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(light piano music) – Someone asked me, you know,
how the program was going, and why I thought it was valuable. And, I said, you know,
when you’re in a company you learn how they do things. And when you’re in a program,
like Ohio University’s MBA, you learn how they can be done. Maybe there’s better ways to do it, or different ways of doing
it, you’re learning those. – I’m a CPA. I worked in consulting for 15 years. I wanted to do something where
I could work with students and learn from them, but I
also needed the flexibility of a virtual classroom. – There’s just such a
diversity and backgrounds. Every large corporation in
Columbus, has a representative. You’re all in this together. – It’s a national recognized program. You can use the qualification
from Ohio University and pursue career opportunities anywhere. It’s very very important
for my career progression. (motivational instrumental music) – The professors do understand that you are a working professional. If people need to be on a business trip, there’s understanding there. – The time schedule
really works well for me. I’m always usually off
my work around four, so I’m able to make it home, to load in and get into the class. I’m also a member of
the Ohio National Guard. I’m able to submit all of my exams when I come back from military meeting. – I’m working on new product launches, so I’m often at suppliers,
I’m often at plants. I didn’t want to choose a program where I was going to have to
choose between being successful in my current job and getting the MBA. (motivational instrumental music) – Working on current issues,
technology, it opens you up to the research and the readings that you’re not doing currently. – [Instructor] Identify the political, economic, social technology trends and then we’ll get to,
well what does that mean? – The professors lead me
expand upon my knowledge in a lot of things that
I’ve never learned before. Somebody like me, coming to the program, who doesn’t have any idea
about accounting or financing. – Many of our professors
have been from industry, so you read it in a textbook,
but then they tell you a story from their own experience
of how this applied. Or, maybe you’re dealing
with a difficult question in your own work, I mean,
chances are they’ve dealt with it before ’cause they have
20-plus years of experience. (motivational instrumental music) – I wanted a program that
allowed me to interact directly with students to see what’s happening
in other industries. – We have engineers,
healthcare professionals, people from banks, people
from research institutions. It just makes you think, you know, get outside of your own box. – There are people I’ve met in my cohort who I now consider friends for life. I can’t put a price on that. (motivational instrumental music) I had never taken a business
class in my undergrad. So, I was very nervous. When I saw finance and
accounting and statistics. But I also knew I had to challenge myself and push myself in those areas if I want to grow in my career. – I am currently the
Chief Strategic Officer of about a 500 million dollar
healthcare institution. We have reissued our mission statement, and our vision, and it just played in perfectly second semester. I was able to really bring live good value right to the work discussion. – I trying to establish my
own business as time goes on. I’ve learned so much
about working with people, developing your own business, assuring money met or financing things. These are things that
I’ve never liked before, never knew about before
’cause I was kind of hesitant. – The very first semester,
you did a project where you analyzed a company
from one of your group, and we picked my company Abbott Nutrition. – [Instructor] What are
some of the implications for the future of the business? Or maybe they should do this,
or they should consider this. – And so I’m looking at the
changes that are happening around me and saying, how
could we be doing this better. And I actually presented
the recommendations to the head of HR, and his feedback was, we are actually gonna act on
some of your recommendations. – Going through this program
has really helped me see how business works. You have to put in the
time, but it’s worth it. (light instrumental music)

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