CME Training

Training today is important, we’re doing it
for returning and current drivers. The skills we have here today are helpful in real-world situations. We have a serpentine course, backing course, CloseQuarters Hotel course. The skid steer and the evasive. These are all different maneuverers that we have to do either at high speed or slow speed. What’s unique about this program is that they take the time to actually train you and they give you real world experience. It really gives you the confidence and knowledge of what you’re going to anticipate while out on the job. Every day in Colorado obviously we live in the mountains so we have micro climates and you can go
from end of the tunnel being sunny, the other end of white-out. Conditions are so
variable and they changed constantly and trying to prepare drivers for that
constant conditions and also kind of brings up the responsibilities of the
job. I feel responsible for every single person and making sure that they get to
the place that they are supposed to get to with the least amount of hassle. I
wanting get a refresher course every year I come out as my eighteenth year I learn
something new about these vehicles.a Anything we can do to have the drivers from ready for any and every situation that they incur when they’re behind the wheel whatever it takes to be the best that’s
what we’ll do.

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