Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Special Training with Male Volleyball Players (2016.05.03)

Today, it’s special training part 2. For this special training, men’s pro volleyball players are here. Great stars! Top stars! Awesome volleyball stars! Come on out! (We’re going to rule today) They’re models. Really. They’re models. They’re good looking. Hello. They’re really handsome. (Yeah!) (Are they volleyball players or models?) (They look so fine that it’s confusing) They all look like models. They’re like the celebrity team. (We’ll show you true volleyball) (Even the serve is of a different level) (A blow that shakes up the court) (Spikes that could cause sparks) (Overwhelming power that’s thrilling) (Blocking that turns the tables) (Defense that is as good as offense) (Everything about Korean men’s volleyball) (Main star of men’s volleyball Right spiker : Moon Sungmin) (The Kang Dongwon of volleyball Left spiker : Kim Yohan) (The leader on the court Setter : Han Sunsoo) (Zo Insung with spider hands Center : Ji Taehwan) (Thrilling high-altitude bomber Left spiker : Choi Hongseok) (All-around player with fire Left spiker : Jeon Kwangin) (Rising player with a victory Left spiker : Song Myunggeun) The men’s volleyball avengers! (Welcome!) We say people have well-proportioned figures. They have perfect proportions. – They’re gorgeous. / – They’re so handsome. How can they be so tall, but have small faces? Their faces are so handsome. I feel like a leading character in a movie. “The Lord of the Rings”. (Oh, hobbits…) I wanted to meet him. They won the regular V-league. He was the MVP. MVP? Oh, MVP. Here he is. Moon Sungmin! (Main star of men’s volleyball, Moon Sungmin) How long has it been since a Korean player became the MVP? I’m not sure. I know. Huh? I know. You don’t know? It’s been 5 years. Since Kim Hakmin. Foreign players were the MVP for 5 years? Yes. Leo was the MVP for about 3 years. Sungmin is the first Korean in 5 years. (The pride of Korean men’s volleyball) He’s also the king of serves. What’s that? There was an event to see who made spike serves stronger and faster. Sungmin won. He was better than Simon. (They keep being impressed) What was the speed? 122km per hour. 122km? When we did soccer, 131 was the fastest. 122 means the hand is just as powerful as the foot. (Panic) Right? I walked on my hands. What? (Oh, Sungmin…) We’ll be in charge of entertainment. Be sincere. I got a bit greedy. There are a lot of entertainers here. I’m sorry. (I’m not familiar with this) How does it feel to be hit by a serve coming at 120km per hour? Has anyone been hit before? Someone was blocking during training. He was hit in the face. He was bleeding. From being hit by the ball? I was worried, but it was because a zit burst. It was bleeding because of that. Oh… It hit a zit? That’s amazing. I wasn’t aiming for his face. Did you see him serve? – He doesn’t just serve. / – Oh, right. There’s a routine he does with his sleeve. Why do you do that? I have to focus. I roll up the sleeve to serve comfortably. Volleyball fans come to see us. It’s a service for them. We should learn that. We all have to do that today. Give me a ball. Everyone has a routine. Let’s take a look. If this is the serve line. I walk out. I bounce the ball like this. (He’s just walking, but they cheer) Quiet! What did he do? Why are you screaming? You’re so loud. Why are you screaming? He didn’t do anything. Serve to them. If I throw it… Serve at the speed of 122km per hour. (That’s funny) I roll up the sleeve. (He rolls up the sleeve) (He flies with the ball) (The power of the king of serves) (He just hopped, but…) (He’s so charming) He looks great from behind. He’s so tall. He’s charming. He’s handsome. (I’m going to get it!) Did you see that? They’re fighting over the ball. What are you doing? What’s the big deal? Stop fighting over it. I’m not sure what you think. Do you think you’re good looking? Probably. – No. / – Come on. There’s always a rival. Whether it’s for volleyball or for looks. Moon Sungmin and Kim Yohan. (Recognized) They’re rivals in both aspects. Look each other in the eyes. One, two, three. Just look at each other. (A strange air between the two of them) Neither concedes. They don’t look away. (Both of them received attention early on as next-generation stars) (Since their college days) (They grew as rivals) (The attention continued after they joined pro teams) (An unavoidable battle between stars) (They’re rivals in looks and skills) Inha and Kyonggi are university rivals, too. What was the record? When Yohan was on the team, they won all the time. Why? Why? He’s good. Sungmin said he cried once because of Yohan. Did you cry? Yes. The coach said I lost against Yohan. (That was mean) He said that to you? Yes. I got really emotional and cried. It looks like you have tears in your eyes now. Your eyes are shining. The thought of those