First Day of School 2017

“First day of school!”“I’m most excited about the time I get to spend with my classmates one last time, get back and see the teachers. And just enjoy the experience one last time.”“Just being able to do 7th and 8th grade math in the same year and next year when I’m in 8th grade I’ll be doing 9th grade math which is going to be cool, especially because math is my favorite subject.”“I’m excited about learning to write more and write books and read more.” “I really had no idea who would be in my class until I saw the names on all of the desks and I saw some of the names of my friends who were in my class last year. I thought I would know nobody.”“I’m most excited to learn about people and animals.” “I’m taking history of rock and I took it because it’s way different than any other class.” “I’m mostly excited about art and gym and seeing my friends and meeting new friends.”“I hope that I have a good year and that I make a lot of new friends.” “I hope that I excel more in this year of school.” “I hope this year is filled with amazing memories and amazing friends.” “I hope it’s going to be fun!” “Looking forward to the rest of the year!”

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