Devin G Durrant – Teaching in the Home

Today let’s contemplate a few of the
wonderful opportunities we have to teach our children in our homes. Let’s begin with family home evening,
which is a high priority in the faith-filled home where I was raised. I
recall one of my favorite family home evening activities. Dad would invite one
of his children to take the test. He would give the child a series of
instructions like first go into the kitchen and open and close the fridge,
then run into my bedroom and grab a pair of socks from my dresser, then come back to me jump up and down three times and say dad I did it. I loved it when it was
my turn. I wanted to get every step just right and I cherished the moment when I
could say dad I did it. There will always be opposition to holding family home
evening, regardless I invite you to find a way around the obstacles and make
family home evening a priority, and make fun a key ingredient. Family prayer is another prime
opportunity to teach. I enjoy praying for my children by name
as they listen to me express to Heavenly Father how beloved they are to
me. It seems there’s no better time to communicate love to our children than
when praying with them, or blessing them. When families gather in humble prayer
powerful and lasting lessons are taught. Parental teaching is like being an
on-call physician we always need to be ready to teach our children because we
never know when the opportunity will present itself.
We were like the Savior who’s teaching often did not happen in a synagogue, but
in informal everyday settings while eating a meal with his disciples, drawing
water from a well, or walking past a fig tree. As parents cherish each other
and offer righteous examples children are eternally blessed. For all of you are
striving to do your best to teach in your homes, may you find peace and joy in your efforts. And if you feel you have room for improvement or need greater
preparation, please humbly respond as the Spirit prompts you and bind yourself to
act. Yes my home nest is now empty, but I’m still on call, ready and eager to
find additional precious opportunities to teach my grown, children their
children, and someday I hope their children. I plead for heaven’s help as we
strive to be Christ-like teachers in our homes. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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