days… – Does it upset you? / – Yes. Do you have any tissue? Yohan, did you know this? I didn’t know he cried. They were tossing me in the air. I didn’t care if he cried or not. (Hmph!) The past isn’t important. You’re the MVP right now. (Suddenly angry / Suddenly bright) Did you see Yohan’s expression just now? (He’s stimulating me) (It shows) Do you always like to win? I hate losing. If we make a bet among ourselves, I want to win even if I have to force it. You don’t like losing rock, paper, scissors, right? Right. Get ready. Don’t lose. Rock, paper, scissors! (Yahoo! / Gloomy) Are you excited about that? Let’s try muk jji ppa. (Nervous) Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! Jji! Jji! It’s strange. Why? (Is he trying to trick him on purpose?) (His hand is shaking) He hates to lose. It’s because I’m nervous. I can understand. It’s alright. Jji. Muk! (It’s Sungmin’s turn to attack) Jji! Muk! (Shaking) (Ooh!) (I want to cry) (They burst into laughter) (He’s gloomy from losing again) You keep losing. There are days when the game doesn’t go well. I think today must be that day. Even if you don’t care, does it bother you when the media keeps saying the two of you are rivals? We’re 1 year apart in age. I’m a year younger. Because the media made us rivals, there is an unseen… There’s a wall. Yes. That happens. I heard you went to night clubs together. What? They’re close. They’re close off the court. They went to night clubs together? When they were single. Oh, before they got married. Who did you go with? Honestly. Honestly… I went with Hongman. Choi Hongman? (Look at my name tag) My name is written right here. It’s written here. He called him Choi Hongman. I went with him once. I think I saw Taehwan, too. (What?) (He’s suddenly accusing everyone) He’s dragging everyone in. (He’s funny, too) And Kwangin… Let’s go sometime. He doesn’t look like he would go to clubs. (Ha ha ha) He doesn’t look the type. He just trained. With diligence. Right. Wait a moment. I’m Kang Hodong. I’ll make sure to get Yohan and Sungmin to do a reckless dance. (We trust you!) Will Yohan and Sungmin dance here? I don’t think so. I’m a pro! It’s my job. Sungmin, will Yohan dance? He probably will. It’s not together? It’s together. Give them music! (Music, please!) (High expectations) Volleyball fans are waiting. Show your best! (Are they really going to dance?) I’ll grab you. Let’s make it short. (A bold dance by two top stars) (They go crazy at Yohan’s wave) (A cool wave from a tall body) (I can’t lose!) (Oh, dear!) (How embarrassing) (A quick exit after dancing) (Thanks to Yohan and Sungmin for their courage) (They’re the best!) You’re a pro indeed. – You’re a pro. / – Unbelievable. Indeed. Did you watch the show? Yes. I know Hakjin a bit. (They had a nice talk in the waiting room) He called and said he would be on the show. (They call each other) Hakjin! He has connections. That’s amazing. We were going to meet after the season was over. I didn’t have time, but he’s a close friend. Why didn’t you have time to see him? My wife had a baby during the season. It was in February. We’re raising a baby. What is your baby’s name? Moon Siho. – Moon Siho! / – Yes, Siho. Do you have a picture? (Carefully) Can I show you? Of course! He must be so cute. I’m sure he’s cute. Oh! He’s an angel. This is what an angel looks like. Here is an angel. How cute. (He looks just like his dad!) He looks like his dad. I couldn’t see it at first. I see my face and my wife’s face in his face and realize he’s my child. There’s a gesture that makes you realize he’s your baby. Isn’t there? I’m not sure about that yet. Not yet? He’s only 60 days old. Like rolling up his sleeve. – Because it’s stuffy. / – Because it’s stuffy… Yohan is good. He has to get ready for retirement. He must want to appear on TV. (Like Seo Janghun and Ahn Junghwan?) He came on the show once before. – For bowling? / – Right. The Kang Dongwon of volleyball. Do you accept that? It’s a burden, but I’m grateful. You think you’re good looking, right? I’m not like Sungmin. I think I’m good looking. (An honest remark that stimulates his rival) Nice! That’s nice! Cool! He’s the Kang Dongwon of volleyball, but Han Sunsoo… – Sunsoo? / – Han Sunsoo… His name means player. Han Sunsoo. What do you call him? We’re close. We played a game in India. India? He wore round glasses, so Gandhi. I can see that! I can see why. He’s like one of us. Stand next to him. It’s true. Really. It’s true. Really. (It’s like being in India) Yohan, how tall are you? 201cm? What are you talking about? 201cm. 2m? 2m 1cm. That’s great. It’s a nice balance and he’s good looking. He was hot since his debut. He was judged a lot for his looks. I was on the national team at a young age. I joined a pro team with an injury. Everyone said I’d receive the rookie award, but I didn’t. I wasn’t that good. I was criticized a lot. I tried harder and achieved better results. What records do you have? 3,000 points. He’s the third after Lee Kyungsoo and Park Chulwoo. How amazing is that? When a player scores a lot in one game, he scores about 20-30 points. 