Did Greg Davies sleep in a bathtub at university?- Would I Lie to You? [CC]

For my first term at university I rented the bathroom in a student house and slept in the bathtub every night Lee? Greg. Yes? Before we even start this could you stand up? There’ll be no, unless David stands up with me, there’ll be no perspective David? In fact, lets have proper perspective. Connie, can you stand up? You know the question. Whats the answer? Er. well I just hung off the end of the bath as I hang off every single bed that I’ve ever slept in No no no, you definitly don’t hang off a bath like you hang off a bed because a bed would go like that, and then you hang off you’d have to go up and across and hang off you’re tall, but you’re not a snake, Greg The thing… What actually drove me to change my circumstances was that I was genuinely bruising the side of my cheek regularly by waking up in the morning and clanging into one of the taps Can I ask why on earth you would sleep with your head at the tap end? That is mad Yes, well, you know, I was 18 years of age and I mainly lived off Thunderbird wine so bad decisions were my forte at that period. Did you have a bed? No. Oh so that was the reason you was in the bath. There was um… Well why’d you think he was in the bath? I chose to Phil yeah! How many other people were there in the flat? Er, three Three people, what three beds? Yeah Why would you not sleep on the floor next to the bath? We had a giant 1970s sofa that had a particularly- a peculiar corner unit and i took both cushions from that corner unit and they fitted in the bath perfectly and it was incredibly comfortable So hang up, it wasnt a free standing bath? A roll top. Yeah, was it a roll top free standing bath? It wasnt a free standing bath but the end of the bath projected out into the room Where was this Greg? Which town were you – was this Oxford or Cambridge? Ahahahah It was in Isleworth in west London. It was only because of a mixup in housing agreements we soon sorted it out after a term, I only had to do it for a term What was the mixup? I’d agreed to move in with these three guys and we got the wrong size house Hang on, that’s not a mixup, thats just stupidity There was four of you, you got a three bedroom house and went there’s been a bit of a mixup here The boys blamed me which is why I got the bath Why did they blame you? Because I was the one who booked the house. How did you get in to university? So Lee, what are you thinking? Marcus I think it’s too preposterous to be true Phil? The taps.. the taps for me- if you’re gonna sleep in a bath you don’t put your head up the tap end I think it might be true, but I’m not gonna over… Oh well if you wanna skip? You’ve got the armband son I might be the – Do you get armbands if you’re a captain? Only if you can’t swim. I’m telling you, I don’t know if this is in the spirit of this game this is true That was sufficiently moving I’m going with it, I’m saying it’s true now What are you saying, Skippy? Shall we say true? not Skippy, Rob, not Skippy Im not going to go- and go and fetch help I’m just Skip all right? Someones fallen into a mineshaft? We’re gonna answer true? Go on mate. Shall we- we’ve changed it, we’re going for true So you’re saying it’s true. Greg Davis, were you telling us the truth or were you telling a lie? Do you feel, David, any sense of genuine competition in this game? Yes I do, yeah Then I think you’re going to like me very much It was a lie Ooohhhh..

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  1. Greg Davies is like Messi, C Ronaldo, Djokovic, and Federer put together. Total legend. I wouldn't want to play poker against him.

  2. "i don't know if this is within the spirit of the game, this is true!" …masterstroke, then the question at the end to David the perfect finish haha

  3. I always love when Greg is on this show. He is so funny and I think this is the only lie he ever told on this show.

  4. It would be great if you would CC all of your uploads as this is a brilliant show and I have a bunch of Deaf friends who cannot enjoy these great clips.

  5. The most curious part of this clip is why none of them think to ask Greg why on Earth he didnt just sleep on the "giant sofa" (rather than taking the cushions and putting them into the bath) haha

  6. It's 'used to', not 'use to'. I don't know where you're from so this might just be a typo but you see this kind of mistake commonly in American writing.

  7. oh my god the bluff of saying that its true in the verge of losing, and then kill them with that final stroke, it was like watching Ronaldinho scoring by free kick, or watching Federer connecting an ace, it was just perfect.

  8. can you upload the clip where Lee says he got stuck in a men's toilet because he couldn't find the door? it was from an unseen bits episode and is one of my favorites.

  9. I actually watched this episode when it first aired on the BBC, & I mis-remembered Greg's response as "True"!

  10. See how he conveniently didn't answer why he didn't sleep on the floor, he could have put the cushions on the floor, and he may not have been able to sleep on the sofa as it was a communal area for all of you who keep saying so in the comments.

  11. Greg could could convinced Yoda himself that there are no droids, even if he was staring right at them "mustnt be droids, these are"

  12. Greg Davies is a fucking master at this game. He gets the other team to switch after a single sentence and then announces his win in a badass way. Golf clap.

  13. Honestly they thought a 7 foot giant would fit comfortably in a bath. The man must have been at least 6ft at 18 like i am, and i can barely fit in a common bath.

  14. What doesn't make sense is he says this happened during his 1st term at university, you wouldn't know anyone at that point so wouldn't book a house with other people.

  15. Dropped the ball on the questioning. Why didn't he sleep on the sofa? What happened if someone had to go to the bathroom at night? Wouldn't the cushions get wet? I want to hear the made up answers for these, c'mon guys!

  16. If he took the couch cushions (cu-shaaaan), I can't believe no-one asked why he didn't just sleep on the couch!

  17. The real irony is they were making fun of how stupid he had to be to sleep in a bath, but the real stupidity was them all falling for it.

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