Debate on the 2015/2016 Annual Review- Social Development and Housing Sector – Video 12

the culture okay I call wassup guns thank you very much mr. chairman mr. Chema there are moments in the house where you sort of take pause for a moment and you take stop and you think it’s someone sees something that makes you really think about things and you just hope that other members in the house have also paused to think about them and for me that was a few weeks ago when we were in the house and the minister who’s now in charge of social housing Amy Adams stood up and boasted about the fact that the national government was spending more on emergency housing than any other government in New Zealand’s history and I stopped for a minute and I just thought really that’s their signature achievement in housing that they are spending more on emergency housing than any other government in New Zealand history and I thought and I thought well I wouldn’t need to do as much because we actually had four houses for people to move into and Amy Adams is pride and joy so far in the portfolio is that they are giving more people hotel units or caravans than they are giving them houses and I think that says everything about we’re this national government have landed up because for years and years we heard Bill English talking about how the national government was going to protect New Zealanders from the sharp edges of the economy well which New Zealanders are those not the 41 thousand homeless New Zealanders that we are now dealing with or the tens of thousands of young New Zealanders that Bill English has written off is pretty damn hopeless or the 78% of people renting houses today who have no hope of getting the deposit together in order to buy their own homes none of those people are being protected from the sharp edges of the economy by this national government and when I think about what this government have done to housing I don’t need to look much further than my own electorate one of the first issues that I dealt with as a Member of Parliament was the publicity and the Ferrari around what was going on in pharma Creason and Paul muddy there was a north and south magazine the cover story on it seed is this that I don’t if I can use the word in the house it basically the givers it was a headline in the paper it said is this the shittiest Street in New Zealand there was what the north and south makers seed about farmer christen and Phil Heatley who was then the minister of housing when and they’re all guns blazing and booted everybody else they evicted everybody from their houses most houses then ended up being vandalized and if they were eventually demolished in the land set empty for years and finally they got around to doing a redevelopment well how many of those families were able to return none how many of those houses ended up being state houses out of the hundreds that were demolished only a handful ended up being state houses and the rest have all been private houses so where did those people go where did those problems that were associated with that Street go they haven’t just disappeared those people didn’t just vanish off the face of the earth they are still there they’ve just been relocated elsewhere and then the meantime the government freed up some very nice lead to create more private houses for people who could afford to buy them none of the people that used to live there of course and what do we know now they’re doing exactly the same thing in 9i in anapana and in pitoni and in other areas of the Hutt Valley where they are demolishing houses and leaving the land empty nothing is happening there nothing is happening there and as a result we’ve got more people showing up at our electorate offices in the hot valley desperate for combination I also want to point on record here that I think the decisions separate out the needs assessment from the provision of housing has been a disaster the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in my office day in and day out is trying to mediate between housing New Zealand and work and income because they cannot get their acts together and we’ve got people living in car boots because of it we’ve got people missing out on regional houses because they don’t know what they are doing and because nobody can get any sense out of government departments that are supposed to be working together the government have made an absolute Heche of providing social housing for people people are getting a falling through the cracks they are being lost in the system and the national government are simply turning a blind eye to the problem it is getting worse more homeless people every day I had someone sleeping outside my electorate office a few weeks ago because they desperately needed housing no matter what we did we couldn’t get the government agencies to get their ex together and provide them somewhere to stay the holiday parks my oldest and the extra revenue that goes with that I think that that is an indictment I think that a fundamental right as a citizen is to have a roof over your head and this governments track record is woeful it is a stain on this government’s record the level of homelessness and that absolute disaster when it comes to people being able to afford any form of accommodation honourable Alfred Naro Thank You mr. chair I rise to take

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