CSULB College of Education

Illustrator. (Student Teacher)
Illustrator. So does it go in author or illustrator. (Mary Anne Rose)
One of the things that really makes the
College of Education at Cal State Long Beach stand out is our commitment to student excellence and making sure that our students are the best
candidates possible to go into their careers. Seventy percent of the teachers in the surrounding
area are from Cal State Long Beach because we have a reputation for
preparing the best of the best. One way that we do that is through having
a really student-centered approach. So all of our staff and faculty are motivated to make sure that the students who come
into our programs are going to finish. Every student admitted to the college
receives advising support both from a faculty mentor as well as from a staff advisor. Graduate students receive support from
our Graduate Studies Office as well as from individual program
faculty and program coordinators. who help them both with academic advising
as well as career advising and support. They get engaged in faculty research and service learning. Most of our programs have a strong clinical
practice component embedded within them. And so they’re out in the schools and in mental
health agencies right from the start of the program. It really allows us to cater to the needs of a
large and diverse variety of students. So we can serve first-generation students who
may be working and commuting to campus. We can serve traditional students who are coming from
a four-year pathway and going straight into teaching. We can serve second-career students
who are trying to do some work and still like full career work and then going
back to get their credentials and we can do all that with faculty that are
responsive, that are teaching online that are teaching hybrid courses, that
are teaching face-to-face courses One of the things that I appreciate most
about my faculty colleagues is that they are real practitioner experts. So they’re both
doing cutting-edge research that really impacts policy and practice, and they’re also teachers
themselves and educators and lifelong learners. You can be challenged as a student especially if
you have been out of the classroom for a while. But the cohort…a system of beautiful, intelligent,
smart people who just link together. And I feel like they not only push me but
they hold me accountable for my actions and keep me consistent in completing this degree. [Emely Lopez]
The people, it’s the environment,
the culture that we have here the inclusivity, the way that we try to
embrace the diversity on our campus and within our programs as well. So it’s not just something within the people
but it’s even in what we’re being taught.

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