20-30 points? Yes. The foreign players do that a lot. I saw him practice on the national team. He practices really hard, but he was really judged a lot just for his looks. Was it upsetting to see him be criticized? I was criticized, too, so… (Their fate depends on the results) He jumps really well. Sargent jump. It takes muscular power. Right? Of course. How high can you jump? The highest was about 80cm. (Surprised) Wow, 80cm. I can’t jump that high now. We have an ace. Jaeyoon reached 3m 30cm. Including his height. Yohan and Jaeyoon. Jaeyoon and Yohan. (A rival structure formed naturally) Let’s have a jump contest. (Since it’s a sport in the air) (One virtue is jumping) (Korea’s top jumper) (The Cool Kiz challenge) (What is the result?) I’m 183cm tall. How far am I reaching? 2m 23cm. (That’s really high) Jumping 1m means I’ll jump up to 3m 20cm. That makes it 1m. I have to jump that high. It’s really high. First, Jota! (All-around athletic idol) He’s really good. (Hop) Oh! He jumps well. Jota is really good, too. Get some flour on your hand. (He ruled in judo, the vault and high jump) (How well will the athletic idol jump?) Challenge. (It’s really high) (He jumps with all his strength) He went up to 80cm. 2m 80cm. He jumped 60cm. That’s amazing. (He’s very athletic indeed) (It’s a good start) (He jumps well) (The production staff wants it to be marked) (Hodong won’t be able to do that) Oh, my back. (Why is he getting up?) (Jota suddenly bursts into laughter) I have to jump. (Hop) (He reaches 280cm so easily) (That’s nothing) (Futile) Jota jumped with all his strength. He marked it with precision. He jumped with all his strength. None of them need chairs to change light bulbs. They just change them. (They can reach the ceiling just like that) They suddenly started warming up. They’re suddenly stretching. Next, Kwangin! (Leading Korea) (The next-generation spiker, Jeon Kwangin) (How well does he jump?) Here goes! It’s making me nervous. It started out as a joke. Kwangin, show us! Wow! (This is how high a pro jumps) (He bounces up like a spring) (Proud) (A high five out of joy) 3m 20cm! (320cm with an overwhelming jump) Wow! He was really happy. He must have done better than he expected. He set a new record. Who is going to go next? Choi Hongman! (Hongsuk is next) (He hits from a high position) (He’s Goliath on the court) (Yeah!) (Kwangin jumped really high) I’m nervous. (This makes you nervous) KEPCO. 1st place. (Higher than Kwangin) (How can this be?) (Shock) (Heh heh heh) 325cm! (He jumps again in the air!) That’s a foul. Kwangin seems to think it’s unfair. I jumped with one foot. Right? (Sulking) Nobody told you to do that. (That’s true) We have three remaining challengers. Taehwan, Yohan and Jaeyoon. (Jaeyoon is first) Go, Jaeyoon! You’re our pride. (Pressure) Reach up. For real. 3m 30cm isn’t easy. – No way. / – How can you jump that high? He has to jump close to 1m. Let’s hear his resolution. For the Cool Kiz. And! For commercials. Get a commercial. Sponsors, pay attention. Running shoes! Energy bars! Anything! (The last three get two chances) Challenge. Here goes. (He jumps high with a sargent jump) It’s over 3m 10cm. Do a run-up. You should do a run-up. (313cm jumping on the spot) (I should do a run-up) The sargent jump was 90cm. (The last attempt) Agh! Yeah! (Will he maintain the pride of the ace?) (He jumps up with flexible knees) (Did I win?) It’s the same! (Impressed) (His hand just keeps going up) Isn’t it a bit higher? (A tie with Hongsuk) It’s a tie with Hongsuk. (Tied for 1st place with 325cm) The Zo Insung of volleyball, Taehwan! (He makes opponents sigh) (The man with spider hands) It looks like it’s hard to go over 330cm. Taehwan or Yohan has to do it. One of them has to. Say challenge and start. Challenge. The first attempt. (It shocks everyone) (How high did he jump?) (Slightly nervous) (He runs a bit and jumps) (He sets a new record) (332cm) – It’s higher than 330cm. / – Too bad. 332cm! Please give him a round of applause. (He easily passed 330cm) It’s high. The record has been set, so jump in comfort. Yohan is stimulated. (Yohan quietly goes in the back) (He warms up) (There’s no time to talk) How can a person reach that high? (He’s comfortable from setting a new record) (How about 340cm?) (What a great jump) (Zo Insung flew!) (Unbelievable!) – No way! / – 36! (He threw himself) (Why did he jump so high?) (It’s a height of two stories) Here is the official record. 