“Flashing Lights” by Kanye West – Southern University Marching Band 2017 | 4K

*Squeez all your air out* *Mmhm!* WEEEEHHHH *A little softer now* DUN DUN DUN DUN YEAHHHHH BASS Dun-diggy dun dun dunnnnnnn Ready for the big hit? ALMOST THERE WEEEEEEEEH!!!! *High brass mini dance solo* BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM DIGGY-DUM WHOOO YEAH! Wave ya hands in the air like you just dont caree! Runnin’ man time? Oh, now we’re wavin’ again! HERE WE GOOOOOO! WHOOOOOOOO!!!! AH MAH GASH!!! And I call this one bursting a blood vessel *END*

100 Replies to ““Flashing Lights” by Kanye West – Southern University Marching Band 2017 | 4K”

  1. I’ll feel some type of way having me sit to the side of the whole band! They got the cymbals sitting with the crowd😂 like bruh you couldn’t squeeze 8 seats for us to sit with y’all??

  2. "I bring flames to a four alarm fire
    I wash him up and ring him out and throw him in the dryer
    I hit the door, I'm blowin' him like southern band
    And they always tryin' to find something to say about the brother man"

  3. It’s cool how those chairs in front of the band move don’t think i would want to sit in them though looks like a bad back waiting to happen

  4. I don’t think they nailed it at all… the OG song has such a mood to it, this didn’t even sound cohesive. Too many instruments were playing the singing, would have been better as an instrumental and maybe they just do the “lights lights lights” part once in a while.

  5. Super Bowl halftime shows need to shift towards highlighting marching bands. They are amazing and deliver the ultimate football experience.

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