College on a Budget: Home Life

I’m Luke Riviera, I am a journalism
student at the downtown campus, and I’m also a freshman. So I currently living in
student housing in a dorm at Taylor place downtown.
I’m Kiana, I’m a criminology criminal justice major but I’m changing to
journalism and mass communications, and I am a freshman. I live in the Taylor Place
dorms. At Taylor Place I feel pretty comfortable. The rooming situation is
obviously pretty strange for me being an only child, but otherwise it’s pretty homey, In that providing my decor to the space and being allowed to do that lets
me be in a place that I’d like to live in I guess. Sometimes I do feel a little
bit hindered and that I would like to keep my paintings or like my decor
staying up not just with command strips, but with actual like nails in the wall
that I can actually keep them up, but otherwise it’s pretty easy to make do. Yeah usually Amazon or like Target for most of my things. I usually get my
decor based on stuff that I’ve like accumulated, like if I’m like on trips
I’ll grab postcards, or my grandma paints, so like she sends me her paintings, or
just online it’s easier to get it online. It would cost around about a hundred
bucks to like seventy to a hundred bucks to decorate my space. When I get like
paper towels and like all that stuff, I usually go to like Costco because they
have like big packs of everything. I feel like that’s the best way to like buy
things, or I’ll go target and I get
like Windex or like Lysol or something. All together I feel like each place it’s
like $50. Just go to Target and just run through like the four aisles
they have and be like “do I need this?” I don’t need it then I don’t grab it, but
like I go through every single section. I would say it’s about like $30,
$30 to $40, if you’re getting like the whole basic like
everything you need for toiletries I would say. I am super indecisive about
things for myself, because I always want to like represent myself well in my own
space, and so I feel like that’s very hard for me that comes to terms with
like what is gonna fit into my decor, or like what represents me, or like what am
I trying to represent as me in my own space. With expenses going up it gets harder to
pay for things and so I just try to keep everything to a minimalistic point of
view. As a college student needing to pay for these things like tuition, and room
and board, and meals, and everything else just to buy books even. It does get
really stressful to see where those funds go to instead of just to your
basic needs.

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