336cm! Korea’s top star! – He must feel a lot of pressure. / – Yohan. (The perfect volleyball player, Kim Yohan) (He flies in the air) (Shall I fly today?) What is your resolution? Taehwan jumped too well. I feel pressure, but I’ll try to beat his record. He… He gave a firm resolution. Sungmin, do you think he’ll beat Taehwan? Or will he fail? He always beat me. He always beat you? I hope he loses today. (Dizzy) You don’t want him to win 1st place? I wish I could see him be 2nd place. He’s getting flour on his hand. (The champion is nervous, too) Say challenge. Challenge. Whew. (Hop) The first jump. 26 or 27. 327cm. Yohan seems a bit surprised. You could do it if you jump hard. Even 340cm is unbelievable. That would be a winning record. I think he could reach 40. (Yohan’s last attempt) Yeah! (Kang Dongwon jumps to beat Zo Insung) (He goes up endlessly) (He jumps up) (Is it a new record?) (He jumped really well, but…) (He didn’t beat Taehwan) Too bad. (It was over 330cm, but it didn’t reach 336cm) (Yohan loses by 2cm) Today’s gold medal goes to… Taehwan! (He has great sportsmanship) (Thank you for showing us great jumps) Sungmin, you look happier. Yes. I feel good. (Good job) You look better. I’ve adjusted now. His hand isn’t shaking. He’s relaxed now. The man with great coordination, Han Sunsoo! (The leader on the court, Han Sunsoo) (The highest salary among volleyball players) (Tosses that ruin the opponents’ defense) (Blocking and spike serves, too) (A setter who has everything) He has a nickname, right? It’s ‘computer setter’. Why did he get such a nickname? They say my toss is fast. That’s what they say. My toss is fast. I think it’s a generous nickname. He’s a junior from college, coach? Yes. What kind of a senior was he? He drank. (Panic) He always drank? Is he famous in the volleyball world? Yes, he is. I thought it was just with us. What is your drinking capacity? I drink about one bottle. – One bottle of soju? / – Yes. And? A bottle and a half. I have to beat Sungmin. (Oh, he got me) (Heh heh heh) Ask Yohan first next time. The Zo Insung of volleyball. The Zo Insung on court. Today’s sargent champion. Ji Taehwan! (Ji Taehwan) (Blocking like a fly swatter) (The spider hands put opponents in despair) (The Zo Insung of blockers, Taehwan) Do you accept the nickname, Zo Insung? No. Is there a reason you got that nickname? I was 187cm tall in middle school. My younger sister said I was like Zo Insung because of my height. I boasted about it in school. The nickname stuck since then. Just a minute. So the nickname came from your own mouth. Yes. I’m sorry. You were 187cm tall in middle school? Yes. He started volleyball because he was approached on the street. Is this true? Yes, I was out with my friends and someone asked my address and school. On the street? Yes. Middle school or high school? I was in the 10th grade. – The 10th grade? / – Yes. That’s a bit late to start, isn’t it? It’s really late. To become a pro. When did you start? In the 5th grade. Many people started in the 5th grade. What about you? I started in the 4th grade. The 4th grade? (I started a year earlier) (Lose / Win) He started a year earlier. He’s the senior. Did you start in the 5th grade? I started in the 4th grade. Okay? (That’s so funny) The Choi Hongman on the court! Choi Hongsuk! Hello. (A blocker as good as a foreign player) (Powerful spikes) (He rules in the air) (The Choi Hongman on the court, Choi Hongsuk) How did you get the nickname, Choi Hongnam? It was from college. The person who gave me the nickname was… (Grab) Oh, it was Sungmin? Yes, he’s good at coming up with nicknames. He kept calling me Hongman, so everyone did. Everyone just called me Hongman. I’m not sure why. K1 was popular at the time. Hongman was fighting. I saw Hongsuk. They were a lot alike. A bit. They really look alike. There’s a similar look. Hongman does loud ceremonies. Does he have a ceremony, too? I don’t know if he did it on purpose, but he imitated Choi Hongman. He did? The techno Goliath dance? He does the techno dance, but I did it a lot to heighten the mood of the team. For team morale. He has really strong thighs. The team had a thigh wrestling competition. He won every time. My thighs aren’t thick, but they’re strong. Shall we try it? Jaeyoon! Jaeyoon, come here. I don’t think I could win. I don’t think I could win. You shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have said that. (The dice has been rolled) Rock, paper, scissors! (Hongsuk vs. Jaeyoon, thigh wrestling) I’ll be on the outside. Hongsuk will be on the inside. Can I hold this? Yes. Hongsuk is on offense. Jaeyoon won’t lose. Neither of them have thick thighs. He’s going to lose. (This is interesting) Get ready. You have 10 seconds. Okay. Begin! (Who will be the winner?) (Shaking) I can’t do it. (Jaeyoon wins!) Jaeyoon won’t budge. (Wow) Cool Kiz! Cool Kiz! Of course. Switch now. If you beat him at this, too, you’re the champion. It will be a perfect win. (Hongsuk, be sure to win!) (Nervous) One, two… Three! Agh! (A bitter loss with a short scream) (Jaeyoon wins again) (Jaeyoon maintained the pride of the Cool Kiz) Everyone, come on! Wow… Look at his body. Are