Connie Alger – Early Social and Emotional Development is Really Important

Really important for the early childhood development is the social-emotional development so early childhood educators have a lot of
knowledge and skills about children and are able to form those kinds of
relationships that really support children in learning those skills about
being part of the community, working with other people, knowing
their own emotions and how to communicate those with other
people so those are some the skills that a quality early childhood educator can
offer a child. Another really important thing is that early childhood educators bring a wealth
of knowledge about many children and so when they’re with a child they
have a sense of whether a child is meeting the normal developmental milestones or they may not, and so they might be the
first ones that might notice something is amiss something that the child is needing some
extra help with and they can make the appropriate
referrals for the family they can offer the family some support as they you know, go through getting extra
support for their child so it’s really important. Lots of times
parents, the only child they know is their child and so they might not notice that
say, language development isn’t progressing as it should but an early childhood educator whose
known you know twenty or thirty children in the
last year and the hundreds over their career will have a different
perspective on a child’s development and can be in a really great supportive
informative role for a family.

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