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today’s video sponsored by Squarespace I’ll talk more about them at the end of the video it’s currently 5:28 a.m. today is Monday I woke up early because I have an exam later at 2 p.m. and I haven’t… really studied for that? I have three exams this week one is today and two are on Thursday i’m trying to figure out how I’m going to study for all that *re-evaluating my life decisions* these are all of the notes that I took for this particular exam in this class it’s 15 pages of a Google Doc single spaced which is a lot of information [the next day…] I came back from my classes and I just opened up a yesstyle package I’m going to show you guys what I got I got this barcode t-shirt in black and I got the same t-shirt but in white I really like these kinds of basic tees because I feel like they’re just really easy to style and it goes with everything I got these super cute cases for my airpods oh my god *cuteness overload* so yeah I got a peach case and an avocado case I also finally got a wallet I have my debit cards here I can’t find my school ID card. Once I do, it’s gonna go here I have no cash. and then last but not least I got a lip balm this is the Innisfree my lip balm #5 wild hibiscus (the noise-cancelling feature really helps while studying) [looking at the wifi password lol] hi, guys. I’m currently in the study room there’s no one in here because it’s 1 a.m. I studied for my cog psych exam and I think I’m pretty okay with it I just have to review it the day before and I think I’ll be fine I think. I’m actually running low on
batteries for my laptop and I forgot to bring my charger so I’m gonna have to go
back to my apartment after working out when I get back I’m gonna take a shower
and then study for my physics exam which is the other exam that I have on
Thursday I also sent an email to my professor asking her if I could submit my paper a little bit late it’s supposed to be due Thursday 2 p.m. but honestly I don’t think I can do that this is my first time asking for an
extension but I’ve heard a lot of my friends they just talk to the professors
and they’re really lenient with deadlines especially if the course is not a major course this is for neuroendocrinology which is just like an elective I will update you guys on what she says hopefully she’s nice about it I don’t know, I’m kind of scared. but yeah I’m gonna go work out. I was supposed to go to class but I didn’t want to waste time walking to and from campus so I’m home the lectures are gonna show up here in real time so I can follow along so I just got an email back from my professor and she’s giving me two extra days to finish my paper oh my god that lifted so much weight off of my chest I can study for my exams tomorrow in peace without having to write a four-page essay oh my god okay I’m gonna start studying I still have to do an assignment for this
class so I have to read this and then answer some questions oh there are only two questions? that’s not bad [many hours later…] hi guys so I just uploaded a video on my
study with me channel It’s the study with me that I filmed yesterday for the past 5 hours or so I’ve just been going through the lecture notes along with checking my answers. I was gonna drink this tomorrow but I ended up opening it today because I cannot stay awake and I also snacked on some clementines yes it was a good time my exam is at 7:45 a.m. which means I have about 4 hours left [on my way to take exam…] [after my exams…] I have to write a letter to my
scholarship sponsors last year they didn’t have this online form so I had to actually handwrite a letter and mail it out but now apparently you can
do it online which is so nice I don’t remember what I’m- oh my god [cooking ASMR] hi guys today is Saturday and I just finished writing my essay for my neuroendocrinology class and I submitted that now I have to study for my cognitive neuroscience class I have an exam for that on Monday so two days from now it’s never ending exam after exam after exam. It never ends. [I’ve been watching this kdrama called Crash Landing on You] this is my study guide for my exam I’m just gonna have to go through all of these terms and take notes these are the PowerPoint slides today’s a Saturday so I don’t need to worry too much about sleeping on time and waking up early so that’s great okay I look super greasy I’m gonna go now. hi guys today is Sunday and I’ve been studying for this exam for the past two days and I decided to drop the class I overloaded on credits this semester so I’m taking a lot of classes more than people are allowed to take I felt like it was just too much I’ve been extremely stressed the past week but I never considered dropping a course to be an option as you guys know or may not know I changed into my major pretty late and because of that I have a lot of requirements to fulfill I don’t know why but me dropping a class
right now just feels like I’m a failure it could have been avoided by me better
managing my time and setting my priorities straight and me dropping a course almost feels like another form of procrastination because I’m going to have to take that course or a similar course in the future because it’s a degree requirement it’s not like it’s just a class that I took for fun I can’t help but think that it’s kind of bad that I am dropping the course but yeah I just thought I would tell you guys that it’s okay to just let go we only have one body we only have 24 hours in a day you know allocate your resources wisely sometimes you just have to let go of one thing to focus on other things and it’s not bad to do so yeah I don’t know I’m just like… I’m tired well I think I’m going to end the video right here I’m trying to get in the habit of daily vlogging because I haven’t been vlogging too much and I just miss the feeling of vlogging but yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video before I end the video I want to
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