my team members weak? Is that it? Why are you an actor? (Embarrassed) All-around player, Kwangin! (Jeon Kwangin) Hello. (He attacks the front) (Back attacks, too) (Great at offense and defense) (All-around player, Jeon Kwangin) He was famous even before he went pro. Why? You received Sungmin’s number in 2011? Yes, Sungmin had number 4. I was given that number when I was first chosen for the national team. I felt the weight of that number. How charming. The weight of that number. Number 4? Koreans don’t like that number. I got that number because I was young and didn’t have much of a choice. (Futile) You didn’t want the number 4? Honestly, I didn’t like it. What number did you want? 7 or the number I have now, 15. Yohan, what is your number? I was number 14 when I was on the national team. 14 and 15? Oh, you won. (Sungmin wins for the number?) Can you say it’s a win? 15 is better. (What is this strange feeling…) It sounds better. It sounds better? Number 15. (Hee hee) The ace who led the team to a victory. Song Myunggeun. (He beat Yohan and Sungmin!) (1st place in scoring) (2 consecutive wins in the V-league) (The rising star of volleyball, Song Myunggeun) (Welcome) He’s on your team. Yes. What kind of a player is he? He’s bright. He makes a lot of effort to understand volleyball. He has the best attitude as an athlete. You know Hakjin, too? Yes, we both played in Gyeonggi-do in middle school. He was famous. Hakjin? He was famous? I was a junior and I was nothing compared to him. Really? He was in the top class. Really? He was in the top class? – Yes. / – You were? (He’s the ace indeed) You were? Yes. Really? Yes. That’s amazing. Do you remember Myunggeun? Yes, he went to Songrim Middle School. He was cute then. We’re a bunch of misfits. With top volleyball stars of Korea, we will begin the second special training! (It begins now) Everyone is in uniform now. They look different. They look even more charming. They look really great. They look different. They’re super stars of Korea. Let’s see the speed of their spike serves. Here is a demonstration. (High expectations) (Spike serve king competition : An event of the V-league all-star game to see who has the fastest serve) Ryohei! Otani Ryohei! (Powerful spike serve) (Ryohei made powerful serves in every game) Coach, are you ready? Yes. (Go, Ryohei) (Ryohei challenges a spike serve) (Spike serve) Nice, nice. 88. 88. Oh! (Nice) Choi Hongman, Choi Hongman. Choi Hongman has power! (High expectations) (Hongsuk challenges a spike serve) (Go, Hongsuk) (Spike serve) (You can imagine the shock just from the sound) (What is the speed?) 103! He received it. Is your hand alright? He received it. It really hurts! Now! The 2016 king of serves. Myunggeun! (The 2015-2016 serve king competition) (He spins the ball) Myunggeun’s first attempt. It’s in. Good, good. 113! He broke the record right away. (What will his record be today?) (Myunggeun challenges a spike serve) Here goes. (Do well, Myunggeun) (Spike serve) (What is the speed?) (112km per hour) 112. Wow! (He is the king of serves indeed) That’s amazing. Let’s try a target serve. Aim on the serve. (Aim for a weak spot) (The Cool Kiz need this) Serve and get the ball in this. Is that possible? Isn’t it hard to hit it? It’s farther than a 3-point shot in basketball. It won’t go in. Sunsoo, get ready. (Nervous) (Serve) (Too bad) (I should have hit a bit harder) Too bad. It could have gone in. Next, Yohan. (It bounces off the basket again) Too bad! This is fun. Just get one in. (Taehwan challenges) (Will it work this time?) (Taehwan serves) (Oh!) (Oh?) (It went in) (He did it) (It goes flying at a low curve) (Taehwan succeeds) You’re the best! That was awesome. How can he do that? Last. Coach, give me that water bottle. Hit the water bottle. It’s here. (This isn’t a demonstration, it’s a challenge) (Hit the water bottle at the end of the court) This will be really hard. Where is it? (The water bottle is at the end line) (Taehwan succeeded hitting the basket and challenges the water bottle) – Please. / – Okay! (He fails) (The king of serves challenges) (It fell near the line, but he fails) (Too bad) (Myunggeun challenges again) (It falls next to the water bottle) Nobody will hit it? It’s not easy. It’s luck to hit it. Kwangin. (Will he hit it?) (It’s close, but he fails) (Too bad) There was a ripple in the water. That was the closest! (The shock caused a ripple) (It’s too early to give up, Hongsuk serves) (Oh?) (No…) (He succeeds) (Hongsuk did it) (He succeeded in hitting the water bottle) There is a god! Thank you, god of entertainment! Protect the Cool Kiz. (The training isn’t over yet) (They train target serves) (After designating someone on the other side) (They serve to that person) (They get three chances, who will be the king of serves?) Ryohei! He didn’t fail a serve yet. No. (Is that so?) Hongsuk! To Hongsuk in the left. (Ryohei challenges a