Estimates Debate- Social Development and Housing Sector – Video 12

it were inclusion for understanding and deported I’m calling Stuart Smith Thank You mr. chair well it’s a pleasure that have taken call on the vote Social Development and help the housing sector and I’d like to start with social development first mr. speak because of great pleasure and an honor to be involved with Otto at America which is 434 million dollars from this vote going towards that process but it also was involved with their bill going through social services on sleet committee you know it was a phenomenal piece of legislation I believe them a major step change and the way we look after the most vulnerable our tamariki and I think a phenomenal to back that up with such a large vote of 434 million dollars I know the what came through very clearly through all of the submissions on that bill was that a major change needed to happen and it wasn’t any good just fiddling around the edges so in order to make that change of course requires a large investment which the minister has did a success made a successful bid for and and that came through in the vote so I’d like to congratulate her on there but Mr Speaker I guess they’ve seen a piece of of the whole tech the whole budget really was the two billion dollar family’s income package and particularly working for families and the accommodation supplement but also the tax bracket changes or tax thresholds and you know bracket creep is something that has been building up for some time to make that major change and as a really a good reset for their tax system and that benefits everybody because we all pay text so I think that’s a phenomenal step forward for our economy as well I’d like to touch also on social investment 320 million dollars going or 321 to be exact going towards the social investment approach yet again another completely separate way of looking or a new way of looking at things because we’re relentlessly positive over here and when we’re looking at social investment rather than just saying Li let’s just put more money in the vote we’re saying let’s target things in the vote that are going to make a difference a material difference to people’s lives and to get around the people that we can identify through the data that’s coming through now which is available to identify those people that need it most and put those wraparound services around those young people in particular and get ahead of the problem it’s too often we all we’ve done or thrown money at it and think that government the best way to be a good government is just again money out to people and yes willy-nilly yeah but we are not taking that approach at all and the ministers I think both the ministers are in this sector are actually ridiculously positive they’ve stepped up and made a big change in the way we think about social development I think that’s to be applauded to be applauded mr. chair to also touch on what was mentioned before by the previous speaker about jobs and how hard it is to get jobs well I’ll actually challenge that mr. chair we have in fact the highest labor force participation rate that we’ve ever had and we are among the highest in the OECD I think that’s something to be to be applauded and today the latter the unemployment figures came out down to 4.8% mr. chair that’s phenomenal achievement we still have people that hope don’t are unable to get jobs for lots of reasons it’s not because there’s not the work there there certainly is it’s because they have all sorts of issues going on in their lives and that’s where we are going through the social investment approach among others to help those people get jobs and I just like to talk about the three k2 work program and it was just announced today that 1,200 people have been supported off benefits in the last year and into work and those people the best way to help them is to help them help themselves or enable them to help themselves and I know mr. chair from being a former patron of the of the work scheme that goes through the military as being a patron for that that’s been phenomenal to see how those people their heads go up changes completely changes their life they feel a lot better about themselves and and and their families and everybody benefits from that so mr. chair I’d just like to finish by saying a fresh approach as what has actually come this way we’re relentlessly positive over here and I’ve great pleasure mr. chair to have taken the school thank you technically the committee see we’re looking at

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