Extinction Rebellion digs up college’s lawn in Cambridge

[Chanting] Six more years of digging!
Six more years of digging! Six more years of digging!
Six more years of digging! We can dig up the whole
world in six years.

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  1. Extinction Rebellion protesters dig up Cambridge college lawn ► https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/17/extinction-rebellion-protesters-dig-up-cambridge-college-lawn-trinity-fossil-fuel

  2. The Extinction rebellion group digs up nature to stick it to nature killers. Where would you even start with that statement?

  3. So whats the bet they will not get fined or arrested for property damage , They are acting Like a bunch of immature children

  4. If you are one of those.. "save the planet " , I am telling you a more effective way of doing it.. Use a rope and soap.Less people, less demand, and don't forget , you could save the planet.

  5. Im sorry but im 29 years old and id say when I was just turning 21 this simply wouldnt have been tolerated wtf has happened in 8 years this is just taking the piss now

  6. Don't know why they didn't us a Briggs & Stratton Rotavator, they could have got it done quicker and perhaps even planted some cabbages, a few onions and maybe some lettuce.

  7. Universities are expensive day care programs for people who can’t handle the real world. Nice expensive little “safe space”

  8. How to convince people to take climate change seriously in the transport sector?

    a: Protest directly to a car company to support electric engines
    b: Create a campaign that encourages better transport options

    c: smash up random member of the public's car because they drove to work

  9. they need to get a worthwhile job, charity work, helping the homeless, not creating a mess that the taxpayers have to clean up

  10. and these are the people who will one day lead various organisations, jeez what a mess, and some people worry about brexit

  11. Let’s protest about the environment and ecosystem by ruining the homes of insects and arachnids…… what a bunch of dumplings

  12. By all means protest and make a statement about an important issue but digging up the lawn is not okay and is criminal damage and considering education is already under funded I'm pretty sure that money would be better served on education than fixing your mess!

  13. They’re a disgrace, I went on a few marches but the last couple I thought sod it, it’s nothing like it was supposed to be

  14. I dam well hope these people walk everywhere, they don't want to be polluting the air with all those factories making push bikes or any oil useing public transportation…..They seem really committed to the course by ruining all those bugs habitats :(, also what's with the flag? I don't see the relevance of having a LGBT community flag flying…my son is gay, but he's not an ignorent faker…..so keep him and any other person that's not with ya on this out of it… is what I say

  15. i am extremely annoyed and this not not the way to behave. i will never ever support their cause. Destroying a beautiful lawn has made me really mad. i want to know how much they have been paid to do this stupid act.

  16. This is vandalism sorry. If you need to resort to these sort of actions then you've clearly lost the argument before you even started.

  17. Plastic handles on shovels used to destroy the environment that ER care desperately about – that’s some beautiful poetry right there

  18. What an absolute disgrace, my late father attended an interview here in the 1970's. He would be shocked to see this vandalism and cheap media scoring going on today.

  19. I'm all for sorting climate change but do people really think this will work to get attention? They claim to be peaceful but are not, in fact, are disruptive and cause problems elsewhere. If they want to be helpful come up with some actual ideas of how to fix the problem

  20. Nothing worse than adult that hasn't progressed past infancy.
    This is what the "super nanny" culture produces…

  21. Why hasnt any body stopped these spoilt brats causing vandalism. They should be dragged off there by the hair on their heads . Then lined up and shot.

  22. I am disgusted but not remotely surprised at the complete and utter cowardice of Trinity College and the Police regarding this matter. Also, why is that gay flag there?

  23. "Do as we say or we'll terrorise you, your family and destroy your property" They're just a bunch of pseudo-fascists. If it wasn't climate they would find another cause to latch onto.

  24. This is what happens when you forget to bring the trees you were suppose to plant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. I would've got yelled at if I accidentally stood on the grass so how did they dig up the lawn with out being arrested for trespassing and damage to private property?

  26. if you want to reduce CO2 emissions by 35 % to 50% over night, then avoid showing or bathing 5 to 6 days a week. Just wash with cold water, soap and a sponge.  Heating water uses a lot of energy. far more energy then having lights on or surfing the internet or using computers.  If 1.1 billion people do this through Europe, the USA and Japan, it would make a huge difference.  You will be surprised

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