target serve) (He succeeds with precision) He’s precise. He’s precise indeed. He’s the ace indeed. – Next. / – Taehwan. (Taehwan is the next target) Taehwan. Indeed. (He succeeds with precision again) Choose someone now. Last… You should do a spike serve. A spike serve. Do a spike serve to Yohan. Okay. A spike serve to Yohan. Yohan? Okay. Nice. Yohan. Get ready, Yohan! (I will) Here goes. (Will he succeed the spike serve?) (Spike serve) (Target serve + Spike serve, he succeeds) In one shot. In just one shot! Wow, in one shot. Unbelievable! That’s how good we are. (Ryohei is amazing) Get ready, Yohan. How can he succeed with one try? Okay, then. Me. Sleepy! Who? Myunggeun. Myunggeun? I don’t know if it will go that far. (Sleepy challenges a target serve) Hey, hey, hey! (It goes to the director) He did a target serve to the camera director. Good. In the middle to Sunsoo. The leader of the court. Sunsoo first. I’ll hit it there. (He succeeds the first serve) To the right to Taehwan. Like this. (He succeeds the second serve, too) Charming! To Myunggeun in the back. Far. (He succeeds the third one with precision) (Manseok is amazing) Awesome! (Manseok’s confidence level goes up 100%) Indeed. Perfect! I should be over there! (Come on over) We played a game against the women’s team. We’ll play an 8:4 game against the men’s team. (Cool Kiz on the Block) They’re going to play a 3:8 game. It’s just a practice game, but they should aim to win. What do they have to do to win? It’s not easy to attack against pros. But two of them can’t block in this situation, so there will be a lot of empty spots. They should score with strategy. It’s a 3:8 game against the pros. (How will they play?) (The rules : 1. 15 points, deuce allowed 2. Court size : 18X9m, Net height : 2m 35cm 3. 3 pros vs. 8 Cool Kiz) (The pro team Defense : Jeon Kwangin Left : Song Myunggeun, Setter : Han Sunsoo) (Cool Kiz Defense : Hodong, Jota, KangNam, Manseok Setter : Ryohei, Center : Jaeyoon Right : Donghyuk, Left : Hakjin) There are only three on the other team. It’s worth a shot. It’s worth a try! Just serve well and get in position for blocking. There are empty spots. Receive well and connect it to a point. That’s the most important. They have powerful serves, so you won’t be able to receive well. Think of this as an official match. Down. Two, three. Yeah! We have to jump to block Hakjin. Just hit it. Hit Hakjin’s spike. I’ll jump for it. One to jump and two on defense. Three at a time. There’s a lot of space to cover. It’s wide. Cover a lot. Don’t doge it. What? I’m ready. I like volleyball! (Yeah, men’s pro volleyball!) Let’s focus. Yeah! Yeah! We can win. It’s only three of them. Focus. Don’t fool around. It’s only three of them. There are three of them. They don’t have enough! You can receive, right? (Of course) I’ll receive a lot. Okay. Attack. Their balls are high and fast. If you’re not ready, you’ll get injured. The 3:8 game will start with Hodong serving. (The serve is long) Kwangin, nice receive. It’s tossed. Myunggeun. He hits it over. (Manseok receives the powerful spike well) It was received! Again. Kwangin. To Myunggeun. (Myunggeun spikes) (It ruins the defense) (It’s not easy) Okay, okay. (They score first easily) (A different class?) Myunggeun is light. Nice! Stand in front. About here. (Come on) (Myunggeun serves first) (A light serve) Again. Spike! Out! (It’s out) (It can’t be) The referee is calling the assistant referee. Out, out. I think it’s in. It was in. In, in. (What is the decision?) It’s called in. It was changed to being on the line. (Nice!) Nice. – Yeah! / – Good job. With confidence! Okay. (Oh…) (Oh, it was in) Hakjin. Hit it no matter what. Okay. It’s practice. Don’t come too close. It’s too wide. You should aim to hit it over. (KangNam serves) (A low and fast serve) It goes up. It’s pushed long. Manseok receives. Their signs weren’t right. (That wasn’t a difficult ball) (A loss of point from missing the call) He called it. KangNam, he called it twice. I didn’t hear him. – If someone calls it, move. / – Okay. (Let’s take the lead) Hit it gently. Myunggeun, you block. I’ll go back and forth in the middle. No, just one. – The net? / – Yes. (Why are you just asking me?) Sunsoo will serve. (Spike serve) Ryohei. In the middle. It’s a bit low. – With difficulty. / – It’s a point. It’s a touch out. (A quick attack for a low toss) Good, good! It’s worth a shot! Let’s go with this. (He threw himself, but failed to receive) (They can do such plays?) Jaeyoon changed the direction well. It wasn’t perfect, but he attempted a quick attack. That’s an improvement. Good job. Good, good. (Nice play!) – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! A target serve. (Come on) Myunggeun! The score is 3:2. Myunggeun receives. It’s pushed long. It’s kept in play. A nice toss by KangNam. Hakjin. Spike! It’s a block out. (KangNam’s good toss and Hakjin’s neat finish) (Nice!) Mine, mine! (Excited) (Good job, KangNam) (But Sunsoo…) (The spike hit his face) Are you alright? – Are you alright? / – Are you alright? I shouldn’t jump too high. (I’m so sorry) I’m sorry. It’s alright. 