Estimates Debate- Social Development and Housing Sector – Video 13

to have taken the school thank you technically almighty see when looking at the estimates for social housing one thing does occur to me we definitely have a housing crisis and not only do we have a housing crisis but from what I can see in the committee’s report we’re not really having the answers to address the crisis that we’re facing us with in my electorate the number one issue that constituents come to my officers on is housing issues and first of all I want to I want to talk about homelessness and places like what I know and homelessness exists in places like one anew as well I know that at one of the local camping grounds that’s where some of our homeless people are sent to go and live at the camping ground and I want us to think really carefully about the impact on children growing up and those circumstances because that relates directly to vote social development as well we can talk about four hundred thousand four hundred million dollars as members opposite have spoken about but think about this we’re also giving the top ten percent in as a New Zealand the same amount of money that we’re going to give to vulnerable children and the issues that they have and I think this house would think again we should think again and think about why aren’t we giving that four hundred million dollars that we’re giving to the top 10% of earners in New Zealand that we make a real different and the difference in the lives of children children who are growing up without homes of their own growing up and garages and cold weather like we have around the country this week and garages and and cars I feel really sad about the people that come to my office and I can’t really help them all I can do is try to give them a sense of help that in 40 and 55 days that we might have a change of government so that we can that we have a government that actually cares about those people and cares about having putting things policies in place that truly do help them because what we have here in vote social housing is not enough if you if one goes through the budgets and sees how much money has been allocated for emergency housing it doesn’t take a mathematician to work out and I’m certainly not a mathematician but I can certainly add up and I can certainly work out how many houses can be provided for that amount of money and I can tell the house it doesn’t add up it is not enough and I say to the houses I can hear those bells going and imagine if you’re living in cold damp houses you know when the alarms go off you know that’s a warning fall of us actually maybe that’s what we are why are those bells going off I hope we’re just checking what they what that is whether it’s a fire alarm or not and we carry on that please thank you mister Thank You mr. chair [Applause] I’m sure that mr. chair thank you very much for for the warning I also want to talk about not only those living and crowded and and conditions needing emergency houses what’s clearly this budget will not provide adequate answers to address that issue but also I want to talk about the estimate for vote Social Development and in particular the part and the helping unemployed youth into work and boy haven’t we got a huge job then depending on who you believe 90,000 70,000 whatever figure it is it is too high and we need to be doing more and one thing that occurs to me and looking at the report is it’s too little not enough it’s quite quite boutique kind of programs which don’t really address the long-term issues facing rangatahi they deserve better [Applause] Thank You mr. chair you know the the extent to what there

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