Experimente im Training – Session vor dem Deload

Welcome to Danube Calisthenics and welocome to this new video. Today I just want to capture a session in which I will just do spontaneously whtever I feel like doing. As you probably saw in the last videos I started to get coached which means that I have to follow along a strict program without many other options which is good for making progress over longer periods of time in my case. But next week I will have an easy week because I will do a deload, so that means that I can play around a bit before that happens. I wont to just max attempts or stuff like that because that wouldn’t be very smart for my progress right now but I will just try some stuff that I didn’t try for a longer period of time. So let’s just see what will come to my mind, I don’t have very much plans for it right now but I can’t wait to start. I’ll now change clothes and get some chalk an then I’ll start. Have fun watching it. Ok that’s it for today. Now I’ll make myself some lenses as a source of protein with some bread for the carbs. I am quite happy with the session even though some stuff I didn’t do for a longer time didn’t work perfectly but that’s okay. It’s very hard to keep all skills at a high level all the time. Of course it wouldn’t be very benefitial to do a session like that very often since I can’ work with the optimal form if I just play around so that’s why sessions like these won’t happen all the time at least for now. But I am happy for now, especially when I think of the fact that I gained a bit weight on the legs as well because of squatting and deadlifting 2x a week so I am happy with the progress. I think there is not much more to say. I’ll now get these lenses into my stomach and I’ll see you in the next video, bye!

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  1. Deine Trainingsgeräte / Stangen aus dem Verzinkte Rohren… Wie hast du das gemacht, in Auftrag gegeben oder selbst gemacht?
    Welchen Durchmesser haben die Rohre?

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