3:3. It’s a tie. Manseok will serve. He put a lot of spin into it. He fell as he received. Myunggeun. A powerful spike! Okay. (A high serve He strikes it down!) (This is a pro!) That was the best. (Another victim) (It hit his leg!) (Ugh…) Agh! (It hurts a lot) Myunggeun! Nice, Myunggeun! Hodong is surprised. You’re surprised, right? (Ugh…) Myunggeun, stay after later. (I’m sorry) Attack Myunggeun. Kwangin serves. (A long and powerful serve) It’s shaky. It goes over. Kwangin keeps it in play. Myunggeun. A powerful spike! (It’s another powerful spike) (This is what a spike is!) (The blocker is surprised) (The defense… They’re at a loss for words) (Even Ryohei shakes his head) They lost their minds. They lost their minds. They’re only playing against three. But they’re losing. (Should I be happy with Myunggeun or not?) (Myunggeun looks scary now) (I’ll let you just go home afterwards) The score is 5:3. Kwangin will serve. Manseok. It’s high. Hodong keeps it in play. It goes over. Kwangin receives in the back. Sunsoo. Spike! (The 3rd point with the same route) (It’s like a pro game) (The muscles are embarrassed) (A merciless spike!) (It’s scary) It’s alright! That’s mean. (We should learn well) Aren’t they being mean? There isn’t much of a difference in build, but the instantaneous power is amazing. They get better in spring. Right. – I like volleyball! / – Nice, Myunggeun! Nice, Myunggeun! (Wow…) How can that be received? Try it! This is our reality. Try it! Nice toss. Nice toss. Hit it to a person now. (They even plan an attack route) He’s a cannon. How… We have to score 3 points. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! With three sharp strikes, the score is 6:3. Kwangin continues to serve. (Here goes) It’s going to be me. (Well?) Hodong! He threw himself and received. It goes over. It’s in! (An attack to a weak spot) (Whenever it gets down) (Ryohei makes a sensible attack!) Awesome! (Good!) (Myunggeun received a blow) (It’s alright) Good job. He just changed the direction. He has good sense, so he scored. (He is Ryohei indeed) Japanese volleyball. 6:4. Jota will serve. It’s long. Myunggeun pushes. Kwangin. Spike! Oh, it goes out. (A lucky point) Out, out. (The Cool Kiz have a base to pursue) Oh! (Kwangin isn’t fully warmed up yet) (Nervous for no reason) Tell them to create a gap before we go in. He hits from above even if we jump. He hits from a high point. (It’s hard even if they try to block) With a mistake, it’s 6:5. Jota serves again. Myunggeun receives it. Kwangin. Block out! (He spiked against the blocking) (A fine skill by a pro) (He already jumped, so it couldn’t be helped) Miss, miss! (He’s skilled) (It’s Myunggeun’s turn to serve) Again. Jump together. Call it! Call it! 7:5. It’s a 2-point difference. Myunggeun will serve. Manseok! It’s long. It goes over. Sunsoo tosses. Myunggeun hits it over. Manseok! It’s a touch out. (The blocking bounced off and the receive failed) (Myunggeun adds another point) You should call it. Try to call it. (Manseok failed trying to receive it) Good, Myunggeun! Call it when you receive. An order will be set. Please. (8:5, Myunggeun continues to serve) (Hakjin’s stable receive) Back toss! Donghyuk. Spike! (Ryohei’s back toss and Donghyuk’s spike) They’re surprised. Donghyuk’s attack was nice. Myunggeun was surprised. (An unexpected attack) (Panic) It’s alright. It’s alright. Donghyuk is the only one to trust. Nice toss. Nice toss. Nice toss. Thank you. Donghyuk isn’t a pro. He didn’t play before. He only learned a month ago. He’s really good. He is. Spike! (The pros get ready to receive the serve) (8:6, Hakjin serves) (Spike serve) The score is 8:6. In the middle. Good defense. Hakjin! Good defense. Hakjin! 8:7. It’s a 1-point difference. (The timing was good, but it failed) (The bench panics) If they can get it to Ryohei. The Cool Kiz can play a good game. – Okay. I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! One, one! Provoke them. (Hakjin continues to serve) 8:7. Hakjin serves. A spike serve! (It’s a serve ace) It’s in! (Hakjin ties the score) (I thought it was out) There is a lot of empty space on the pros’ court. Wow! Safe! It can’t be received. Let’s call a time-out. (Time-out) Donghyuk hits well. Yes, he does. No, no. It’s because the toss is good. The connection is good. Serve to Hodong. (Go cross court from the left) We have to win. We have to win! We can’t lose. There’s no need to raise their morale. It hurts my pride. – I like volleyball! / – I like volleyball! The spikes are powerful. It’s worth a shot. We can do it. All the top players are here. Myunggeun isn’t happy with the coach. He’s really hitting it hard. I think so. He’s hitting harder than he