College of The Albemarle Brand Reveal

We have always been more than campuses and courses, degrees and certificates. Our real passion is transformation. The
transformation our students achieve and the ways we transform ourselves to
better serve our communities. We all have tremendous potential, a spark of possibility glowing within us. For some that spark may be hidden. So often our students tell
us they didn’t even know they could succeed but here they find a catalyst, a
teacher, a friend, a mentor, a community whose confidence in them is so powerful
that it inspires them to see new possibilities. It’s easy to miss that depth, to think on
the surface we’ve seen all there is to see. But we know different. We’ve heard the stories, we’ve seen the successes, we’ve witnessed the talents our students.
What comes to mind when you think of the College of The Albemarle, the state’s
first community college, a host of excellent programs, a strong tradition
in the Albemarle region, four campuses across seven counties. We claim all of
these things but above all we are a catalyst for transforming lives. It’s time we tell our story in a bold new way and proclaim the transformational power of
the COA experience more widely than ever before. No matter your background, whatever your goals, at the College of The Albemarle, you will transform your tomorrow.

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