First Book Literacy Video

First Book is a national literacy
organization with a very simple mission. We provide wonderful new books to the
most disadvantaged children all across the United States. The lack of adequate
reading materials in the homes is what makes the difference between whether a
child succeeds or not.The reality is this: eighty percent of the preschools
and after-schools serving children in need do not have a single book for the
children they serve. A teacher said to us recently that she asked her class to
bring in a book from home and three of the students brought the phone book
because it was the only book they had. In the lowest income neighborhoods,
it’s one book for every 300 children. First Book works and we know it works
because their interest in reading doubles and triples when they receive a
steady diet of high-quality books in their lives. As I travel across the
country and listen to people talk about First Book and see the children’s eyes, I
know that we’re making a difference and then give the books to the children to
take home to share with their siblings and with their parents so that way we
break the chain or help to break the chain of illiteracy in a family. Can you
read these books? Yeah. Who’s going to read these books to you when you get
home? Mommy. Right now First Book is serving about ten percent of the population
that’s waiting for us here in the United States. We want to wipe out illiteracy
and we couldn’t be more serious about it but we can’t do it alone we’re going to
need everyone’s help.

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