Educational Adjustments – Inclusive Teaching and Learning

(soft music) – [Richard] I believe the new
education adjustment model will continue to support
inclusive teaching and learning practices within our school, and also a emphasis on
providing personal adjustments for students with a disability. I believe there’s a number of benefits for the new educational adjustment model. I think the main obvious one will be the needs-based approach to the teaching and learning programs for the students. I think our next step
is to implement quality, engaging learning programs
for these students with additional needs. It needs to be a
deliberate focus on access, engagement, and participation. At Hagley, the new adjustment
model will allow staff to be more explicit with their teaching and
learning programs, and also developing
personalised learning plans for our students with additional needs. We have created a number
of different resources and structures to put in place to support the capturing and documentation of these adjustments to suit
the needs of our students. It’s also been important to
assess students across the year to make sure the change
in needs of these students have been adequately adjusted for. I believe the new model will
allow us to make sure we have clear and explicit goals throughout the learning plan process. It’s also important to
justify those adjustments and to cater for the
needs of our students. It’s crucially important
to involve families in the voice around their students’ needs, and also the student voice, to make sure that their education
goals are being met. Some of the educational
adjustments we provide for our students at Hagley is making sure that our learning environments
are fully accessed to all our students, including our farm. Mobility will be a crucial part of that, allowing our students with
wheel chairs to have access is important to us. We also use assistive
technologies, including iPads, to allow communication for our
students across the school. We also use our teacher assistants to support the teaching
and learning processes of the whole school. – [Narrator] The new
educational adjustments approach will be implemented across all Tasmanian
Government schools from 2020. (soft music)

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