Dangal | Aamir Khan Wrestling Training | In Cinemas Now

It takes a lot of time to learn to wrestle. When I started learning, I realized that it’s not just
a game of strength. Here you use your mind
to strategize and play. A good wrestler has to be
very intelligent and sharp. When I saw Aamir-ji on the wrestling mat… He had this ability
to pick up things really fast. He is very strong. While he gained weight,
he did not lose strength. Initially, he wasn’t adept
at applying technique along with strength. But after some practice, he’d master it. My movements were slow. This works well in the film, for someone who was
very fast at one point, and now, because age has caught up, his movements have changed too. He’s not that fast and energetic anymore. It was a big challenge, because when you lose weight, and keep wrestling, there’s greater possibility of injury. It’s a tough game. Your body takes a beating. We trained daily…
wrestling and training… He would analyze his performance
and identify the flaws in his movements…
and which movement was best. How to master the circle position, how to position his waist… I have your photograph on my phone.
– Yes. It must be way down in the gallery. I’ll search for it. Yes, you search for it. Till then we’ll get so good at it that you’ll want a photo of this movement. And with every take, he put up such a brilliant performance
with the techniques, that I didn’t have an opportunity
to point out mistakes. Action! Cut it… very good!

100 Replies to “Dangal | Aamir Khan Wrestling Training | In Cinemas Now”

  1. Wow amazing Mobile superb Aamir sir. To all Entire team Dangal Movie Congratulations big big big happiness feeling in movie

  2. Ye training wenning, Dangal, Hard work sab bekar hai, sikhna hai to Salman khan se kuch sikho, kaise 1 mahine me tractor khich ke, khet jot k, train se race laga k Olympic wrestler ban gya Sultan me.

  3. I heard he purposely gained weight for the film. That was some dedication … Still the best actor for me first movie i watched that his in is 3 idiots and boy it changed my life… And im an engineering student that time :)..

  4. Some people say that Shahrukh is the King of Bollywood, fans of Salman say that Salman is the King, But Inside we all know Bajirao ne Mastani se Mohabbat ki h Ayyashi nahi..😁😁😁

  5. Aamir khan movies is the only bollywood movies that i like to watch, his movies are unique and most of his movie characters speaks in hindi unlike any other bollywood movies that just wanna copy the hollywood ones.

  6. Jesus…….at fifty plus age …..with that body and all he just looks like he is between 25-30……..what a man yaar ……..the perfectionist…….

  7. Do some movies on farmer how they face the problems..in life.. without farmer we are nothing…

  8. Kya performance tha last mein aamir ka dialogue harna nhi hai beta aur wo expressions killer.. Aamir is best actor

  9. ulan biz bu filmi okulda akıllı tahta uyumlu akıllı tahtada izledik o ye come on everybody derdim olsun kadehler dolsun ben kaybederken Azrail seyre Dursun dinliyorsun görmüyorsun kurban ederler kimlerle geziyorsun kaç cehennemsöndü içimde bilmiyorum deli sanıyorlar beni arıyorlar görenler var mı düşen bu yaprağım gençliğimin rüyasıymış kağıda yaza yaza hasretim beyaza karar vermişim Ben ellerimle kanlıymış Tanrı bulamaz ki

  10. He just not acted in Dangal. He lived as a wrestler. We are proud very proud .

  11. Man who justifies his role honestly with hardwork just for our entertainment this kind spirite is true God gift… Love u Aamir sir…

  12. 2:25 ye scene movie bnne k baad shoot hua.. jab amir ne wapis apna motapa gata kar body ko fit kiya..
    uske baad movie ka starting part end me shoot kiya gaya…

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