normally does. Why is he taking it out on us? Attack Myunggeun. Two, three! Yeah! (Let’s maintain this flow and win!) It’s 8:8. We should play well. (Sleepy goes in and KangNam goes out) (Sleepy showed stable plays in the last two games) Myunggeun and Kwangin lowered their bodies. (8:8, Hakjin continues to serve) Hakjin serves. Myunggeun falls and receives it. (A diving dig) It goes to Kwangin. In the right. Kwangin. Cross court! He falls and receives it. It goes to Kwangin. In the right. Kwangin. (With Hodong’s failure to receive, the pros add another point) (Hodong failed because he missed the drop point) The attack course is precise, but Hodong isn’t ready to change his position, so he keeps missing. Good! Nice, Myunggeun! (Myunggeun throws himself to receive and scores) (Bitter) (9:8, Sunsoo serves) (A stable receive by Sleepy) He runs in. Hakjin! It’s a block out. (Donghyuk’s long toss connects to a touch out) (9:9, another tie) It would have been out, right? It would have been in. It would? It would have been in. Sleepy is better than I expected. Yes, the defense is stable now. Yes. Right. Left, left! Get back. Myunggeun, get back! (This isn’t good) We could win. Think you can win. Think of it as catching up. Jaeyoon serves. Myunggeun tosses it up. Sunsoo! Quick open. (Myunggeun receives and spikes) (All they can do is watch) I can’t see it. He’s not happy with me. (I’m not done yet, coach) Yeah! It’s too strong. What is Sunsoo like? He has the best skills as a setter. He was 1st place last season. The score is 11:9. – Let’s go in. / – You should go in. All three. – No. / – All three. Myunggeun. Myunggeun. Myunggeun goes out and Yohan goes in. (Yohan goes in with his tall height and nice build) Catch first. Catch! Yeah! Yeah! Forget about them scoring. Get ready quickly. (11:9, Kwangin continues to serve) (A short receive) Ryohei tosses it up. Hakjin! It hits Yohan and goes out. (The receive goes out) (But the pros are happy) (The bench shows a winning reaction, too) Nice, nice. Good defense. I didn’t hit it. We should tell him. It touched him. Oh, Sleepy. He didn’t know the rules. It hit his foot. He learned something. You can’t touch it at all. (12:9, Kwangin continues to serve) It’s 12:9. Hodong’s receive was plain. Ryohei hits it over. Kwangin. Shall we see? Yohan goes up. (Yohan spikes) Shall we see? Yohan goes up. (Yohan aims for the corner) (The gap is getting bigger) I don’t hit it hard. (Helpless) We’ll cover this side. You cover that side. (The right side keeps making mistakes) Let’s do this! (13:9, it’s a 4-point difference) 13:9. Kwangin serves. It’s out! (Still full of leisure) Out! (Hodong watched the ball and dodged it) I got one! (People will think he succeeded an attack) His serve is strong. Ryohei has a strong serve. Receive it. Step back and catch it. (He takes a few steps back) Ryohei is getting ready to serve. Spike serve! (Kwangin throws himself) Kwangin was surprised. Yohan. It’s received. It was received, but… Like that. Nice defense. That was risky. (Manseok received well) (But Donghyuk and Sleepy overlapped) Call it! Call it! It’s alright! After it’s received, the next players have to be ready, but that’s not working well yet. (It’s match point) There’s an angle. The ball comes here. You can receive at that angle, so it’s yours. Try it to the end. Focus, focus. (14:10, it’s match point and Yohan will serve) It’s match point. The score is 14:10. It goes over. Sunsoo hits it over right away. Hakjin gets ready. He runs in. (He hits it in an empty spot) (The Cool Kiz are a bit relieved) (Kwangin didn’t expect it to come straight) Good, good. One to finish. (We can’t end it like this) (14:11, Hodong serves) (Kwangin’s over hand receive) Spike. Kwangin. (He hits it straight forward) 15:11. Kwangin ended the game. (Flinch) (Did something pass?) (Futile) It’s over. (The Cool Kiz realized how high a wall they faced against the pros) It can’t be received. Today’s winner is the all-star team. (The pros win!) (We learned a lot) Yohan, as an ace who loves volleyball, give us a message of hope. I’m grateful you chose volleyball. I heard you’re practicing hard. I hope you improve without limit. Super volleyball stars, thank you! (Thanks to the pros for making time) This weather is perfect for playing volleyball outdoors. It’s perfect. (Someone waits for the Cool Kiz) (An actress who loves volleyball) (The queen of volleyball, Kim Misuk) Oh! (The citizens don’t know what to do when the queen appears) Jaeyoon! It’s been so long. (One gesture by the queen) (Food appears in the blink of an eye) This is a time to eat invigorating food. Athletes should eat well. (Invigorating food as well as the spring sun) (With the queen of volleyball) (A pleasant volleyball lesson) (Like returning to the days on a team) (Her skills didn’t rust) (The Cool Kiz meet the queen of volleyball)

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