Farmingdale State College Dining Video Tour

Farmingdale Dining is a multi-location, comprehensive
dining program that serves the entire campus community. Our guests include resident students and commuters,
faculty and staff, family and friends. If you are hungry, we have something for you! This is Pop’s, which stands for pay one
price, and is an all-you-care-to eat restaurant. As you enter, you will be asked to pay for
access- you do not need to have a meal plan to enter. You can pay using declining balance dollars,
cash or credit, and once you do, prepare for an amazing culinary experience! Starting at the far left, you will see our
wood stone oven concept, which features delicious pizzas, rolls and calzones, baked pastas and
roasted veggies, all made in our high capacity oven. Next to the pizza is our deli station, featuring
the highest quality meats and cheeses, fresh breads and savory sauces, and toppings. Want your sandwich hot? Just ask to have it pressed, hot and crusty,
right in front of your eyes. At Farmingdale Dining, customization is a
key component to your dining experience, which is on display at our action station. The menu at this station changes every meal
and features a variety of fresh ingredients that you can tailor to your liking. Want a burrito bowl with brown rice, scallions,
and jalapenos? You can! Or, have it made with lettuce instead
of rice- it’s all up to you. Next to the action station is our home concept,
a daily variety of ready to eat comfort foods. This station features everything from fried
chicken and mac and cheese, to chicken stir fry and baked ziti. And yes, there is always a vegetarian item
available. But that’s not all- next to the home station
is our grill, offering a daily rotation of fresh burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches,
grilled cheese, cheesesteaks- the works. Pop’s offers a variety of beverages, and
if you are seeking a fresh, crispy salad, visit the salad bar opposite the grill. The salad bar features three different greens,
fresh cut veggies, crunchy toppings and a number of dressings. And of course, no meal can begin without one
of our hardy soups, made in house and fresh every day. Complete your meal with one of our delicious
desserts at the end of the counter. While Pop’s is a great option if you want
to sit and enjoy a complete meal by yourself or with a friend, if you are in the need of
a meal to go, then the Campus Center Market is for you. Our most popular station is Burger Studio,
where you can build your work of art from scratch. Choose your protein, be it an Angus beef burger,
chicken sandwich or cheesesteak, then select your bread, topping and sauces. Our ordering kiosk allows you to make your
perfect selections, and ensures that the order is prepared to your specifications. Next to Burger Studio is our authentic Street
Food concept, which is a rotating, made-to-order station that features a pasta bar one week,
followed by Asian stir fry, and lastly by a Halal food truck concept. Farmingdale Dining’s newest station, Freshens,
is a national brand recognized for healthy menu options and fresh ingredients. Be it a salad, flat bread, rice bowl, or delicious
smoothie, Freshens has lots of options to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Also featured is our deli concept, offering Boar’s Head meats and cheeses, which can also be offered in a salad. TCP is our last served concept, featuring
fresh pizzas, calzones and baked pastas. Lastly, if you are in a real time crunch,
we offer a wide variety of prepared salads, sandwiches, sushi, fruit cups, and snacks. Finish your meal with a bottled or fountain
beverage from the Coke Freestyle machine, and you have one great meal to-go! Please keep in mind, if you are looking for
Kosher, Halal, gluten-free or dairy free options, you need but to ask! Our servers and managers are happy to work
with you and find you the items you need. This is our Starbucks We Proudly Serve location,
which is modeled after a full Starbucks store and offers nearly the same menu. Drip coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot tea
and delicious desserts are all available for that between class pick me up. Farmingdale Dining’s last location is Books
n’ Beans, located in the Greenley library. Centrally located and convenient, Books n’
Beans is your go-to location when you need a quick snack or beverage and do not have
time to go to the Campus Center. Featuring hot coffee and cold beverages, sweet
treats and hardy grab and go sandwiches and salads, Books n’ Beans has everything you need when
you are on the go. Farmingdale dining has a comprehensive webpage,, where you can find information on each of the locations
mentioned here, including the daily menus, hours of service, and information on our management
team. If you have any questions, please reach out
to our General Manager, Dean Rasi at [email protected]

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