (laughter) – I like the other way. Okay, I’m gonna do that thing. Oh, man. – [Geek Climber] Oh, there you go. There you go. – [Garret] Come on. – [Geek Climber] Finish it. – [Garret] Yeah. (bell rings) – [Geek Climber] Woo, nice. – Thanks for the beta.
(laughter) – [Geek Climber] Next
up, Garret will climb a V7 on the Kilter Board called Intruder Alert. – I’ve gotta ab monitor this real quick. – Need me to hold your hand? – Sa! – [Geek Climber] I like it. Come on, Garret. Nice. – [rockentry] Come on, Garret. – [Geek Climber] Oh, so sick! (bell rings) Wow! Awesome. Say something for the camera, man. – Let’s go. – [Geek Climber] It’s back to my turn and I will climb a V3 on the Tension Board called Big Boy Bump. – [rockentry] Nice, dude. Come on, dude. – [Garret] Let’s do it. Keep cranking. – [rockentry] Come on. Woo! Now you know how it feels, homie. – [Garret] I saw you grab that
lower one on that last one. – It’s the top one? – [Garret] Yep. Come on, dude. Nice. – [rockentry] Come on. – [Garret] Come on, come on. – [rockentry] Oh! Come on. – [Garret] Go for it, man. Go for it. – [rockentry] Come on. Yes, dude. (bell rings) – [Garret] Oh, hardest V3 ever. (laughter) – That was hard. Oh my god! Next up, rockentry will climb
a V5 on the Tension Board called Ethan Eighty2. Nice. – [Garret] Come on. Oh!
– [Geek Climber] Oh! – This one’s tough, man. – [Geek Climber] Oh! Nice. Nice. Come on. Oh! – Man, it’s tough. – [Geek Climber] Yeah. Oh, there you go. There you go. Nice. Nice. – He’s like, he could do this. Do you know how hard
this is from the start. – [Geek Climber] Oh! Solid. – [Garret] What was that? – [Geek Climber] Sick. – [Garret] Come on, come one. – Ugh! (buzzer) – This five is ridiculously hard. – [Geek Climber] Next
up, Garret will climb a V7 on the Tension Board called Keeper. Oh my god! – [rockentry] What! – [Geek Climber] Finally, he’s human! Nice. Come on. Oh! Oh! Nice.
– [rockentry] Come on. – [Geek Climber] Next move is also big. Yeah, definitely paying attention. Oh, nice. – [rockentry] Yeah. – [Geek Climber] Oh, nice. Just got to link it together. Yeah. This is the one? – Oh, yeah, for sure. – [Geek Climber] Let’s do it. – [rockentry] Come on. – [Geek Climber] Nice. Nice. – [rockentry] Come on, dude. Come on. – [Geek Climber] Oh. So close, so close. – Oh my god. – [Geek Climber] Oh! Oh! (buzzer)
– [Garret] They’re like flat, I think I got a splinter earlier too. – We just finished
climbing all three boards and for me, personally,
I think the Tension Board is the hardest, for sure, and the second one is the Moon Board and Kilter Board is the easiest for me. – For me, the easiest
board is the Kilter Board, but that’s once I got beta
from this guy over here. – You’re welcome. – And then from the Kilter
Board it’s the Moon Board and then, obviously, the Tension Board was
extremely hard for me. – I gotta go similar order here. But I gotta say, Moon Board easiest, I think the friction of the
holds is really good for me, I like the power, definitely
hardest was Tension Board, so slippery and, like they
say, gotta have the tension, which is hard. I think it’s a very outdoor-esque board. – [Geek Climber] I will making
more climbing training board videos in the future, because
if your gym has one of them we can be climbing the same thing even though you might
live far away from me. Therefore, my videos could
be more helpful to you. Don’t be intimidated by the boards, there are V3s in them, so I highly recommend you to try them out. If you are stronger than me, it will also be easier for you to comment and let me know how I can climb better. I’m always happy to receive
constructive criticism. We’ll have another video
at rockentry’s channel so be sure to check it out. And also Garret, Frictitious Climbing, makes really awesome training
devices, check him out. And thanks for watching, see you in the next video. – Yeah!
– Yeah!

31 Replies to “Climbing Training Board Comparison: Moon vs. Kilter vs. Tension – Which One Is Harder?”

  1. It was super fun climbing with rockentry and Garret!! Be sure to check out another video we did:

  2. I think they're all great training tools, especially if you're a frequent climber and your gym doesn't set often. My gym sucks and only has one of the boards with a grid system (no lights/markers). It makes it really hard to visualize and remember the route. Therefore, I never use it. I'd rather re-climb existing problems.

  3. If I could have a single one of any of them, I would definitely go for Kilter board! (even better with a dark board colour hehe). Can go to ridiculously steep angles, and the lighting feature of it is by far the best (and coolest!).

  4. Is the tension board probably about getting used to its less friction (wooden holds)? Or are the problems just ridicioulously sandbagged (WTF)?

  5. I'm so excited for our gym to get a moonboard. Even though I would prefer the Kilter, we simply don't have the money or space to get one (tiny gym with no more than 190 members atm). Can't wait.

  6. This was a great idea. Not only did we get to see the three types of training boards side by side, but I got to see a cool collaboration. I already follow you and Rockentry, so now I'll have to check out Garret's channel.

  7. Well done. Totally liked the various styles, support and sass-ha ha ha. Never really knew the difference of the boards. When an opportunity presents itself, will try them. Thanks-guys! 🤘

  8. As a coach and someone who trains on a kilter board a lot most of the value(for me) comes from the variable angle of the board and being able to take easy/moderate climbs and make them near impossible by increasing the angle and using it as a training tool. In addition to creating climbs that isolate my or my students weaknesses. Likewise since anyone can make a climb on any of the boards how hard the climb is is less dependent on the brand of board and more on the climb you select, who made it, and if the grade is even accurate given that there's no oversight or indication of the creators experience level.

    All that being said I love videos like this and I'll be trying all the kilter climbs you guys did when I'm back at the gym! Keep it up!

  9. Just bought the grip block from your review, and can't wait until I get past this minor a2 pulley injury to use it. Wish I would have known you were in Colorado, would have loved to meet up for some light bouldering.

  10. I felt like Rockentry was the kindest dude ever, but now I see him interacting with people he seems like a bit egocentric !

  11. Geek climber’s fore arms are insane actually everyones fore arms are insane because of the huge ass grip climbers need

  12. I started board climbing the last two gym visits and its soooo addicting. I dont recommend hang boarding afterwords though haha.

  13. i want to know are the climbs in each app typically comparable to outdoor ratings? Or is it similar to how the crux move on a v7 in many gyms wouldn't even be a v3 move on real rock.

  14. Man, my new gym has a tension board and i thought i was being a wuss when i couldn't do so easy climbs! Nice to know I'm not crazy lol

  15. Great video! I like the tension board because of the mirroring, the kilter board because of the design and the moon board because of the community behind it.

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