DISCOVER BUCKS | Industrial Maintenance Training

This program is a twelve-week course that
gets everyone’s feet wet and in the electrical portion of the maintenance industry, hydraulics,
gear drives, mechanical drives, pneumatics. Teaches people how to be trained or just at
least get started in the training process required for employers because there is an
extreme shortage of people with this skill-set. Some of the places we have toured have a median age of
59 or 60, so we think about what companies will loose by these people retiring or through
attrition, they have a shortage of a skilled workforce and the employers we work with are
really cooperative as far as providing additional training. they will learn how to do basic wiring, they
will learn how to do industrial wiring such as motor control, they will learn how to troubleshoot
electrical circuits. They will learn how to install electrical
equipment and mechanical equipment as far as gear drives and hydraulic systems and pneumatic
systems. Bucks County Community College is a great
choice for this type of program because students are exposed to a wide variety of fields in
this industry with some basic training in all areas required for this career choice.

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