Fine Arts at California College of the Arts (CCA)

I definitely didn’t leave high school thinking
that I was going to have this much fun, but also be thinking so critically. One of the really exciting aspects of art
school is you really have a chance to get dirty in the studio. It’s definitely a different approach than
being on your computer looking at a screen all day long. Some of the classes here are really making
you think outside of the box. They definitely encourage you to explore as
many mediums as possible. So you not only got interdisciplinary in the
sense of a different fine art kind of things, but then it’s also a design school. There’s sewing rooms and every kind of creative
form available on campus. One of the most amazing things about CCA is
the fact that you can just walk into the ceramics building or you can just take a screen printing
class so easily. There’s something really important about not just learning photography or not
just learning painting. You’re in constant conversation with people
outside of your department. That just leads to being exposed to an art
education that is hard to find in a big school or a school that’s separated. We do have students that come in and want to
be New York rock stars after they leave here, and I love that they want to do that, but
there’s also people with different kinds of entrepreneurial spirit that think of it instead
as an opportunity to open up an alternative space and to start by making these opportunities
for their peers to engage in the art world in a new way. Our students are able to think creatively
about what it means to live a creative life. The community at CCA has been really encouraging
and thought provoking. Everyone here is very invested in not only
their own projects but like helping other people out. I’ve met some of my best friends. I feel like they are family now. The amount of time that I’ve spent here, I’ve
seen people become themselves, and that’s amazing. When people allow themselves to talk openly
or think openly like at CCA, then barriers start to come down and you start to really
know someone. I was attracted to the Bay Area because I
feel like it’s really at the center of things right now in many different ways. It’s got a lot of cultural history that’s
really interesting. And I also obviously think that the surrounding
landscape and environments are fantastic and offer a lot of artistic opportunities and
inspiration. The Bay Area is amazing. It’s a place that’s very open minded and just
extremely fun. There’s such a tight community of artist and
galleries that just make it a really great place to grow. There’s really not necessarily a pressure
or expectation that the people graduating from our programs are going to go into gallery
and museum modes of presentation. We’re actually really interested in practices
that really bridge across disciplines that really engage with the public, that are thinking
about art in a much more expansive way. We’re in a place right now where we’re actually
defining what art is for the future and what art can become. And that’s a far more interesting place than
just teaching somebody a single practice and then kind of go down this one road. One might think that is the easy path. I think there’s just so many paths. Coming to CCA, be prepared to explore and
look around a little more. I wouldn’t say I have a purpose, but I’ve
definitely figured out what I want to do for the rest of my life, so it’s been a good experience.

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  1. Do they teach realistic anime and/or literature? I'm not talking about JUST accepting anime, but also teaching it.

  2. how does the grading system work do they grade on effort or on how well they think the drawing(and everything else art related) is to them

  3. Since I was little, I've always thought of me growing to be a teacher or a doctor. Now that I've grown a little, the idea of Fine Arts hit me quickly. I want to express my creativity and not keep it built up, being a phycologist. Be me, you know? I'm really interested in this school.

  4. hey! I wanna know if I can take admission cuz I'm a high school commerce students, and is there any entrance test?

  5. I'm a horrible craft worm. ….but in my country peoples perspective is different
    …except some everyone salutes only doctor, engineer and Army. …but I know creativity is a profession which can not be described in words. ……it's an activity where I find the real me…..If destiny help. …In sha Allah I will surely join this institution

  6. Hee.. I m from lndia… Nd l m in undergraduate course.. B. F. A can i go in this college for master degree??.. can u give me the whole informations plzzz

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